Spring and Moon

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Warm and cloudy, my favorite combination. Amelia's nose is running and she will no longer let me wipe it without twisting in frustration. We walk through the quiet, cloudy streets. It's so quiet. At home, our yard is under construction: We've finally taken the leap and hired a landscape architect to help us design and install perennial borders in front of the big windows (where we had the sewer party that basically destroyed all the shrubs that had been there a few years ago), the front porch (where the removal of the neighbors' eighteen-foot-tall laurel hedge changed the conditions from deep shade to blazing sun, and fried everything we had there), and the picket fence (which basically had nothing but peonies in front of it). The clematis stays, but almost everything else is moving or changing. I'm very excited. I tell you, once I get an idea and make that Pinterest board, consider it done (not really, but without the board I'd probably never get going, somehow). These are some of the last areas of this property that needed help and they were just beyond us. It's pretty exciting to see the guys out there creating actual beds, with edges, and properly making circles around trees, and planning for plants that will actually do well in their spaces. I'm hoping for something a little wild, a little bit prairie, a little bit meadow, a little bit woodland, and a little bit English. How's that for a directive?

Down in the veggie beds, which are on the parkway and not actually in the yard, I planted my wildflower seeds over the weekend. I took your good advice and made my own mixes and used a couple of packets, including one for a fairy meadow (yes, please!). I'm pretty haphazard these days. I feel lucky when I've fed everyone three meals and gotten a shower and four or five hours of sleep myself, so I did not belabor this project in the end. I mixed the seeds with some sand (you told me to do that, too, I think, so thank you!) and just shook that mixture all over the prepared beds. Amelia sat in her high chair and watched and played with a ponytail holder. I LOVE that she says "WOW!" about a hundred times a day, and it means both "flower" and "wow!" She sat out there with me saying, "Wow!" and we watched the world go by for a while. I sprinkled the beds with the hose (which she thought was hilarious) and now we are waiting five to ten days for something to happen. I can hardly wait.

Andy stayed up last night to watch the lunar eclipse and took these amazing photos! Aren't they cool?


Oooh, how exciting to have the final phase of your yard in progress! It will be so lovely when it's all done! I think that a landscape architect could follow your directive quite well. It conjured an image in my mind immediately! ::sigh:: we didn't get to see the lunar eclipse here, it was cloudy and rainy. :/ Your pictures of it are amazing though!

Oh the moon photos! I was lamenting not researching how to take proper photos of it last night when I set my alarm at 1 a.m. and got out of bed to take a peek. I thought a peek would be enough, but now I'm kicking myself for not documenting that I did it. Andy captured it beautifully. Well done, mister.

I'm with Amelia ~ WOW!
such a beautiful post ~ the lunar eclipse pics are pretty amazing.

alicia y su cambalache.

The moon was fantastic wasn't it? We watched it as well, and it was really red for us. Amazing. I took a couple of pics as well! Such beautiful blossoms as well, you are well and truly into spring now.

Your flowers are so cheering to me! Esp. that first photo - dreamy.
Good for you, staying up for the eclipse.

I went out at 11 pm and saw no moon so figured it was cloudy. My camera does okay with moon shots when there is still light in the sky, but not so good in the pitch black. So.. good job, Andy! Gorgeous shots of your pink dogwood and lilac. We did a bit of trimming on my dark purple lilac last summer and have almost ZERO dark purple ones! Amelia is just a sweetheart and I love seeing her grow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Andy the lunar eclipse apparently made a blood red moon here in the southern hemisphere but it was too cloudy to see it.

Those photos of Andy's are awesome! I woke both of my kids up at 1.45am (just before it was a total eclipse so they could see the 'blood moon'). I wish I had thought to take a photo of them cuddling on the only chair in our house where you could see it from. They had hot chocolates in Bunnykin mugs and I hope they now have some fond memories as well. Of course, after half an hour of watching it, tiredness crept back and they dissolved into fighting so got marched up to bed by a cranky Mummy. I am sure when they get older they will just remember the moon and hot chocolate though!

There comes a time when a professional is needed; we are facing a similar moment with our own, now doubled (bought the house next door) back yard. I have fantasies that I can put it together, but when I look out at the dirt pit aka back yard, I know differently. I had no idea about the eclipse last night, but that's probably okay since it was cloudy and we had snow at 6am. Oh joy, oh rapture. Really.

Beautiful botanical photos - I adore clematis. Is your vege garden part of a community garden plot? Great moon shots too.

So very lovely! The moon photos, Amelia, and all of your pretty flowers. Sweet! Love your banner!! Have a happy and blessed Easter..:)

You have lilacs! I miss lilacs here in the south after having them in the midwest growing up. Love all your flowers.

I get so excited when I see a new post from you! And I am so excited about your garden plans! The moon is awesome!

Gosh, Amelia just lifts my spirits so! Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I can always count on your photos. We have been in Central VA for over 18 years now, and oh how I miss the lilacs we left behind in South Jersey.

So cute how Amelia's left finger is always pointing or crooked while she uses her right hand.

Great moon photos...we stayed up and kept looking at the eclipse...I went to bed and hubby said it sort of looked a bit hazy rust colored, but not blood red.

Amelia's hair is so long! Can't wait for my babykins to grow some hair so we can try out your pretty rose clips :-)

Oh my gosh it is probably a little early for you guys to be into Frog and Toad yet, but maybe you read them as a kid? They are hilarious, truly. When toad admires frog's garden and goes to plant his own and thinks the seeds should sprout immediately and gets up to all sorts of shenanigans trying to make them grow. Maybe you guys will be out there reading to your seeds too?? I can picture it.

After all these years reading your blog, even I can see that spring has come to your neighborhood. Suddenly, the light is brighter, and I feel I can almost smell the blossoms and warm ground. What a lovely new season. I fed my children, and now am watching a woodpecker in our bamboo teepee, and western bluebirds building their nest in a funky birdhouse. Spring!

oh such spring-y and beautiful photos! but the best is Amelia hugging her rabbit friend...precious!

Fantastic photos of the moon! Wow! And those chubby little feet in the ballet slippers - oh my goodness, the cuteness!

oooh! SPRING! thank goodness!!
did you make amelia's top in the bunny-hug pictures? i'm looking for a perfect tunic-y/poet/blouse/tunic pattern for my daughter that she could wear with hand-knit vests and sweaters... this looks like it could be it!
thank you for the inspiration <3

Yes, a new post. Always a good day :) But ugh, the cuteness! the lovie-squishing, the ballet slippers. The LILACS. Too much. Good on you for hiring professional help with a tricky area… I am contemplating a new landscape (and new house) and just KNOW that professional help is down the road for our front yard. Hooray for Pinterest reality-making :) xoxo

Pips is AMAZING. That is all.

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