My Spring Rain Quilt

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This quilt is so big I didn't even try to capture the whole of the design, but you can track its evolution here and here and here and here. It's soft and fluffy and puffy and warm and makes me happy. I am about to start another quilt now. This one will be a triple Irish Chain. Classic, with a creamy background, but scrappy and random (and small patches!). I have always loved the Irish Chain design and I've always wanted to make one. I thought I would do another very random patchwork, but then I felt I just needed a little more structure than that in my life right now. I may try to back all of my quilts in cotton lawn, like most of this one, from now on. It's really expensive (though I did find all of these pieces on sale and had been holding on to them for years; doubt that will be happening again, or at least not for a while), but you just can't believe how soft and squishy and light it feels. Also, the wool batting is seriously scrumptious. The whole thing sort of reminds me of a Pavlova. And the kitters is pleased, so there's that.


I have been trying to find some lesser priced cotton lawn also but with not much luck - the Liberty of London prices boggle the mind, though it is so heavenly!

Melanie says: May 16, 2012 at 08:26 AM

Oh my - what an inviting, cozy, luscious bed - just perfect for a rainy day, snowy day, sick day. You inspire me, and although I've never attempted to make a quilt, I'm trying to convince myself that one day I'll have the time and the talent to do it!

It's really inspiring to see this quilt. I've just started learning how to sew and seeing this particular from start to finish is making it much less intimidating to begin

My grandmothers and Mom, be they quilters, knitters or crocheters, always told me," If you are going to spend that much time to make a project,use the best materials". The few times that I scrimped on yarn or cheap stuff, I paid for it with an inferior result. In Portland you have amazing fabric stores, always check the discount bins! Once on a quilt shop expedition with my Mom. A fabric that I had been drolling over in one shop but was ridicously expensive, was in the discount bin at better than half off at another shop. I asked the owner why it was priced so low. She said it just wouldn't sell. I bought the whole thing, almost a full bolt, at scrap price. Love a true bargain!!

Alicia. Just gorgeous. I'm in awe of you. Did you see the log cabin that you inspired??


Was ever a rumpled bed more tempting and scrumptious?
I have enough trouble staying out of my own rumpled nest, seeing yours is putting sleepy and cozy notions in my heart.

I need a little more structure in my life cute.... enjoy creating!

It's very pretty, love the colors and patterns! :-)

Oh, please, please, please, could you consider doing a pattern for this and selling it? A huge, scrumptious quilt is what I need in my crafty world! Oh please???????

Rebecca says: May 16, 2012 at 08:55 AM

I love those sheets! What kind are they and what print?

Love it! I love a cozy bed..I love rainy days. We dont get a lot of Full rainy days in Florida that darn sun always seems to shine! LOL I am facinated that you tie your quilts..I never had much luck with tied quilts they always seem to pull apart after a while. Thanks for sharing.

Wow. Really lovely. It makes me want to grab my latte, knitting and good book and head on over to that squishy looking coziness. Wonderful job.


Hello Alicia, I love your blog and always look forward to seeing your quilts. Patchwork quilts are my passion and I am in the process of making a log cabin one inspired by yours. Good luck with your Irish Chain, I have lots of squares of fabric and wondered if you would like some from England to go in your new quilt. Let me know and I'll post them off. Love and hugs xxx

oh it is gorgeous and I just love the whole look of the pictures.
It makes me feel cool and cozy.
It is already in the 100s here and no rain in sight.
So I fake the cold by turning the air way down and get out the blankets to huddle under while crocheting. Makes it feel like winter
ugh, I hate summer

Well that's it, prepare to find a new bed b/c i'M MOVING INTO YOURS!! Tee hee. Coziest bed in the world. Looooooooove.

That is a beautiful quilt. I love the fact that you make these beautiful quilts and then you tie them. You do not know how much that has inspired me. I used to quilt and tie my quilts. Then I started reading alot of blogs and no one ever tied quilts and it was all about free motion quilting. I could not do that. It just overwhelmed me. I began to feel like my quilts were not "real" quilts and stopped making them. Your quilts inspired me to get back into it and I have since made two quilts. I might start another when school lets out for the summer. What did you use to tie this quilt?

Thanks again for being such a great inspiration!

Such fluffy, comforting beautiousness! Kitters knows best!

A Little Blue Dragonfly says: May 16, 2012 at 09:40 AM

It's perfectly beautiful!!! :)

SQ-UUUUU-EEE-AAAA-LLLLLLL!!!! This is SOOOO beautiful and heavenly! Spring Rain seems to capture the mood of it just perfectly. I am so excited to see this finally!

Oh my goodness~you have another one in the making process? Your other log cabin quilt really inspired me and I have my stacks of prints ready to go (something about the connection with Christmas and then the gorgeous log cabin in the woods made it one of those I gotta have have one too) Thanks for your never ending source of inspiration and getting me into project "trouble"!

I have several of my Grandmothers'(1901-1980)quilts. I'll always remember one day sitting on my Grandmom's bed, she told me where each piece of cloth in the quilt came from.
"These pretty flower squares were your mother's summer dress."
"These long strips of blue were your Granddad's overalls that couldn't be repaired anymore."
"The triangle green flannel was Granddad's PJs."
"The red squares with yellow flowers was a dress that Aunt Jane use to wear."
All of her quilts were truly from the RAG BAG!! But the reason I'm sharing this, is that I saw your threads/tassles that holds your quilt together!! All of Grandma's quilts had tassles at every intersection!!
Everytime I wrap myself in one of her quilts - I'm 10 years old again :-}}}}}

Your quilt is wonderful, and so is your photography.

Melissa L. says: May 16, 2012 at 10:19 AM

The minuite I saw "quilty bed" I knew there would be a pet in it. Awww.

I love your quilts! I just bought fabric yesterday to make a throw quilt for our living room. It made me so happy! I can't wait to start......

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