Pittock Mansion

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On a hill in the woods overlooking the city sits century-old Pittock Mansion (and its former servants' quarters, Gate Lodge). It's a beautiful house and has all of the old house-y things I love: butler's pantry, breakfast room, sleeping porches, cedar closets. From it you can see the mountains (that's Mt. St. Helens through the window), and the air smells of pine needles. The woodland gardens are also lovely and gentle. You could hike the Wildwood Trail to get up here and make a day of it.


Beautiful! Great pictures, as always. :)

Breathtaking. I love the people in the portraits. Your photography is brilliant.

I love those puzzle piece tiles. They're awesome!!

One of those beautiful places in Portland that visitors some times overlook, but the view of the city itself from the hill is really spectacular, isn't it? Especially on a clear lovely day.

That's amazing, especially the kitchen.

So beautifull! I love the details in your photos. I once had a bathroom with a similar little corner sink, wish I could have taken it with me when I moved.

Gorgeous place, gorgeous photos -- I love peering at them. Your eye for light and for the details, both small and large, is such a gift!

So pretty! Your pictures make me feel as if I am there- thanks for sharing!

alecia kleiner says: May 14, 2012 at 09:59 AM

I'm soo thankful that you posted these pics. My hubby and I hiked the trail up to the mansion last month, only to realize when we got to the top that we didn't bring our wallets!! So we just walked around and lounged in the grass, which was beautiful. But I've been dying to see the inside! Thanks.

Kathy McDonald says: May 14, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous place! I especially enjoyed seeing the views from the windows. Your photography is breathtaking - thanks for sharing!

Melissa L. says: May 14, 2012 at 10:04 AM

I have NEVER seen better photos of the Pittock Mansion. And what fabulous weather - lucky you!

Thank you! I visited here almost 15 years ago, it was cold and Christmas-time. I love all your shots of the sun through the old windows & curtains...and that kitchen shot, with the view out the window! I think any cake made in that room would have to be amazing.

Elegance and serenity. Plenty to admire... If I could make a wish for one feature granted on our home: it would have to be a sleeping porch. This post serves to prove that beautiful places are even more graceful and good, seen through your lens.

Thank you for the tour of such a beautiful house/mansion. Do you serve lunches or teas there by chance. Just asking, because of the beautiful table setting. Peg

Kristen from MA says: May 14, 2012 at 10:29 AM

Gorgeous photos, as usual! That one of the staircases is especially striking. I would so buy a print of that one!

This looks like it's been designed just for you...all ready to move it...

Lovely visit and stunning photos as always! Marvelous step back in the past and enjoying the 'quality versus quantity' we seem to suffer these days!
Thanks for sharing!

Wow you guys had a clear day (it was clear in Seattle over the weekend as well)! Lovely photos too! My sister, who lives in Portland, has recommended that we go tour the mansion before, but I have never taken her up on it. Now I think I must! :)

That house is so amazing and truly a Portland treasure. Have not been there in years since a field trip with the kids. I think I need another visit...

Oh how beautiful and so well preserved :)
Love that!

I've done the hike, enjoyed the grounds, but sadly the mansion was closed that misty, cold day (at new year's time). Thank you for the lovely photo tour of the interior!

Wow- beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

What a beautiful place...and you captured it so well! thanks for taking me on a little tour today.

How I miss old homes and preservation.
This town considers 1960s old and then they tear it down to put up new, ugh...such a sad state I live in.

What a treasure! I love old homes like that. They are so amazing with all the wonderful nooks and crannies missing in buildings of today. Gorgeous pics!

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