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But before, before all that happened with the fridge (your planking mentions were slaying me — so funny), before all that there had been waffles.


To round out the aforementioned silverware fit.


Since the silverware had arrived, looking lovely, just the day before.


Princess Royal, made by the National Silver Company in 1930.


Incidentally, we saw Company (fantastic) with some friends the other night.


Dark, rainy Sunday morning breakfasts are kind of nice. I'm rethinking this whole candle deal. This past winter I was done with them, and used fake, battery-powered ones. But I got so tired of recharging the batteries all the time. Like, all the time. Since this "summer" has been pretty much as dark and cold as this winter (except with more flowers; that's about the only difference), I've had candles lit a lot. And I've finally determined that I just botch all of the pillar candles, so forget those. And all of the ones in jars, forget those. So just tapers. Maybe tea lights. Mostly tapers. Any recommendations on particular brands? Maybe some pretty beeswax ones, the color of pear nectar, for summertime.


I still don't like the smell of blown-out candles, though. I don't think I'll ever like that.


Things are moving forward. The kitchen floor is almost in, and it is really, really pretty. Sort of a grayish-brown, very dull (I think they call it hand-oiled or something like that) 5"-wide oak planks. I also got confirmation that our crewel wool did indeed arrive in Texas yesterday from London (yeeee!). Today it is on its way here to Oregon, and the minute it arrives we'll start assembling and shipping kits, so that's really good. Summer has been slow to get going.


We sat out on the porch until late last night.


I love these candles
They're not cheap, but they burn well and smell good (faintly). I love the unusual shape too.
Glad to hear the wool is in. I'm so excited about the samplers!

Lovely images - love the silverware! :-)

Candles are magical :) Love the silverware! The patterns of yesteryear make a place setting have more character and charm.

Happy Summer :)

I love that blue & white china pattern. I have inherited two china sets (my mothers, and my grandmothers) and I don't like either of them!

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 22, 2011 at 08:58 AM

Here is an idea for "KatelynLikesThis" Early on in my life I liked to trade dolls with my girlfriend but "forever" seemed too long. My mom said, "just trade for one week, then trade back". Maybe you could do that with your china sets. You could then see how someone else would use the china and you could see ideas and you might like both sets. Often times the difference is in the table cloth, flowers, candles or who is sharing the meal??????? Just an idea. Alicia, your table is lovely and romantic.

Just love this post! Such an inviting table with the lovely silver, china & candles. A million years ago as a child, I made beeswax comb candles. The comb sheets were cut on the diagonal, wick placed on the long edge and then rolled as tightly as possible. My mother still has them, 48+ years later.

Can you tell me the china pattern you show here? It looks similiar to the one I purchased when I got married and I need to replace that set. It's beautiful!

hmmmmmm....i do in fact like candles in jars (like mason jars) because they have lids. screw the lid on...the flame goes out and then there is none of that ucky smell.....i'll let you think about it. xo

I swear by the drip-less candles from Trader Joe's. They only come in white and ivory, but they are a great price and don't make a huge mess! Also, I have been melting ugly candles down into my vintage tea tins, and now i can have more candles but less *ugly* around the house!

I really, really, REALLY like the silverware and you've inspired me to find my dream set online rather than picking through the bins at thrift stores.

Though, I will keep picking through the bins at thrift stores.

Oh, poor Clover. They take it so hard when they don't understand the melodramas that take place around them. Loved your garden, can't wait to see the kitchen when the new floor is in.

Sorry attached my comment to the wrong post.

have I ever got the candles for you! I never used to fuss with tapers because they always seemed to drip (I need candleholders like yours) and never lasted long enough, but then one day I splurged on some beeswax tapers from Big Dipper (they sell them through Whole Foods up here, but they also have a website). I just had to go back and check my own blog, because I posted about them last year - I was getting 15 hours of burn time PER TAPER, if it wasn't too breezy where they were burning, and seriously, NO DRIPS. Like, ever. Plus, they smell so amazingly good - even before you start burning them, the honey smell of the beeswax just permeates the air.

Cannot recommend them enough!

Do you have a trader joes? They have white and cream tapers not drip and they self extinguish just before they burn to the bottom..and then your glass candle sticks don't crack! They are not expensive you can buy a big pile ...they are not as good as the best best best but they are very very good for the price!!
Your silver is just lovely!!

Julie G. in Iowa says: June 22, 2011 at 09:29 AM

Something about photo #3 from the top speaks to me. I love, love, love it. It's so warm and festive with the bright glow of the candles and colors in the background.
Too bad about the candle smell... I LOVE it, reminds me of birthday parties and birthday cakes! I'm kinda weird though 'cause I REALLY love the smell of Scotch tape - to me it's the smell of Christmas presents! :)

I buy my tapers at IKEA, white, dripless, love them. I don't think I could ever get used to the battery candles =-/ That is beautiful silver and I love your dishes and the fact that you are using cups and saucers =-)

Margaret says: June 22, 2011 at 10:01 AM

beautiful photos! And the wool is on its way-thats such good news!

Beautiful table, love the new (old)silverware, but I have to ask about the china--I am a fanatic about blue & white china--please oh pretty please, what kind is it?!?

Wow, love the silverware. :)
Where is summer????

Melissa Thornton says: June 22, 2011 at 10:48 AM

We saw Company last Thursday, too! It was sooo good.

Beeswax candles will always be my favorite. My dad's a beekeeper, so my mom has made candles and other wax ornaments and the smell is just delicious.

What a beautiful and cozy table setting! You're making me long for a dark and cloudy evening (its impossibly bright and blue out here on the prairie!) I have to admit, I'm really crushing on your blue and white dishes set. They are so gorgeous. Do you mind my asking, who makes those? Are they vintage or something I might track down too? :)

It's been dark and rainy here in Minnesota, too, and I've been using lots of flameless battery candles because my cat Harry likes to sit on lit candles for some reason. And because he's sooooo hairy, he doesn't even feel it and when I notice that he's on fire and scream and yell and stick him in the sink and hose him off he's like "what did I do to deserve this...god, mom, how embarassing..."

I think we use colonial candles but beeswax are always nice. Also, hooray on the crewel wool! We're headed to the shore next Friday and I'm hoping to have my kit to go with me.

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