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Okay. Hi. How are you guys?

Bread. Make it!

Really, you've gotta make it! It's so easy and so good.

Bunnies. Yay for little bunnies! I'm getting a lot of questions about them which I'll try to answer here. Here's where we are: We (and when I say "we" I mean mostly the amazing Greta) are still in the process of preparing all of the materials that will go into the kits. We're planning to start assembling them next week. The kit will include a printed pattern (with instructions and templates), all the felt you need to make the bunny and the boots, embroidery floss, dress fabric, ear fabric, yarn for knitting the capelet, and elastic (to finish the dress). Once all of the kits are completely assembled (it will probably take the whole week), I will put them in the web shop and make an announcement here on the blog. ***UPDATE, 2/26/13: We are making really good progress on assembling the kits, and I'm hoping to put them on sale in the web shop on Friday, March 1. Thank you! There will be twelve different dress fabrics (with coordinating yarn for capelets). This will probably be a kit that we will try to keep permanently stocked in the web shop, but the dress fabrics will definitely be changing once these particular ones are sold out, so if you want a particular dress, don't wait too long. We do ship overseas. There will be a downloadable PDF pattern released at the same time that the kits are released for those of you that already have materials — and materials lists will be posted in the web shop so you can see what you need before you purchase either the kit or pattern only.

I'm hopelessly in love with this bunny, whose name, by the way, is Maggie Rabbit. This pattern (and kit) that we are working on right now will only include instructions (and supplies) to make the bunny herself, a dress, a capelet (yes, you need to know how to knit, or find someone who can), and the boots (all pictured here). But I have many more clothes planned. Like, a lot of clothes planned. I can't help it. This little blue knitted dress? I designed and made it over the weekend and it made me very happy. I expect it will be the first in a line of items all designed to fit this bunny. Those patterns will all be available (as I design them, one at a time) only as downloadable PDFs, and we will stock the yarn and most likely the fabrics separately, so you can pick and choose just the ones you want. My plan is to have crocheted things, boy-bunny things, more knitted things, and a basic wardrobe of sewn things.

I expect I'll have the blue dress pattern ready in a few weeks. But I want to finish these kits first, and get them out the door.

What is perfect about this for me right now is that I do all the design while sitting on the chaise lounge with Amelia sleeping between my legs. I don't have a lot of time to get into the studio (though she does like to sit in her bouncy seat in there — skylights!!!), so tiny clothes are things to work such great things to work on out in the living room. My sweet muse is just so inspiring! I have a million ideas for things I want to make for her. She already loves to play with Maggie. I bought her a vintage doll closet thing and some tiny hangers on Etsy the other day, because she will need it!!! Anyway, it's so much fun.

We also got her the cutest little play gym (that's what they call them, I guess — this is the one we got) last week. It's kind of amazing, because last week she was just sort of looking at it. And this week she is completely into it. Now she reaches for it, talks to it, calls to it, makes bubbles at it, bats at it, laughs at it, tries to roll over under it, looks at herself in the little "mirror" thing. It happens so fast. Every week, every day, she can do something she couldn't do the day before. It is so exciting. Her favorite toy is still her burp cloth ("burpie"). And her dress. She likes to hold the hem of her shirt or her dress in her hand. Everything she does fascinates me.

Let me know if you have any bunny kit questions and I'll come back and answer them here, okay? Thank you!

*The bunny and boots are completely hand-sewn with 2-plies of embroidery floss and blanket stitch (this is a great tutorial). The dress is machine-sewn, with a row of running stitches at the neckline and cuffs to gather. The capelet is knitted in garter stitch with short rows (and for these short rows, I just turn the work and start knitting back — no wrapping or anything else). Very easy.

*There will not be a separate pattern or kit for a boy bunny, but you can easily make this bunny into a boy bunny by changing the ear fabric (just use something less flowery, like stripes or gingham or polka dots) and leaving off the blushy cheeks. There will be boy clothes — pants and a shirt and a sweater and overalls — coming soon.

***UPDATE, 2/26/13: We are making really good progress on assembling the kits, and I'm hoping to put them on sale in the web shop on Friday, March 1. Thank you!


My treat to see her:)
That bread is delicious..We enjoy it also~
Now I feel like warm bread and butter..
Such a dear shot of she and her daddy:~

You've been busy - in the kitchen, with your knitting needles and assembly line! Can't wait for your pattern. I've just completed a huge project and it's great, isn't it - when it all comes together. Don't work too hard!

