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I need to fuss with the garden today. It looks a wreck. Not that I know what I'm supposed to do with it. But I'd better do something or the neighbors will start complaining. That's part of having a garden in the front yard. It's everybody's garden. Though, wait, I'm the only one who works on it. Hee hee. I'm wishing I had grown a pumpkin now. I see them in the other parkway gardens around town and they are big and charming.

The leaves haven't really turned color yet, for the most part. It's been very dry and very clear. The past few days have been terribly windy, and Clover and I don't like wind at all. We're sensitive girls. They say that there will be good star watching this next week. Perhaps a trip to an open field tonight. Our house is so tree-wrapped and the neighborhood so bright it's hard to see stuff.

I'm still trying to work on my freezer food. Do you have any suggestions for good things to make that freeze well? A lot of people asked me if I was going to thaw out that apple pie I froze before baking. I don't plan to. But I've never actually done it before so I'll have to let you know how it goes.

Look at the gorgeous wedding cake my sissy made! She's amazing. I love her.

And the best randomly received magazine-selling pitch ever. We'll take a subscription to Fine Cooking. Just to prove about the no rocks.


gorgeous pics as always. Makes me want to curl up in a blanket, get cosy with a good book and a cup of tea.

I accidentially grew a pumpkin this year, it's big and green,and I really ought to pick it soon. Our rainy weather will destroy it otherwise, and I rather like it green. No chance of it turning orange now!

The only thing I freeze often are ready to cook roast potatoes. Not very exciting, and no recipe needed, but oh so handy to have stashed away!

ooh, meant to say your new header photo is beautiful,and have a lovely weekend.

I was thinking about you and some early reader children's books came to mind that I feel like you would love. They are the Mr. Putter and Tabby series by Cynthia Rylant. Especially for this time of year I think of Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears, but really, I love them all.

I almost fell on the floor laughing at the magazine subscription! Kids say the funniest things. Thanks for sharing. It seriously made my morning:)

I freeze loads of quinoa stuffed peppers every year. Also chicken hand pies from this recipe: http://localkitchenblog.com/2011/11/27/chicken-pot-pasties/, and stew of various kinds.

LOVE the magazine sales pitch.

Oh man. When the Boy Scouts come around all cute and big-eyed in their uniforms, I buy crappy microwave popcorn from every single one of them.

(Anybody need any crappy microwave popcorn? I've got a couple years' worth stockpiled...)

As much as I mourn the long light-filled days of summer, I love even more the quality of light that fall brings. You capture it so well.

...and young Mr. Waltz has a future in sales.

What timely goodness... as usual!
I'm working on a post linking up all the
fall goodness I've been enjoying... now here's
another good one to share!

We make a lot of bolognese sauce and freeze it so that we have amazing pasta sauce ready to go at a moment's notice.

No need to thaw that pie first - in fact, I recommend against it. Leave it out on the counter for 20 minutes before baking, or if in a glass dish, put it in the oven at 250-300 for 20 mins or so first, then up to 350. Works great every single time. A frozen pie will take longer to cook than a "fresh" pie - don't be surprised at 70 mins or more, depending on how many apples you stuffed in that baby!

Freezer food - any pasta sauce, I automatically make double, then I have one for next time. Easy crock pot recipes - frozen (yes frozen!) chicken breast, 1 can rinsed black beans, 1 small bag frozen corn, one jar salsa - cook all day, shred chicken breasts, stir and cook for 1/2 hour more. Serve over rice, in tortillas, etc. Freeze leftovers. One of my kids doesn't like black beans, so sometimes I just do chicken and salsa. Can be done with BBQ sauce too - I dice one onion (prefer red), place on bottom, frozen chicken breasts, cover w/BBQ sauce. Shred - great served on homemade goatcheese biscuits or soft potato rolls.

Warning: pumpkin vines and leaves TAKE OVER a garden with their voracious hugeness!

I just thought may like to know about Jessica Fisher's website (She actually has two!) called Good (&Cheap)Eats. Right now she is doing a series called 31 days of freezer cooking. On October 9th her first book is being released called "Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cooking". She is kind of amazing!

Susie's cake is beautiful!

lovely photos, as usual :-) mar posted my favorite crockpot recipe (chicken/salsa/etc.). I also like to make big batches of black bean soup then freeze in portion-sizes in ziploc freezer bags. Great to pull out for lunches!

ps. love my ornament kit -- can't wait to start!

That is a gorgeous wedding cake. I have baked wedding cakes, but I'm not nearly so good at the decorating part so they look a bit homespun.

I freeze soups, stuffed shells and lasagna. I also make cookie dough and shape into balls and freeze those. Hot out of the oven cookies in 20 minutes at any time.

Chili is one of my favorites to make and freeze. On a cool evening it is a wonderful dish to enjoy with a little cheddar cheese and sour cream on top.

Freezer food? Baby girl pink knitting?

I must say I LOVE the wind. We live in SW and are surrounded by trees, including the dreaded cottonwood that needs to be taken out desperately and costs a fortune as it is HUGE, but I still can't help myself. The wind, the light, the leaves...it feels like MAGIC*swirling all around.

That book is my absolute favourite. I named my daughter Rosie. When I was pregnant with her I saw a theatre adaptation of the book, I sobbed at the end. It was so beautiful and moving. Must read it again.

Anyway beautiful pics as ever. Our garden too is looking shabby but then its been raining here lots in the westcountry (UK).

Octobery is the finest month of all. Me like wind.

Have had great luck with freezing our homegrown tomatoes. No fuss, no blanching, just wash off and throw into a freezer bag. Throw a bunch in together. I use them in soups, chili, sauces...they are a bit watery when they thaw, but worth the bother.

PS - received my Walk in the Woods ornament kit. I am so excited to start this little project. I haven't completed any needlework since my kids were little...and that's been awhile.

Loving all your beautiful pics...

how adorable!
I would have to buy a subscription just cuz.

Is that another little pink tot sweater being knitted up???

Love your spiderweb photo for the season, perfection!
Good luck with your freezer foods.

I've just discovered pasties freeze really well. You cook them, let them cool. Wrap them up and freeze. Then you can just thaw, wrap in aluminum foil and reheat.

chili freezes really well, as does chicken soup. i have this fantastic recipe for chicken soup with quinoa and butternut squash. here's the blog where i found it:


trust me. this is quite the keeper. spaghetti sauce and gnocchi freeze well too.

Oh my, your studio is so clean! How do you keep it so!?! I'm jealous...no, that's understated! LOL!@

For reference, I've baked an apple pie straight from the freeze and it worked just fine...apples aren't terribly dense, so they defrost easily!

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