Midsummer Magic

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Oh, in the midst of summer! What a lovely weekend it was: glorious weather, great fathers and grandfathers, a festival, lazy mornings, good company, good food, tiny lights, sun spots, a picnic on the hill, cool breezes through the pine trees, ukelele songs, a wedding in the distance, baby singing, bright nights, rose mallow blooming, a sleepy kitty in my spot on the chaise, a baby bunad, a band playing. Birds singing. A blue jay that visits us in the back yard lately, making me feel like little Mary Lennox. I was buzzed by a hummingbird. Oh, June. You've been so good to us, June.

***I will definitely tell you about the dress and the lights when I have a minute more to write. And to make the daisy chain you just pick a bunch of little daisies that grow in the grass at the park, keeping their stems as long as you can. Braid the stems tightly together (with the flowers at the top), adding new daisies in when you have about an inch or so of stem left on the previous daisy. The stems are flexible so just tie the end of the chain gently to the beginning flowers when the crown is big enough. Place on baby and kiss one thousand times.


Sweet, sweet baby bunad!

My grandmother emigrated from Norway as a child and the stitching on Amelia's dress is so reminiscent of some of her linens - so lovely on such a lovely little girl!

I love these photos! What a darling girl you have!

We've been enjoying sitting outside in our relatively low humidity right now. Twinkle lights and dining al fresco.

Love the lazy daisy chain on your little darling. So sweet!

Reneelynn says: June 18, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Love the little jumper!!
the 2 folded sweaters....swoon...

Auntie Allyn says: June 18, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Best dressed baby at the festival, no doubt! Her little outfit is charming beyond words!

*Oh happy sigh*
Thank you for this. It is just what I needed. I see so much more every day beauty in my own life after hanging out on your blog these past few years. Thank you.

All the loveliness... thank you for bringing us along.
Her dress, the embroidery! So pretty.
And the daisy chain, and and, and... sigh!
Do please share, if you can, about those lights. I was
right in guessing that you would find just what we've been
looking for, too. Pretty bulbs, substantial and lovely... the strands
look long, too. Wishing you more June pleasures, that lead to a
magical July, and so on!

Firstly, that little bunad (didn't know what that was, had to look it up!) is exquisite, well worth the wait. I'd quite like one myself but think I might get funny looks. Wondering if I care...
Secondly,the festival looks awesome, I'm quite envious of that and the fact you have lovely summer weather. Still waiting on that one.
Thirdly, a hummingbird! I never knew you had them in Portland. Is there anything cool you DON'T have in Portland?

Oh my! One beautiful sight after another! Darling pics once again. If I commented on every single thing I love about each pic, I'd be here forever! xo

i love it all...but you already know that :) xoxo mosquitoes have arrived here in muskoka...but that's how we roll. xoxo

We pretend we are Scandinavian when we visit Ikea. But seriously, that is an amazing festival, and Amelia looks very Swedish in her pretty dress....with her Irish hair!

Amelia's little dress is so dear---and those sweaters are breaking my heart!

so, so sweet. And I am loving the lights in your back garden. Very pretty.

What a lovely weekend. i was thinking of your little family this weekend and Andy having his first Father's Day. Happy Father's Day Andy!

Can't decide between Miss Daisy Chain on Highchair in the Garden for BEST PHOTO EVER award! Adorable! Who made that daisy chain?

Witchknit says: June 18, 2013 at 12:46 PM

That is the sweetest baby girl ever! I'm so happy to have found your blog a few months back. Love your pictures (animals, flowers, food, baby girl and crafts - what's NOT to Love). I look forward to each new posting.

Honestly Alicia, your photographs are in a class of their own. Utterly enchanting. And the daisy chain - adorable. June is indeed so very, very wonderful.

Oh my goodness, that dress! I have a daughter 4 months younger than Amelia, I get total clothes envy when I see your pictures. Gorgeous!

Glorious, glorious photos of that beautiful daughter of yours...I love the one with the wreath in her hair. I can always feel you bursting with love for her right through the screen!

My goodness. Magical magical indeed. I want to be a dragonfly on the wall of your enchanting back yard! ;)

Lovely, lovely! Your little girl looks so beautiful:)

That dress!! Are you even kidding me?? Sigh. So much loveliness in these photos. I think I shall come back tonight and bask in them for a bit longer....

Alicia, thanks for the lovely photos! I get excited every time I notice that you have a new blog post. I am also interested in your outdoor lights. We are buying a home, and hoping (fingers crossed)to close on it this month, and I would love lights like those in my new back yard.

Thanks again for sharing your life in photos and words.

How lovely to see the Nordic Folk tradition. Now I miss Sweden more than ever. the violins, the harmonicas, the dance and the midsummer tree. Lovely photos. And little girl is so darn charming. Those cheeks... Yum! I want to pinch them. I think the Midsummer is celebrated on Friday back home in Sweden. I will pick my 7 different flowers here, put them under my pillow and dream of love. And play some Swedish folk music, eat some pickled herring and make a big strawberry cake. I didn't really plan too but now I feel I want to.
Kärlek och Glad Midsommar!

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