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As usual, trying to become better about plants. I'm often a neglectful, capricious gardener. Collecting inspiration these days. Maybe this year I'll do better. Hmmmm. I think I say that every year.


Lauren (in PA) says: February 02, 2012 at 06:50 AM

What IS that cake?! It looks so yummy!

And again...more tart tins!

I keep meaning to check if there's a plant watering app: some kind of timer/calendar you set up so that I don't forget to water my poor plants. I've had a few near misses this winter, but I've managed to keep everyone decently alive.

I keep trying to grow herbs in little pots and they just don't survive, me! I don't know what the secret is but I would love to know. Your table looks like a perfect little spot to be!

all you can do is try your best...i have one sad looking violet on my windowsill...and the deer came and ate all my hostas last summer. i'm not giving up on the garden, just changing my expectations. :)

I get it. For me, it's because plants can't follow me around the house reminding me that they need some water. Sure, they're pretty and they fill house with fragrance, color, and herbacious goodness, but they can't stand and stare at their food dish as if wishing would make the thing fill with kibble.
I can't tell you how many plants I have discarded. Poor plants, but they only have themselves to blame...

That's what makes us all so human, aspirations. Or, at least that's what Captain Picard said in Star Trek Nemesis...I digress.

... at least one thing you can't do as good as all the others :))
so this balance with the beautiful things you can create

Such pretty photos and plants :)
I am sad right now because I am struggling to bring my houseplants back from the brink. I went on vacation for 3.5 weeks and forgot to ask my roommate to water them so I came home to sad dried plants :(

Oh my, you and me both! Every year I try to be a good gardener, and every year I fail miserably! This will be the year I figure it out though, I swear!

I cant grow them inside.... I can do outside... but my inside meter~ doesnt compute!

i just found your beautiful blog and been entranced for some hours now...

you are so is my hope to visit often...

xo dawn

congrats on making the alt summit list...

Oh Beverley Nichols! I so love his books.

This is me, to a T. And you're killing me with that cake!

Long live: 'maybe,' and 'this time,' 'next time,' I'll try,' and 'I'll try, again.' Never give up! Never surrender! Hope springs eternal.

I sympathise. As someone who is the kiss of death to plants, I am beyong thrilled that my hyacinths flowered this year.
That cake looks scrummy. x

I have the most beautiful plants that the lady (83 years old!) that I take care of gave to me in the fall... Some of them are dying and it makes me sad! :( I do have a surplus of snake plants! Those things CANNOT be killed no matter what! lol! Good luck! :)

i keep meaning to buy some forced hyacinths for my windowcill...
On a seperate note, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR CROSS STITCH KITS!!! No pressure or anything, but i can't wait! Although, i havent actually finished your ABC sampler so i'm a bad person...

I"d would love if you would share the recipe for that cake.....Yummy as my 2 year old grandson would say!

I've been wanting that Beverly Nichols book!

LOL! You and me both! I once killed potted moss ... because I thought it was a good idea to put it in a sunny window. Not one of my smarter moves.

Chris - Alicia put a link to the cake recipe in the last post, I believe. I'm going to make it very soon, myself! My mouth is watering.

Always love the bird's eye view in your photos...
perfectly placed and displayed.
So's looking promising for your pots:-)

That's my goal this year! To have more house plants. My inspiration is - she has such wonderful plants.

It´s a never ending struggle! :-)

You cannot go wrong with Beverley Nichols! I adore the cover of that book (and what's inside, too).

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