Summer Swell

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Dude, did you see my garden potatoes? I AM PSYCHED.

Tonight, curried potato, corn, and shrimp chowder. And it's finally cooled off so we can make the choco cake. I'll write out the recipes when I get a sec.

You know how when your one sister goes out to lunch with your other sister for the afternoon and you should be doing some chores that you've been blowing off while you're home alone but instead you decide to make an Afghani nomad dress? So weird when that happens, I know.


Or similarly... when you are desperately trying to clean for incoming guests, but decide to sit down to see if Alicia has a new post? My sigh of pleasure was clearly audible. Your lovely photographs are giving me much needed stress relief, thank you very much.

Alicia, you are the Very Best Kind of Different. I love that about you. xxoo

does that work with the Avocado? I'm curious to know.

Ah, more of your glorious photos. Your spuds & other veggies look fab. I have one pea pod and one carrot! I've noticed two tiny tomatoes on the vine, and a teeny, tiny little squash. So sad. The weather has not been very helpful to my garden this year, it's just been too Slug Friendly!

I know I have potatoes though. I'm going to rootle for some at the weekend!

Margarita says: August 08, 2012 at 10:54 AM

I really enjoy your pics. They are so beautiful. And those flooowwwweeeerrrsss!!! They are awesome!! (nowadays everybody uses awesome for everything, right? well, they are the right word for these beauties!!!)))) I always get lots of pleasure reading you. Thank you

LOL, you are so my kinda gal.
Who needs to tidy up when crafting and sewing are calling.
Now could you send some cool air down my way ;)

yo yo yo! love it! You GREW THOSE VEGGIES! so awesome! Spontaneous dress making is something I am not familiar with (you = awesome)...but spontaneous cake eating is -- choco cake recipe, bring it soon pretty please! :)

OOOH! your veg patch is doing so well! and such a beautiful dress you made!
I like the pattern for it! What the name of that pattern/style?

I LOVE to read your blog and sigh wistfully over all the beautiful things you make. I've been trying to blog more regularly for years and have finally found the perfect reason to blog... A year of makes :) Making one thing a day for a year. That just seem to be what you do day by day so beautifully, for me it's a whole new thing!!

I'd love for you to pop by one day and say Hi to lil ole me :)
Shelley x

yes, i, too, spend my time 'wisely'. i'm here reading your post! i've been rooting avocados since the 70's. fun to watch them grow. a cold glass of milk with the chocolate cake, please, thankyouverymuch.

Your vegetables look great! Love the fabrics you're using in your dress--look forward to seeing it completed! (sewing a dress is always so much more rewarding than chores!)

Gorgeous dress. My drought-starved garden is jealous of your gems. What is that plant with the striated green and yellow leaves? I love it. (pictured after the sprouting avocado[?] pit)

That dress is amazing -- especially the sleeves!

I SO get it! It's like when you come back to work after your lunch break and check your favorite blog before tackling the mountain of paperwork on your desk, see the pictures of the Afghani nomad dress in progress, immediately put a florescent pink post-it in your purse reminding you to dig out the pattern when you get home, then obssess the rest of the afternoon over how urgently you need to make this dress after owning the pattern for 30+ years... (BTW, obsessing about the chowder, too!)

Oh that dress is going to be excellent! Love those old Folkwear patterns -- beautiful fabrics as always.

Where is the fabric from? I LOVE it! Fabulous pictures. . . I look forward to your posts every day!

Shrimp chowder?
I need that recipe yesterday!

jeanne e. says: August 08, 2012 at 11:31 AM

garden potatoes are awesome!!!!! well done. :)

Lol. Yeah... that happened to me the other day... sigh. :)

Love love love that dress!!!!! Those Folkwear patterns are so cool. I should've known you'd know about them!

thanks so much for the link to the Folkwear patterns...have already printed out the catalogue. I have so much fabric that I have been hoarding/saving for jackets/shirts/skirts/etc. Perfect!!! We've been trying unsuccessfully to sprout avocadoes...used to do it all the time back in the 70's, now can't get it to work. Garlic mashed potatoes this evening with our garden potatoes!!!

More loveliness. Sigh. Can you say what the three (or two?) plants are in pic #4 (the two leafy plants, one striated, and the white flower)? Need to know what they are! Gorg!

As I´m lying in bed sick, I must say that this post brightens my day - you always have a way to portray beauty around you! :-)

Oh, I love, love, love Folkwear Patterns!!! Do they still make them?? Or have you been saving this? If they do still make them, where did you get it?? Online??

Mmm, yes, need those recipes! My husband will go nuts over the combo of CURRIED potato, corn, and shrimp! Not to mention myself..., with these photos, you are really starting to brag. ; )
i can't wait to see more of the dress.

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