Petal Flurry

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Oh how I love spring! I love the dull, dark days and the vibrant, inchworm greens. I love the petals fluttering in the wind and falling on top of kitties sitting in the hyacinths. I love the wet-black mud and the crusted sprouts asserting themselves through the muck. I love the drama of whipping rains alternating with golden sunset, and a hole in the sky that brings dinnertime rainbows. I love the windows open and then the windows closed and the heat back on. I love the translucent white of cherry blossoms and the translucent green of new hydrangea leaves. I love the fat lilac buds that haven't popped yet and the fat tulips waiting to open. I love the lacy canopy of ornamental pear trees that line the streets. I love sleeping in a very warm bed with a cold rain falling outside. I love snuggling with my girl in the early mornings when all is still dark and it is nothing but pillows and covers and soft rabbits and us. I love walking with my honey and a sleepy boo up and down the winding streets to get ice cream on a sunny afternoon. I love walking. I can hardly wait to get outside every day. It's the very best time of year.

I watched Little Women (the 1994 version) yesterday on cable while Amelia slept on my chest. The scenery and the March house in that movie are so beautiful, all those dove gray and mushroom-colored interiors brightened with flowers, candles, eyelets, aprons. She slept for an hour and a half and it was so nice just to sit and watch a movie. Part of a movie. The exterior of their house is such a great color — super dark brown, like sepia. I had the clicker in my hand and I kept pausing it on certain scenes just to take in all the details. That cool pergola thing made out of branches they have in their front yard? I love that!

Thank you ever ever ever so much for all of the wildflower ideas! Wow. So much amazing information there, and so many things I didn't know. Thank you thank you! I'm totally inspired. Rainy days are for reading about flowers and putting together a plan for planting. For some reason, the raised beds just feel so much less intimidating than any other gardening I've done. I'm really excited. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

Andy and Amelia are at music class right now. Though I heard him say to her this morning, "But c'mon, let's just call it what it really is — band practice." Sweetest, sweetest loves of spring. Xoxo


Little Women is one of my favorite movies but oh, how I cry when I watch it! The scenery is beautiful though. Maybe I will try to rewatch it for that purpose. :) Look how big Amelia is getting! Just amazing seeing her transform from wee babe to little girl. The blooms on the tree in your photos above, are those cherry trees? They are just gorgeous. We are doing some landscaping in our yard later this year and I just might plant a few of those back there. Those blooms are just breathtaking! Happy Spring to you!

I *love the toy-strewn room photo. As a mom of a toddler, it is refreshing for me to see it among your other more composed pictures. Thank you for sharing. :)

Eap! You have budding trees, our budding trees must be coming too, soon I hope, soon. The flowering pear tree is my favorite, wouldn't a wedding beneath one of those be heavenly?

Shelley Noble says: April 01, 2014 at 10:57 AM

I read the title as Petal Fury. Nice.

Love your poetic description of the season. You really nail the small touches that I didn't know was what I was loving.

Which Little Women? 1994?, 1945?, or 1933? Thanks.

I love the change of light we get in Spring. Not just having light earlier and later (although I love that) but the green haze the light seems to take as it filters through brand new leaves and buds.

It's breathtaking. And the grape hyacinth? Mine are full of drunk bumble bees. It's wonderful.

Oh, Little Women, my fave fave fave of all times....

Spring here is bursting like mad, it's heaven! My rose arbor is crazy gifting, and I can't get enough.

I am with you, this magical wonderful time is glorious.

And that baby of yours now a little girl, what a doll beyond dol., Looove the scattered living room. That lived in, things are happening feel, makes me extra happy!


yesterday the temperature rose to +14...holy cow was i a happy camper. still 3ft of snow everywhere...but a patch melted at the front of the house and i spied my beloved bulbs popping up their sweet new shoots. i smiled. today back to hazy, windy grey. xo

I love that version of Little Women. I have a very tiny five day old person sleeping on me right now...maybe I ought to just lean back and put some Little Women on!

Amelia's hair has gotten so long! She's just beautiful.

I laughed out loud when I saw the pic of the chaos in your living room :) A toddler has the power of a tornado!

Is that a giant pile of kleenex in the middle of the living room floor? I thought my daughter was the only one who we need the kleenex outside the box rather than in ;)

I love that Little Women, especially for the richness of the lighting and colours. I love the interiors and the party scene. Andy's words made me laugh. I am so glad you posted a picture of the shambles left by a playing toddler. I know this look very well!

I'm enjoying the 'mixed bag' of Spring weather, too. Love your description of the season. Also, so fun to see the real life shot of having a toddler in the house. My little Grandsons do the same thing, spreading everything everywhere, when they come to visit, and I kind of love it.

marilyn&j says: April 01, 2014 at 11:49 AM

ah! the eye of a photographer. i'm going to have to rewatch the movie just to look at the house. it's a sweet movie, tho. one of my favs.

I just had to laugh when I got to the picture of your living room. I remember those days when my son was little, and I would ask myself how such a little person could take over the entire house! Looks like little Amelia has been very busy. Good job Amelia!

Jennifer O. says: April 01, 2014 at 11:52 AM

I am so ready for spring and real blooms! Our late, long winter has been so tough but I've seen the beginnings of the cherry blossoms here in DC. And I love spring rain. And Little Women.

Yay spring! I was in your fair city this past weekend for the wedding of a childhood friend and we were blessed with bouts of sunshine between the showers. Love spring - and PDX! Wish I could have stayed longer - such a great city (not my first visit, but haven't been in a long time).

Oh I so wholeheartedly agree with you! Spring is so wonderful. and the little girl's hair is getting so long!
Precious sprout herself!

Awesome blossom. I started reading Little Women the other day, but will now have to get the film. I love Anne of Green Gables too - Amelia's room is like Anne's room at Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert's home. Another film for my list!

As your spring blossom petals are falling, so are my autumn leaves. Love the cat in the grape hyacinths. I remember when my lounge looked like that - still does sometimes and my children are 10 and 12. In fact my sewing room probably looks like that more often. Enjoy your beautiful spring days.

I saw Little Woman when it came out and I don't remember those details. I will need to rewatch it when it is naptime in my home. I can't wait. I wish my living room looked as pretty as yours when it had toys on the floor. I keep hiding the ugly toys but my kids keep finding them.

I love the third from the bottom photo--I've been wondering how you maintain such a clean house with a toddler around. Even your mess is cute. :P

Had to smile at the living room chaos, I still have that and the kids are nearly 17 and 20! Now it's crochet yarn, shoes, magazines, gaming consoles and DVDs all over the floor here.....

I love that you shared the toddler chaos in your living room. My daughters used to take all the Kleenex out of the box too, and I took pictures as well. Sometimes you just have to surrender and laugh. Anyway, now I kind of feel like we're back door friends, which are the nicest kind. Keep enjoying spring with your lovelies.

Your spring description has made me green with envy. In a good way. We just had another huge dump of snow (30cm) and now freezing rain and more snow. Talk about an April fool's joke.

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