For Five Minutes, It Was Glorious

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All of a sudden, snow began pouring down yesterday afternoon. I became extremely excited and started rushing around. I scurried and got my fire going perfectly. I raced upstairs and put on my long-johns. I herded my animals onto the sofa with me. And then [big smile] I pulled up my quilt and propped my chin in my hand and got ready to watch the big flakes finally fly outside the big window.


But I wasn't there a minute before it was over. Almost as soon and as flurriously as it had started, the snow stopped. Within minutes, the weather was all "gorgeous" [please note sarcasm], and sunny, and warm, as if snowflakes had never happened.

C'mon, son! [Sad face.] Not cool.


Well. Be that way. Apple streusel bread, then.









It was a good pretend snow-day, anyway.



We were likewise disappointed when yesterday's "snow storm" fizzled out so quickly! I was up in my sewing room (on the 3rd floor) and outside the window it was very blizzardly!! Went downstairs to make hot chocolate - with marshmallows, of course - only to return upstairs to see sunshine and nice snow-free view from my disappointing! But it was fun while it lasted...perhaps in the next couple of days!

That apple bread looks truly delicious!

Oh bummer! It could have at least gave you an inch or enough to make a snow angel. On a positive note your bread looks yummy :)

I love your apple peeler. The last time I saw one like that was in a shop window in Florence. We walked past the shop every day, but it was always closed when we did.

And if you wouldn't mind posting a recipe, I'd love to try my hand at that bread!

I love snuggling in on snowy days. It hasn't snowed even one flake here in Boston since Halloween. Seriously.

Beautiful photos, as always.

Across the river, we just now had about an hour's worth of huge wet sloppy flakes, but it has turned to plain old rain.
It was pretty to watch.

Yes but the really important thing was that you grabbed your camera quick quickly and went click click....the moment is saved forever. We are just coming out of a deep freeze...several days that with the wind chill, felt like -30. too cold for it warmed up to -2..... :) more snow on the way over the next few days... love to you xo your bread looks wonderful.

Rats! I love snowflakes. It's one of the things I miss most about living in the US. BTW, your photos are wonderful as always. I am doing a 365 project this year for the first time and am hoping to take more inside the house, everyday life photos and your sense of compositions in posts like this are a real inspiration.

Living in San Diego, I often give myself pretend snow days. Today was a "rainy" day...well, there was moisture in the air and mist,anyway... So it's Downton Abbey on my laptop, tea in my mug, knitting and kitty in my lap, and slippers on my feet... =-)

We found one of those apple slicer/corer/peeler thingies. We bought one for my son,too. He always wanted one. I'm sorry you didn't get the snow you wanted. We haven't had enough snow to satisfy me, either.
Hang in there, we'll get it, yet.
xo, Cheryl

Man does that look delicious. Maybe if you fake snow days hard enough, it will come. Like a snowdance. That's what I'm doing!

I am all at once sad for you because you didn't get a full on snowstorm and happy for you because you got to make and eat apple streusel bread and wear what appears to be the cutest grey linen skirt known to woman kind. I want it. Both the bread and the skirt.

We haven't even had any pretend snow here. :( And the weather just said not to hold our breath for it. But Apple streusel bread sounds delicious!

Oh, Alicia, what a shame. We have so much snow here in Michgan with more expected. If I could I'd send you enough for a whole day of window watching with CM and the kitties. Enjoy your bread and we will hope for snow in your area another day.


We have pretend snow days here in Florida, too. Only it never snows even one flake. At least you had your One Minute of Glory. And let me just say how happy I am to see YOU on your blog! Are those your legs?! I like your longjohns and linen look. Pretty.

I am so glad I am not the only one who gets really excited at the prospect of snow these days (and I do the same thing: put on flannel pjs, start up some homemade hot cocoa on the stove, light some candles, and pile up the quilts on the sofa).

I am in the midwest and am the only one of my friends and family who is lamenting this sunny 40-50 degree weather. On one hand, I enjoy still being able to take nice spring feeling walks. On the other hand....I want my snow!!!

I think it might be a homebody thing. I just love being cozy inside my apartment- a snow day is the perfect day to watch old movies, make soup, or plow through my library books. A sunny warm day makes me feel like I am obligated to leave the nest.

Here's to lasting snow!!

I was in Times Square yesterday and it started to snow which softened all the craziness. Didn't last long there either. Probably just as well as I had not brought along my boots.

Oh... you're still lucky. We haven't a chance of getting even one minute of snow. Sorry, though... I was all worked up and excited for you, too.

Rats, that's not even enough time to heat up the milk for cocoa. Well, I think five minutes of snow followed by warm weather sounds kind of perfect, but then we get plenty of snow here in NY and I think I'd feel just the way you do if we didn't. I know apple streusel bread is no substitute for snow, but it looks absolutely delicious anyway! Fingers crossed you get your real snowy day soon. :)

I'm going crazy here waiting for snow, too! Last year this time, we were buried.

Very pretty but just not quite enough. Apple bread looks delicious.
Carol xx

I am 15 miles NE of downtown Seattle. We have snow and it is actually sticking around! We are supposed to get a few more inches tonight. I hope you get some too!

The Oregonian says that Tuesday night will bring a "major winter weather event". So there's still hope. Stocked up with soup makings in anticipation, cats in an endless cycle of "let me out" then "it's too cold and wet out there" and five minutes later "let me out." That streusel bread looks amazing. And I bet your house smells divine.

Sounds like the snow I saw at my house (in Southern Oregon). Meh. There's always tonight, right? *fingers crossed* ;)

Oh, I feel your pain! I would give anything for a good old fashioned snow storm! I just don't think it's gonna happen this winter! At least you had some good apple streusel bread, though!

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