Blustery Day

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It's so windy today. Very unnerving. I have never liked wind. My puppers does not like it either. Usually she cries a little bit at a big gust. Usually I clench my teeth, I notice. I have to remind myself throughout the day to stop doing it. Kind of weird. They say it's going to get windier tonight, too. Andy's working. I have four more episodes of Downton Abbey to watch until I'm caught up, so I think puppygirl and I will go get under the covers upstairs and watch a few on the bedroom TV early tonight. That show is so good! Intense! (And I love Daisy's apron. I want to make one.)

I wanted to show you another option that I use for organizing embroidery floss when working with lengths of floss, as come in kits, instead of skeins. My mother used to work on a lot of embroidery kits when I was a young 'un, and I remember that she always made these: cardboard strips with notches cut into them, labeled with each color name, color number, and the number of lengths included. You can separate the strands and put the remainders back in the notch. My strips are cut from a few extra pieces of mat that they gave me at the frame shop this morning when I went to pick out a frame for the sampler. I just measured out spaces 1 1/2" apart, cut the notches about 1/2" deep with my old paper scissors, then labeled each notch in the order the floss colors will be used. It's a really nice way to keep the lengths organized, and if your cardboard is heavy enough, it's a pretty sturdy little system. Nothing falls out. Matting works really well for this!

I have no idea how I got anything done before we had this table. (To those who have asked about them, all of my enamel kettles are vintage from local secondhand and antique shops, but there are lots of cute ones on Etsy if you are looking for one. The teacup is from my sissy.)


I love my big work space at the dining room/kitchen table too! And such a clever "green" solution for the thread. Hope you and the puppers enjoy the TV under a quilt tonight

That is a great idea for floss organization. Where did you get that really cute teapot? It is adorable.

That looks like a good idea. I am curious, why would you need to write the number of lengths of floss you had?

I can't wait for those kits, even though I'm no where near done your last sampler. I'm such a naughty crafter. But the colors are so lovely and it even has *my boots* on it and as soon as I saw it I thought, "ooo, where can I put this one??"

And now it's time to settle in with some Downton Abbey and some knitting for me. :)

I can hardly wait to see the kits!

I am in love with Downton Abbey myself. Easily the best thing I have watched on TV in 10 years. My heart aches a little bit every episode as we get closer and closer to the end of season 2. I also wish it was a real place, and in that instance would want to live there. ;)

I believe the wind blowing around your home is coming our way, soon. I hope I can stay as safe and snug as you and Clover... and be as productive.

I love how organized you are. All of my embroidery thread is in a big box all piled together. It's a crime, really. Tonight I am finishing up season one of Downton Abbey on Netflix and am so glad I have a whole other season to watch!

downton abbey....oh my goodness, so good and let me say that you MUST make daisy's apron....and then sell a pattern to make!

I just knew you'll like Downton Abbey. It just gets better and better with each episode. I find myself studying the set designs and all of the costumes - upstairs and downstairs. I understand there will be a 3rd season.

Can not wait until the new sampler kits are available. It looks like a great one for those days when you just want to stay home and make something.

I just love that red kettle. Would you mind sharing where you got it? My current kettle is deteriorating and non-fabulous to boot.

So funny, I just started Downton Abbey last night on Netflix, first two episodes. I could have stayed up all night but for a necessary drive down to Tillamook this morning. The show seems to be everywhere lately and am so glad I decided to see what I was missing! Time to get hubby hooked,too. I need to completely replace all my embroidery floss. I kept it in a basket where our new kitty decided I didn't need it anymore. Ick. We just got a new JoAnn's so it gives me an excuse to go again ('cause of course I can't go without a "legitimate" reason,lol).

the description of your weather reminds me of poohs blustery day, it was always a favorite as a child.
Our winds here have made me learn to hate them.
I can't stand fighting to get to the car or to cross a parking lot in 50 mph wind gusts.
Your sampler looks intense, have fun and that is a great tip for the threads.

I want to thank you for introducing me to Downton Abbey. I have watched the first two episodes of the second season. I think I'm hooked!

I hope your weather calms down. The wind used to scare me when we lived in the valley what with all the trees that used to topple over. Now that we're in Central Oregon wind feels much safer.

I just love Downton Abbey too! We finished the first season and are excitedly awaiting the start of season two in March! Thanks for the embroidery floss tip. I am trying to finish the Daisychain Sampler so I'll be reading for this one when you have it finished!

I love Downton Abbey! Are Mary and Matthew going to end up together??!!

Have you seen the BBC version of Persuasion--with Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins? is so very intense and wonderful--a love story... by Jane Austen--I haven't read the novel, but I loved the movie so much I did a post about it. It's gut wrenching intense in a good way. The pain and desire of two people so much in love but seemingly doomed to never get together again...I can feel it when I watch it.

I bought it--had to have it.... it was on youtube..the whole movie in several 10 minute parts...may still be there.

Love Downtown Abbey! Have you seen the BBC documentary Manor House? Modern people adopting the customs of Edwardian England and living in a manor house for three months, servants and all. I'm midway through it, and loving every moment. I highly recommend it.

Can't wait for the sampler!

Love the quilt/puppy nose shot.
Downton Abbey is perfection - though they might consider adding a cat to the cast. After all, there's a dog...

Laurie in Iowa says: February 06, 2012 at 08:16 PM

My pups and I don't care for strong winds either. It's time to cuddle together and offer each other comfort and security.

Try living on an island - New Zealand is always windy. So tiring!! I love enamel teapots - I spied some today in an antique shop across the road and an oil burner for a bedroom I really want too. Enjoy Downton Abbey - we've just got the Christmas episodes here and the second part is on tomorrow night. Can't wait!!!

It has been blustery today, but at least it was also gloriously sunny! Our family went out gathering some of the tree limbs that came down during our January Snow-Flood, then celebrated our industry with a fire in the campfire circle, and the kids made somemores. I've been drinking hot coffee and tea all afternoon trying to warm up and am glad to be cozy inside now, as you and Clover are, Alicia <3

I've been watching Downton Abbey again - I have a weakness for most things featuring beautiful old buildings and English accents, even if they make me a tad homesick...

winds. *shiver* i remember trying to cross any of the bridges over the chicago river downtown. it was all one could do to keep from being river fodder. here in omaha now the winds get fierce. i can see how a person could go mad. then again, they should just gather their puppers, hot tea and embroidery. all would be right in the world. the apron is beautiful. and those dresses 'upstairs' wear. do they all have to look so thin?

I have been OBSESSED with Downton Abbey since you mentioned it and am almost caught up. I would love to see your version of Daisy's apron!

Let me add my plea...puleeeeese make a "Daisy's Apron" pattern. I'd happily buy that pattern.

Oooo - or Sybil's apron - with the bib. I'm a very messy cook.

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