I love the photo of Andy and Amelia, that look between the two is priceless..
Counting the days before the kits are ready, now the hard part will be deciding which one.
Thank You for sharing your talent, very grateful :)

We've been using that bread recipe for years, it's fantastic! So glad to see you enjoy it too. We even serve it at Thanksgiving.

Love the vast world of little things!

I happened to come across that same bread recipe last week and made it for the first time this weekend. It was perfect!

Oh my gosh, I am totally in love with Maggie too. I have absolutely zero need for a soft bunny but I want her so bad!

Well, goodness. It has been a while since I've visited. Congratulations! The photos of beautiful Amelia make me smile. God bless you all. little grandaughters( nearly 5 months) nickname is Bunny, so please keep one for her (me) to make...they are divine..xx

My gracious, she is trying to roll over.................. !

Maggie bunny is simply adorable. The blue dress - perfect! I'm excited to make her and eventually a boy bunny or two. Your kits are helping to make my Christmas tree so lovely and now maybe I'll have some adorable bunnies for spring.

As adorable as Maggie bunny is, she doesn't hold a candle to precious Amelia. I still get tears in my eyes because I'm so happy for you and Andy. What a blessed little girl! (and I just love seeing Amelia wearing the dress that you crocheted or knitted a while back when you were still waiting for her)

OK, count me in on a bunny kit! Your excitement on future clothes is infectious! I adore Amelia, Andy, Maggie and you! And Clover and Bee, of course. I read that book about Bernadette.. quite unusual! I am starting a new shawl, just posted photos on my blog. Oh, and a photo of Lucy my cat, too. Enjoy the sun, we're heading out for some errands right now... tata!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gorgeous Amelia, lovely bunny, and what a wonderful picture of Amelia with Andy, a picture tells a thousand words!
Never was a little girl so loved all over the world by people who will probably never meet her, but feel they know her and her lovely Mummy so well, and are so very happy for all of you xxx

This little one is so sweet looking and you just want to kiss her. So adorable! and she looks content!!! Isn't it so fun to share the love in your household now? That is precious! We would all love to hold her.

I hope you are taking some "you" time too and relaxing now and then.


Such a beautiful little baby, your pictures are all so precious! I am super excited about your bunny pattern, it is absolutely adorable! Blessings to your family.

Oh, the fun in sewing for a little girl. We frequented a produce market in Chinatown in Honolulu when my girl was a baby. Always decked out in handmade dresses, the Chinese ladies would giggle and say, "Oh, playing dolly with the baby!" Xoxo.

Ooooh, look at Little Miss "I think I'll roll over"! Those 4 tiny bubbles resting on her lips are just perfect, aren't they?

Few things warm the heart more than seeing a happy baby smile. :)

I still look at my girl (who will be turning 5 this year) in wonder and disbelief! Her conversations blow me away :) The fascination of your children never stops xxx It's lovely! Can't wait for these bunnies to come out. I'm going to have to brush up on my knitting skills by the looks of it. You're very lucky to be living out your dreams and doing what you love Alicia... I'm off to make THAT BREAD!

Sophie xo

i remember when i first started reading blogs way back when - yours was one i loved to visit, though i rarely commented. the internet has changed so much since then, and i hardly read any blogs anymore - but i feel compelled to tell you that when i need to see a dose of true love and all that is good and right in this world, i know where to come, and that is right here. i wish you every happiness, though i am pretty sure you've got that sewn up.
ps: the bread looks yummy too.

Must!! Must!! Make Maggie bunny for my new God-daughter and namesake Maggie. Cannot wait for pattern and supplies to be available. Will keep checking!

So excited about the bunny kit and your ideas for more outfits.
Amelia gets cuter everytime I see a new post with her in it.Andy and her together so sweet.

Add me to those who are enamored with Maggie Rabbit! As I was reading your blog today I said that I was going to ask you where you got her and now I know! I'm putting my order in!

Amazing creativity inside your being . . Love Maggie Rabbit, and the blue dress is yum! I think Amelia needs a matching one . . . she is so adorable, love the red cheeks, holding her burpie cloth, binkie and all . . .

Yay for the Burpie! That is still my 2 year old's 'go-to' lovie. They are so easily replaceable! She sleeps with at least 2 of them every night...

Beautiful fun to watch her change through photos.

Adorable Bunny... I do believe I will be stalking your shop. Our 8 year old baby girl is looking at major surgery...and I'm determined to have a bunny made for her if the kit is out as soon as you plan. Here is sending efficient prayers your way!

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