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Oh, what a week. But how can I complain when we have this pretty new office to play in?






There are still a lot of empty drawers and shelves and baskets (just put the daisies in there until I figure out what to put in them) that have to be moved into, but it's been so hectic with other things around here that I'm still not quite finished with that. Think I'll just lie on the carpet.

***Here's the skinny on the goods:

Glass cabinets and desk: Hemnes collection from Ikea
White cabinets: Home Depot (ten years ago)
Baskets in and on top of cabinets: Target
Wicker chair and cushion: Ikea
Desk chair: Antique, from Stars in Portland
Calico curtains:
Gingham curtains: Retro Barn Country Linens
Pillow: I made it myself from this pattern!
Ceiling light fixture: Rejuvenation
Lamps on desk: Target
Bag on door:
File cabinet: Ikea


Ooooo! This is lovely!

Lizziemac says: July 02, 2012 at 11:36 AM

Beautiful, beautiful.
Such talent.

how pretty and amazing is this?
jealous now!

Wow, what a gorgeous room!

So lovely! I've said it before and I'll say it again - your blog feels like home to me. Love it. :)

First: Beautiful.
Second: Inspiring.
Third: When I have empty spaces that I fill with daisies... just because, that day will be miraculous!
Fourth: You give me serious goals, Alicia... I seek random daisy space... RDS!

This looks like heaven! I'd love to know where the large furniture pieces came from (the pieces holding your fabric). They're a beautiful storage solution.

~ wow ~ wow-Za !!!
I am so inspired by your beautiful ~ extraordinary ~ studio. The warmth of the colors is beee-U-ti-ful. :)
I have been dreaming of creating a new knit-draw-write studio space & this is just the inspiration I need to make it become real. <> Look at all the yarn all living together on the shelves, so neatly. My yarn is like a lot of happy gypsies, each skein living in every nook & cranny of my house, looking for its other yarn friends..... <>
What a perfectly loVely wooden cupboard.
Is your wall paint color, a cream or ivory ?
Its so cozy, warm, inviting & just ready for new ideas to be created !!!
Shell ~

I love your new cabinets! They are perfect for the space. They would look perfect in my sewing room. :)

Wow! I would leave the daisies. I'm thinking that I need to add some daisies above my china hutch. Everything coordinates so well.

it all looks very lovely, and incredibly cosy too.

That is such a beautiful space. I love the cabinets, and the tone it brings to the space.

It's beautiful and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun filling all those currently empty drawers and shelves!

What a lovely, inspiring place to work!

I love that gray-brown Hemnes furniture sooooooo much.

Nancy Hart says: July 02, 2012 at 12:20 PM

As always, your photos are amazingly clear and beautiful!! Love your new office!!

It feels cozy - especially well accomplished for an office. So is this a supplies storage area for you? How do you use this space vs. the sewing space? And this is not Andy's office? Such a beautiful space!

Mary Ann says: July 02, 2012 at 12:28 PM

Oh, Alicia, may you very please, tell about the curtains?!! Love them! I *love* the entire room and everything in it and all that you have done. As sweet as pie!

I think I could do amazing work in an office this beautiful! Empty drawers too! I'm so jealous ....

Love! Looks like Ikea? What storage! I think I'll go see what I can get as that would be perfect for my sewing/crafts room...right now it's a hodgepodge of baskets, and old dresser and a desk. That looks like great storage! Also, you solved a problem for me that I have had for the last 8 years living in this house....the curtains! I wanted cafe's to let in light and yet needed privacy but just plain cafes weren't looking quite right either yet I didn't want anything down to the floor type drapery either. Your curtains in that room are PERFECT! It's just the right balance between not to fussy yet not too plain either! Thank you!!!!

Just beautiful! Someday...

I just love your new office! There are so many nice touches: the daisies, tote hanging on the door, the pedestal bowl on the middle bookcase and the pillow on the chair is absolutely charming. Did you make it?

That's far too pretty to be called an office.

Wow, that is really nice. That pillow REALLY looks great, too.

OMG you have my dream house . Can you adopt me please ;) kiding congrats its amazing!

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