Dinner Sandwich

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I frequently express my congratulations to Andy Paulson, because I'm just so dang happy for him that he had the good sense to marry a girl that makes him croque monsieurs on a whim. Yup, I'm cool like that.


Charlotte says: March 27, 2012 at 08:18 AM

I'd marry you for that. Also, is that cream-coloured Le Creuset that I spy? Swoon...

What is the brown sauce on top?

Gah!!! Stop it with those awesome pictures! Did you bake the bread too? good gravy...

I want to crawl into that bread and take a nap. YUM! Congratulations, Andy! xo

p.s. I got my KIT!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Andy on your good luck and good sense!! :D

Now my husband wants to know if there's any way to train an existing wife to make croque monsieurs on a whim? Any tips? :P

I'm so incredible hungry now!!!

Indeed! What a lucky guy! :)

Maybe you'll recall that a couple of days ago I pondered the possibilities of cloning Andy?? Well, today I'm wishing we could clone YOU, too, Alicia!

I JUST SAID to my hubs last night that once our remodel is done I want to get in the kitchen and learn to make us croque monsieurs et mesdames for dinner. Amazing ... they look delicious and now I may have to try on our hot plate ...

He must count his lucky stars each and every day!

"Sandwich," in any other context could be something common, uninspired.
But You wrote it, so I knew it would be heavenly good. I think my appetite was piqued even before the pictures loaded.
This slays me, Alicia. I am undone.

The sandwich recipe says "bread."
For any chance at success,
I think what I really need is
your bread recipe.
Pretty please.

Mmmmmmmm, Alicia, I am dreaming of a gluten free version of that sandwich that Andy is blessed to have you make for him. Just saw your pictures of the wonderful farm your friends bought! So lovely, especially with the woolie wonders and cheery chickens nestled in the green grass... and apple blossoms to come...rewards for hard but healthy work. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, I could eat a million of those sandwiches. So good!

Just wanted to tell you that DH and I were talking about Portland last night and at one point he said "Andy's a cool guy." :D

You just inspired our dinner for this evening. I think the frenchmen in my life will approve!

While it's always true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ..... a croque monsieur is a definite short cut !
That bread looks heavenly !!

Looks so good, I love to eat sandwiches! :-)

Lucky hubby, yummy sandwich! Love your dishes! xx

Ah, l'amour. Equally profound towards a sandwich or a man. Deliciously profound. For the former. Good eating, Andy.

Congratulations to You, Alicia, for marrying a man with such good sense!

fromage. jambon. num. vous etes magnifique, alicia.

Oh that looks so delicious!!

Mmmm, sensible couple me thinks!
Carol xx

Err, yum! Even the packaging is photogenic! x

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