Russet Fields

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Beautiful weather. Time alone together. The feeling of expectation. A walk in the russet fields. Sweetest of the sweetest people. Pumpkins and pies. Making a quilt (him). Knitting (me). Woodsmoke and raindrops. Sunflowers and birdsong. The whole weekend felt like a gift. Every minute.


This russet-field beauty was at Kruger's Farm on Saturday.











"What kind of dog is that?" Why, she's a Cardigan Welsh corgi :-). My little Clover Meadow so bright.





She lags behind if I'm behind.





Everything glowed.


You've captured my favorite season so beautifully! I hope to be planning a fall trip to Oregon for next year. Love it there. Looks like you had a perfect weekend. :)

Did you guys see this article (with the attached YouTube vids?)? Our corgi was *thrilled* beyond belief!

Everything is just so lovely! :-)

Glorious. We're headed there on Friday.

I love the colours, especially the flowers.

I love autumn - the cool weather makes me want to visit wool shops :)

Your photography is excellent.

Best wishes

I'd love to take that walk - pity I'm so far away! I have pumpkins in the garden, but the sunflowers are over and gone . . .

Pomona x

Such beautiful photographs and equally beautiful words. Thank you for sharing. x

Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your 'gift of a weekend'!

Russet beauty! I can never get enough of your blog. And wait... Andy quilts?? That's awesome! My husband 'quilts,' in that he suggests fabric for me to use, helps decide the layout, helps set up my machine-quilting station, and, most importantly, he snuggles UNDER the quilts. :)

You, Andy, and your little girl are going to have such a wonderful time exploring nature together -- you will have so much to share with her and she will help you see it with even more excitement than you are now!

Can't wait to see Andy's quilt! Such a lovely post for a lovely weekend.

im in a love affrair with fall xoxo

These pictures are glorious!

Can you even imagine how much fun you're going to have NEXT year on this field trip? Thank you for these gorgeous photos. Makes me so homesick for Fall in Portland, but in a good and nostalgic way. I'm trying the chicken and sweet potato biscuit recipe you posted. Looks divine!

So beautiful - and I love your doggie! :-)

I love that in the Farm7 image, the seed pod atop the stalk looks like a woman bending down in the field behind. Lovely.

So beautiful. I love the photo of Andy and Clover Meadow.

Just spectacular. Thank you so much.

of all the seasons, of all the months, of all the temperatures...october is best (my opinion) and you captured all the perfect-ness perfectly!

Everything has a golden glow in the Autumn. I just love it all. It's become my favorite season and wish it lasted longer.

Your posts are a gift.
I delight in opening every page.
Thank you.

Gorgeous photos! They're only outshone by that adorable pup of yours. ;)

Susie Sears Taylor says: October 10, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Can't wait to see the new kiddo with caramel apple stuck in her hair and Clover Meadow with caramel stuck in her fur compliments of the kiddo. haha What fun is coming!

I do love fall. There is nothing left in my garden but partially spent sunflower heads and blazing zinnias. And birds. Every seed-eater for miles around including a covy of quail. It makes me unreasonably happy.

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