Sunday Morning

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I love the quiet. Before the day has to begin.


your home is so pretty.

can i move in?

aww, your home always looks so inviting and dare i say COZY! :) love these colors/patterns, a.

Me too!

Nothing says "peaceful" quite like a kitty curled up in the pillows.

Happy Sunday.

What lovely pictures and I agree with Melissa, a sleepy kitty is such a peaceful sight <3

Love, love, love the pic with the kitten! Thanks for sharing your sunday morning vibe!

Lovely. There is nothing like a sleeping cat to make one feel relaxed!

I love curled up kitters!!! any time of day

Hi, Violet! (whispering) HI HI HI.

How lovely! I love the blue checks about your home. I'm starting a new love affair with blue. What a sweet kitty too!~

The photos are so appealing - beautiful quality with that new camera! You can feel the quietness.


The quiet in your home sure does look beautiful. I like it too.

Nice Sunday morning post, it makes me want to curl up on the couch in the sunlight.

I share your love on Sunday Mornings. Before the world wakes up, especially.

I just thought an afternoon nap might be in order, but found my dog and two caps hogging up my entire bed.

So much for my bright idea. Enjoy your day!

Visiting your blog is like going home to see an old friend... so relaxing, happy and yes, cozy! Thank you for the glimpses into your life.....

I'm having a STINKY Give Away on Lavender Hill... I'd love it if you'd pop over and check it out !


your gingham and linen is killing me!! I just love your style. :)

my favourite time of the day is just pre dawn before the world has woken up..your photos capture it's serene essence..beautiful..jane

Your sunday morning looks lovely. Thank yo for sharing it.

The photos are worthy of a design/decor magazine. I want to jump right in, get a cup of tea and sit on your back deck and visit.

I love the pillow with the ties at the back of the first picture... and your bathroom looks so enticing! :)

Oh, my - could your photos get any sharper? Lovely.
The gingham, the ruffled pillow, the kitty! I can't let our cats near my pillows - allergies. My eyes would be uncontactlensable.

Nice color in the bathroom!!

I am finishing up painting the outside of our house right now (huge but a rewarding job) and then onto the upstairs bathroom so I am searching for the perfect color.

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