Flowered Eggs

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Last night Andy and I made some Easter eggs inspired by these pretty ones. I just clipped some tiny sprigs from our tangle of a yard, placed them on the raw eggs, took a square of pantyhose (if you do a dozen eggs it's best to have two pairs of pantyhose) and stretched it over the sprig and egg, then caught up all the edges of the pantyhose in a little rubberband. (You want to pull the pantyhose pretty tight, so the sprigs stay on the egg.) Then, in a big soup pot, we made a little bed of outer skins from about eight or nine yellow onions, placed all the eggs on the skins, covered them with more skins, then added a few tablespoons of vinegar and enough cold water just to cover it all. Brought it just up to a boil then let it simmer very gently, without rumbling the eggs, for about fifteen minutes. Took the pot off the heat and let it sit for another fifteen minutes. Took the eggs out (careful, they're hot), rinsed them in cold water, and unveiled them. Voila. Beautiful botanical eggs.

My favorites are the ones that picked up some color from the blue flowers that were laid on top of them. It's best if you use sprigs that are very delicate, with thin leaves so that they can really press down on the egg. It also helps if the egg is a bit wet, because then the leaves will stick better when you go to wrap them with the pantyhose. Anyway, I think they look pretty. And I am a deviled egg fiend so I might have to make some more. I might try making some other colors, too.

Happy Easter weekend, dear friends!


Those are so amazingly cool. I am not doing any eggs this year, but I'm bookmarking this for next year!

What beautiful eggs! Thanks for sharing the technique with us. Hoping you and Andy and the critters will all enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend, too!

Oh! Those are simply gorgeous! I love the idea of a completely natural Easter Egg display--it just somehow seems more 'Eastery' to me than fakely colored/dyed eggs!

Stunning, especially the little blue flower!

WOW...these are stunning! Can't wait to give it a try!! Thanks for sharing!! ...Lisa :)

Cindy Pittman says: April 06, 2012 at 09:35 AM

I will definitely try this! So beautiful and natural.

Those are amazingly beautiful! The onion skins gave them such a nice hue. Is it as terra cotta-y as it looks in the photos?

Oh, so pretty! I used to do those with my kids when they were little.... Color is gorgeous, btw! I think I remember using onion skins for yellow, and red cabbage for blue:)

So cool, they look stunning. I will need to try this :)

Beautifully done.
My hubby is blowing the eggs out now for my son to dye, :)
This will be my first year dying eggs.

The eggs are beautiful!! I love the color. I would hate to crack them up, but I know it has to be done. Enjoy your deviled eggs. :-)

You guys are amazing! Have wonderful Easter!

Wow - looks fantastic, how clever of you! :-)

Oh these are so sweet, I can't to try it out.

What a cool idea! They turned out great. So pretty.

So Beautiful, who would have thought that onion skins could make something so pretty.

love, love, love, love, love, love, love this! will be stealing this idea promptly! :)

Silly Goose says: April 06, 2012 at 11:11 AM

You could also dye them again in another color. You've got me thinking.

These are fabulous! I've never seen anything quite so beautiful. I'll be doing this tonight with my little girls!

So charming!

I want to marry them.

Gorgeous! I went to buy a natural egg dying kit for my boys and realized it was $16 for three colors. I am doing this for sure!!

I saw these on Martha the other day! She had a tip to paint the leaves with egg white to help them adhere to the shell. Very pretty!

What a wonderful idea!!!!

Love Leanne xxx

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