A Little House Tour

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12_upstairs_hallPhoto by Julie Smith

My sweet sissy did a little house tour and interview with Andy and me the other day for a home design web site she is working with called Houzz. I loved the questions (and I love Andy's answers) and I love the the pictures she took. She tape recorded the interview we did and said our voices (hers and mine) sounded so similar that it was like listening to one person talking and laughing — and not either of us, but our other sister, Susie. Hah! I busted out laughing when she said that. Awesome. Anyway, always so much fun working on stuff together. Click on the link in her post to get to the tour. Thank you, Julie! xoxoxoxoxo


Hahaha, that's so funny about the voices. Growing up a good friend and her sister had identical voices over the phone, I never knew who I was talking to when I called their house.

I love Houzz! I'm heading over to see it!

I was so glad to see that tour!! I wanted to thank your sister for posting it, but my computer wouldn't let me add a comment. Thanks to all of you for showing us around and making us feel so welcome!!

susaninfrance says: January 25, 2012 at 03:28 PM

it was a FAB photo shoot and I love all the storey too! she's a wonderful artist, your sis, just like you.

I totally love that Andy wants to invite Shawn and Gus over. I'm watching them right now on Netflix streaming--the early seasons that I missed. It was also nice seeing your whole house--since we've seen only bits and pieces on your blog. Your style is so cozy.

So the eye for a good shot is genetic then? Love the way she captured that part of the house. Please let us know when it is up on the Houzz website - I'd love to go and have a look!
Sheree xo

Oh, I love house tours! I´ll definately take a look :)

Loved your house tour! Julie did a wonderful job with the questions and photos and I loved your answers. Your home is warm and cozy! And you and Andy seem like such a sweet and adorable couple. It's obvious how much you two love your lovely home!

I LOVE your house!

Oh! What fun. Always an eye opener to see something familiar from a new point of view.

This such a funny coincidence! Yesterday I was just wishing that you would come out with a book on how you decorated/designed your home. And ta da! Here is the very tour I wanted today. How fun is that?

i clapped my hands a little...yay alicia's house! xo so pretty and cozy and homey xo

so fun to see the whole house, love it!

Debbie from Illinois says: January 25, 2012 at 04:30 PM

You have a wonderful home. Were the pets camera shy? :)

That was beautiful and just confirms my perceptions of you and Andy (even though we've never met in person)and how kind and hospitable you are. Your home is a beautiful nest, full of love.

Such a wonderful house and so warmly decorated...just lovely.

Yay! I am so excited to go check it out. I recently discovered Houzz and love it. It is quite appropriatie, I think, that your cozy little house be on there!

Yay, so much fun to see a full tour of your wonderful abode. Also loved the hot tub exchange. You too are so freaking cute.

i just love getting a peek in to others homes and the way they decorate. It is so thrilling for some reason.

Alicia, I stumbled across your house tour on Houzz yesterday! I LOVED the interview,especially when Andy said his favorite room in the house was any room you're in! So sweet!!

Wonderful pictures, lovely house and its especially nice that "Love Lives Here". Even Julie's comment about how her children's childhood memories are woven in place tells the story.

such fun to take the tour....such a beautiful perspective and homey....love love love.


I think I love you more than any other couple I know. Love that last answer "Anywhere Alicia is" *swoon* and I gasped when I read Andy keeps a pile of letters he is writing. WHAT? A MAN writes letters? But he also embroiders, so what can I say? You married a cool dude. And I think I have an Alicia and Andy crush.

Your house is beautiful. I love that you have Christmas lights up throughout, I do that too. And I am totally trying not to be envious of that dressing nook (I assume that is what it is?)

I really enjoyed the tour. Thank you!

Warm and cozy, filled with love and memories, the very best kind. Thank you for sharing :)

Ok, Um Mrs. Preg head missed the link the first time (Smacks head with hand!)- but I went and had a good look. Unreal! :) It would be amazing to see the difference between the lighting you get in winter and the lighting you get in summer. I think my fave bits would be either your studio or the nook off the master bedroom. Oh, and the door from the kitchen to the deck... the photo made me want to walk right through there. :)

You have such a lovely home!

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