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We are each growing and changing so much every day. Outside our windows, autumn leaves shine bright — it's the prettiest autumn I can remember here in a long time.We've been getting out for a walk every day since it feels like only a matter of minutes before the rains come. Today is rather dark and quiet, which I like. I need it. I'm drowsy and flopsy and warm. The baby is drowsy and flopsy and warm. She's sleeping beside me as I write. She snorts and bubbles and wriggles in sleep, stretching her legs and curling her toes. Oh how I love this girl. I guess I'm still in my "speechless" phase. I'm so in love with all of this. Even the hardest parts of it are still so much easier than anything was, before she was here.

(Her sweater is here, and the pillow pattern is in here.)


Nothing like newborn bliss, enjoy my friend! xoxo

I'm so happy for YOUR happiness. Beautiful photos as always.

Oh the love of Autumn how I miss and long for the return...Summer here will super hot this year and not one that I look forward too...the cherishing of these moments will stay with you forever, enjoy them..hugs

Oh, such peace, and goldenness, all around. Love these photos, love those first weeks with a newborn.

like I've said earlier.....savor each and every moment.....they are gone way too soon......thanks for the beautiful pictures. I love seeing if there are new ones.....her room is darling.

gloria g. Hemingway, SC

It's been a long time since my babies actually were babies, but looking at your photos brings it all back in a sweet rush. I swear I can smell the baby powder and feel the incredible softness of her skin.
It's amazing how parenthood changes us into people we never knew we were. As she grows you'll find yourself doing things, learning things that were never in your sights before.
I'm so happy for the three of you and for her birthparents who must know what a wonderful family Amelia has been given. to the three of you. So beautiful.

Miss Bright Eyes! She looks more alert every day that you post new pictures of her. What a sweetheart. :)

I'm just thinking, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be awfully special over at the Paulson house!

Oh her hair! Her sweet room! You and your beautiful words. Precious, precious, precious.

I am so happy for your family about your new addition! Your photos and words are so beautiful. I really love your blog.

oh my, these photos are just so sweet. fall is such a special time of year anyway, and then to have that precious muff to love on...oh i'm so happy for you and andy and clover meadow. enjoy each and every moment...they fly by and suddenly she is 22!

Wonderful pics, I can feel the joy! :-)

Enjoy it (and keep those pictures coming for the rest of us to drool along). She's got the most beautiful mouth and eyes.

I am beyond happy for you, Andy, and your family. It is such a magical time with Amelia. She is studying are studying her. I love that Clover Meadow is watching over her. Enjoy this wonderful time. Congratulations to you and yours. :)

Patricia Healey says: November 02, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Your generosity to your readers is a wonderful part of you. In this "full of Life" time with your new baby, I am ever grateful you take time to share her with us as well as be your creative self. I love every minute I spend with you. Thank you very much.
The Best of Everything to you and your family.

I was just thinking myself that it has been the most beautiful fall. Enjoy these days - in all of their goodness!

ahh, the babymoon, it is bliss isn't it! such a beautiful wee poppet you got there, and what a family and a place, Amelia is going to a modern day anne of green gables, lucky girl x

Enjoying your post as always, such beauty and peace. Many years ago, ahem, there was a song that fits this time of year so well. I know I don't have all the words correct but it's something like. Oh the days dwindle down, to a precious few, November, December. These precious days, I'll spend with you. We, your extended blogging family are fortunate and privileged to spend these special days with you and yours! Love to all the Paulson's.

The world always looks brighter, dreams become possible and the glass is full when you have a baby to love. You are so kind to share your story and pictures.

Amelia is a beauty. She's going to have head full of hair (get ready). I love the way you put the wallpaper on the ceiling. Very pretty. P.S. Don't forget about Clover Meadow.

OOOH I could look at these pix all day long! Look at her darling room!!! More more! (said the baby) -- that's a GREAT book you will love, 'More, More, More, Said the Baby'

Up here in the state above you, it has also been one of the prettiest falls I can remember here in a loooong while.

Also, seriously, is that Cream of Wheat?? It looks so fabulous :)

atmosphere so cosy, so homely and so lovely!
happy weekend to you all, xxx Alessandra

So sweet! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. Cherish every minute.

Love the photo of Little Miss Amelia on the old quilt. Well, I love all of the photos of her. Sweet little bean. :)

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