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The weather here has been so glorious: rainy mornings, sunny afternoons, cool breezes, an occasional thunderstorm to nap through (or, if you're the dog, to tremble through :( poor thing). We made our most beloved sour cream apple pie with only two and a half apples instead of five — it was raining, and we didn't feel like walking up to the store. Still so good. That pie. It's such a great pie. IT IS A GREAT PIE.

I'm in a rush today so I'm talking fast and loud. We are having our mudroom turned into a an honest-to-goodness pantry, with shelves and cabinets and drawers and doors and those kinds of things. I'm so thrilled. There will even be room to hang coats. EXCITING. Storage. It makes me so happy. Today Andy is going to clear out the room as it is right now, filled to bursting with an enormous rack of metal shelves, canned goods, dustbuster, paper towels, dog food, turkey-cooking pan, popcorn maker, cake decorating tackle box, bags of pasta, various Tupperware that doesn't belong to us, oh ugh. Just, disorganized stuff that will now, hopefully, have a nicer home. The cabinets will be white MDF with Shaker doors like our nicer built-ins but not as nice (and not as expensive). We need to repaint the room to match the kitchen, I guess (and by the way the name of the paint color in there is Terrazo Gray), even though they are not physically connected. This is my inspiration photo.

My little bird has so many pretty little teeth now. Four, with a fifth, and a whole bunch of others just poised for erruption. This girl. Oh my sparkling stars how she lights my world. I just love her so much. She now gives kisses, which are kind of like face smooshes, to everything — us, her animals, her books, her toys, her blanket, her pillow. It's all I can do not to sob every single time.

P.S. I got Clover to smile for you, too :) Sweet darlings.


The pie looks incredible!!! And I am so excited for you and your new pantry!!! Lovely : )

Happy for you and your impending pantry. What a joy it will be to have it in place.
Love Miss Clover Meadow's sweet smile.
Can't wait to make your Sour Cream Pie.
Loving all the wonderful photo's. Oh, how I miss Oregon and all it has to offer - especially the weather. Sigh....

Mimi's smiles, and those smooches, I imagine, are sweet as pie, but I must admit it was Clover's smile that melted my heart, this time. Dear girl. I love that puppers. I share her picture with my children, like she' s my niece or something. My children know I am funny that way about other people's dogs. Of all the *other people's* dogs I love, Clover is my dearest sweetheart.
And now to see if I have what it takes to make a pie, too. If only we had your weather!

Both Mimi's and Clover's smiles are glorious. So much happiness in your home. You all deserve it. Waiting for a photo where the Cat (Bee?) smiles too. Enjoy each other, you wonderful people (and pets).

Reorganizing things is one of my fave ways to feel more connected to my surroundings :)
That baby, and that smilin' pup-it doesn't get any better.

I totally get the bursting into sobs part of parenthood. Mine are twin adults now-and when I watch my daughter dance in a show or see my son's artwork "for sale" I STILL get that catch in my throat and the tears that threaten to spill-every. single. time.

Happy Fall to all of you :)

Funny dog smile!

I love when they learn to kiss. Even when you are the recipient of those open-mouth, wet smooches. Like they could just eat you up!

Everytime you post about that pie I think I need to make one. This year for sure! I'm coming to the end of an entire kitchen remodel so I just want to MAKE ALL THE FOOD!

Everything is lovely in and around your house. And as for the cutest dog's smiley face! I swear she reminds me of an expression seen on one of the mice in the Brambly Hedge books, and I do mean this in the best of ways.

I thought it looked like Clover was smiling! Alicia ... what color is your living room? Is it the same as your kitchen? Your pantry sounds wonderful!

Look at those beautiful teeth! The pantry is going to be so nice. Your pie looks delicious. I'm planning to bake an apple pie either tomorrow or Friday.

Beautiful smiles and teeth, little sweetheart of a girl. Our children really do bring a touch of Heaven into our everday lives.

Heavenly baby. I need to make a pie tomorrow because my son keeps asking me for one. He loves apple pie. I think we need a cat, too. It's been a year since we lost Teddy, and our puppy is just not the same thing (though she's great).

What a beauty she is! What lovely joy!

honestly, there is nothing like a dog smile.
I never know if it's their lips getting stuck on their gums or actual smiles. either way, works for me.

Wonderful photos as always Alicia. How beautiful your little girl is. And your doggie too! She makes me think that one day I will have myself a little Welsh corgi. One day...

I'm going to have to give that pie a try. It looks and sounds soooo good. Love mimi's toofy grin. Such a doll. Thanks for sweet puppy's smiley pic. I had just been thinking that we hadn't seen her for awhile. Good all around post.

xo Linda

Love!! Pantries are an awesome thing! Happy for the extra storage for you, as our house is short on it, so we are always trying to invent more!

M. Michael Payne says: September 18, 2013 at 01:21 PM

Great pictures. Hey, you removed the carpet! Looks good. Course your pictures always look good. I love the sleeping Amelia one. what a nice beginning to the whole group. And thank you for the sweet note. I appreciate it. See you later. me

alrighty...THIS will be the year i make that pie darn it!

The pie looks delicious! And Mimi is just a little precious doll!

just when i think those pics can't get any better they do! my goodness but that sweet clover makes me melt and her trembling at storms is so like fifi...what can you do with these precious corgis?? no one smiles like a corgi. that little muff on the quilt, i want to go all smooshy on sweet. and pie is never ever a bad idea....just so you know.

Mimi's teeth. Too precious. And Clover! Long time, no see. Has Clover been eating pie? My 30 yr old son stopped by this afternoon - I was making fresh applesauce and tollhouse cookies. How did he know? They just do.

If I ever have another baby girl, I may just have to offer some sort of obscene bribe to purchase Amelia's outgrown wardrobe ;)

This is saying a lot because I already have two little girls and more clothes in storage boxes than I know what to do with!

In all seriousness though, she is adorable. That full-hearted smile knocks my socks off.

Lovely pictures as usual:)

That's my favorite pie in the whole world, thanks to you! I love love love love it more than any other pie. It doesn't feel right to make it down here just yet...still too sticky and summery. But soon...oh, soon! :) :) :) And I just love seeing that baby smile...

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