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On Sunday afternoon we went to the park. We expected to find the river, but were instead surprised by a meadow.


To say I was overjoyed would be a total understatement.


The first time I saw a meadow I was riding a horse. It was early morning and I was at horse camp in Indiana. We rode through the woods and then came into the clearing. It was lit from the far side, dark green against the sun. I had fallen off my horse almost every day that week and didn't think anything good could happen. I was in eighth grade and wound tight as a coil. We stopped for a moment and stared at the field. I could not believe I was sitting on a horse in a meadow. It had been my dream for so long I could not move. He swished his tail and I blinked into the sun. I remember thinking then that I would never forget it. I haven't.


I don't know. Meadows are enchanted, I think.


People think I named the dog, but I didn't. Andy did.


Naturally, however, I eagerly confirmed the nomination. And she is aptly named.


We walked down the path toward the woods.


It felt like the warmest day of the summer so far.


At the edge of the meadow, where the trees began, there was a shady patch of mowed grass.


We sat in it for a while and watched hawks circle overhead.












Thank you, meadow.






Yeah. Meadows are good. :)

lovely...i make a request every spring to let a part of our yard be "meadow" doesn't get it's first cut until the daisies have finished bloomin'...someday i hope it stays uncut until the black eyed susan's and queen ann's lace are done. i'll bribe my mower man somehow ;) beautiful shots alicia xo

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place you live in! Mountains!! Meadows!! Cherries!!!!

I forget how lucky I am to live surrounded by meadows ... thank you for reminding me :D

Your photos are jaw-dropping. You really are an amazing photographer.

I love that picture with the mountain in the background, probably because I've never lived near them. It's always a surprise and exciting to me to see them appear on the horizon.

Nicely done!! Isn't this weather splendiferous? I love how you and your husband choose to embrace it all. Thanks for the wonderful (and newly larger -- yes!) images.

LOL, your meadow looks a lot like my backyard weed patch. I don't have cherries or a mountain though, just a freeway. I love your blog. Been reading forever, don't think I've ever commented. I'll just take a moment to ask: have you ever made up a publishable or published pattern for Andy-style shirts? I love them, think they would look good on my hubby and haven't seen any like them on sale. Thanks!

I just found your blog last week and am enjoying everything so far. This, though, blew me away. It captures the beauty in the simple things in life, and that is what I strive to do. Thank you so much for sharing!!

I totally agree that meadows are completely charming. Just the thought of standing in the middle of one in a long dress, hair blowing in the wind, surrounded by wildflowers is pretty much the most romantic and longest standing fantasy of mine. But the harsh reality is... I'm terrified of ticks!!! I would never be able to force myself to take one step in all that tall grass! Maiden in the Meadow just wasn't meant to be...

oh you two. you have such wonderfully sweet days together. beautiful pictures. ps i saw the avett bros. for the first time two weeks ago. i can see why you love them, what a great show.

What a beautiful meadow! I love, love, love Queen Ann's Lace. It's been one of my favorite flowers for as long as I can remember. I know, I know some people consider it a "weed" but to me it's a beautiful flower!

How lovely! My first meadow experience was behind the little gray farmhouse where my grandparents lived in Boring, OR.
I was about 5 and the grasses were taller than me.
Thank you, Alicia...I spent my whole life living in the Pacific Northwest until about 5 years ago and am now living in WI. It is so beautiful here, too.

Thank You, Alicia, for bringing us to the meadow. You give me such lovely views.

Your lovely meadow brought me back to my own childhood memories of long grass worlds. We played in them endlessly...building grass tunnels and rooms, catching bees and grasshoppers or lying on our back watching clouds. Mmmmedows. Beautiful photos.

I wrote a poem about a meadow. It was inspired by another of your blog posts from a year ago. I'll mail it to you. :) favorite part of Bambi is when Bambi sees the same sights you did and shouts "THE MEADOW!!!"

jeannette says: August 02, 2011 at 10:12 AM

gorgeous, thank you.
zara phillips (queen's granddaughter) had thistles in her bridal bouquet over the weekend, to honor the emblem of scotland, where she was married.

very pretty, i thought.

You're right, it deserved to be bigger.

May all the beautiful things in our lives be bigger. A prayer.

Ok, that should TOTALLY be The Meadow in the Twilight movie ;)

Thank you for sharing - it brightened my evening wonderfully

Dang. Great perspective on all these!

Christine says: August 02, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Can I just say that I LOVE the bigger pictures?? :D

Beautiful! Your blog is a breath of fresh air! LOVE the new format and the new banner! I'll have to send you some photos of Colorado meadows I've been enjoying so much this summer! xooxxo thanks again for your sweetest comments on my movies:) jol

Such great pictures! I particularly love the one with the mountain watching over the meadow. And the one with one of you carrying the basket off to the side. And the one with the wire fence. And...

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