Spring Green

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Things are shockingly green outside. My peonies are about to explode. I forgot to put up those cage things that are supposed to hold them up, so I expect they'll be flopping all over the place, especially in this rain, fairly soon. We have ten plants, all kinds of pink and white. The climbing hydrangea is just starting to bloom. It's so pretty. I love it with the pebble. I don't remember what that other plant is called.

I have this plan this spring and summer to ride my bike up to the grocery store every day, or every other day. It's a nice ride — only a little over a mile, fairly flat, not too much traffic. I feel pretty lucky for that. I have a small basket on my bike. It takes about forty-five minutes to ride there, shop, ride back. I love riding my bike and being outside. I also like the idea of shopping for just a little bit every day, I have to admit. I can just go in there with one idea, or maybe two: dinner, and maybe lunch. I like just having to think of one thing to make for dinner, and getting groceries for that. I have absolutely no talent for meal planning, no matter what I do. I actually think I'll enjoy making the effort to ride my bike up to the store or to a farmer's market (we have a weekday market in the neighborhood) every other day than trying to plan longer term. Plus, it's good exercise the only way I seem to like to do it — on a mission. So far, so good.

Of course, it's only been one day. Pffft!


Sounds like you have a very European outlook!

my climbing hydrangea is blooming too. i just love their flowers. almost magical. ya know?

speaking of magic... biking the the market ever day!? that sounds just wonderful.

have fun!

I like to shop in little spurts as well. Not that I've been riding my bike to do so. *ahem*

Life is all about the garden right now. Everything is planted and growing and bursting. I think of nothing else.

Today, my daughter asked me if something happened in the kitchen and then made a reference to The Hangover. I think that I need a rain day so that I work inside for a change.

I am in love with the plant on the left in the photo. xo

lots of green going on here too. my peonies are also looking good. i have to go by some sort of supports for mine too. yes, too late for the traditional hoop.
i live at the top of a ginormous hill and my town is too far, but i wish i could do what you're planning. sounds perfect! xo

Kitty Bourne says: June 01, 2011 at 07:15 PM

When I lived in England my next door neighbour would bike to the shops every day and bring back groceries for the day in her basket. This used to be a common way of shopping where I lived. So your plans are following in the footsteps of many who went before in the same manner. Very English. Enjoy.

I love your biking/shopping plan!

My peonies are in full bloom, though very droopy because I didn't cage mine either.
I am sooooo happy that I am not the only person alive who cannot plan for more than one meal at a time! How am I supposed to know what I will be in the mood to eat tomorrow?
Love the idea of riding your bike to the store...enjoy!

Here in southern Ohio, the peonies are on their last stand. I have sixteen peony bushes and finally bought enough rings early this spring. Good thing , as we had 5 weeks of rain. I just cut my last bouquet. Love that you are riding your bike to the market! So euro!

good plan....little steps.

One day... still, you have a gift for making an idea, a concept, a moment in the day appealing... like, I could fall in love with just the ideas you share. So, cheers for the first day, and I hope it leads to as many more days as your heart desires.

I'm horrible at meal planning as well. I love cooking, but hate the shopping! I am excited to try this type of trip when we get to Portland, as we'll live a short distance from the grocery, too. Let you know how it goes!

I love your plan for grocery shopping...sounds wonderful. I'm horrible at meal planning as well, and I do have some grocery stores within bike riding distance...hmmm...

I love this time of year when everything in the yard is exploding with life! I wish I could bike to the grocery but it's uphill, downhill, on a major road from the ferry dock - so kind of scary to me! I might have a look at a google map and see if I can find a backroads sort of way to go. Would be fun to do especially on Saturday to the Farmer's Market!

The thought of riding a bike to the store and back everyday sounds lovely. I think there would be fits of rage in my house if I did this - unless the basket on my bike was VERY large :)

Drat! Just reading your post reminded me that I was supposed to put up one of those peony cages! Mine are still a week or two away from blooming though since I'm in Canada. I wonder if I could squeeze the into one at this point.

I'm the same way; exercise with a purpose only! I'm alsovery fond of the daily shop, but it's been less feasible with the addition of girl #4 :) Somehow three little girls were much easier to take to the grocery than four, not quite sure why that should be.

Hi Alison. I tend to lurk, rather than comment :-)))) However, I must tell you that I live in the Southwest of England and am English. I cycle every other day to pick up my groceries and put them in my basket to bring them home. It is quite uncommon now, cycling to collect groceries, but I love it!

I'm living your marketing plan - without the bike as I live in an English village with a lovely farm shop just a few minutes walk away - shopping daily really does remove the need for much meal planning, which I loath. But I don't have peonies in my garden - how I wish I did - and am having to make do with a jug of shop bought peonies instead.
Happy shopping :)

Stephanie says: June 02, 2011 at 02:26 AM

What is the plant on the left with the delicate, dark green leaves? I like it.

I just love the idea of taking a bike to the market....a basket in front, full of good things...sigh. Working like mad over here, trying to get the kitchen done. After it is, we'll sell this house and move some place where I, too, can ride my bike to market. Thanks for the dreams and inspiration! Cheers!

It's such lovely image of riding your bike to the shops every day - coming home with a baguette in your basket! Have you seen this site?


I just bought the plant on the left -- it's called a creeping wire vine (Muehlenbeckia axillaris). I bought it as a ground cover, but it looks so pretty in the pot, maybe I'll just pot mine.

Just a little note about the peonies. When my mom, the awesome gardener, would forget the peony cages she would tie them up with old pantyhose. I think she used that instead of twine because it wouldn't bruise the stems. Less floppy that way. :)

I too hate meal planning -- how will I know what I want to make in 3 days? I'm lucky that my husband stops on his way home for lunch or from work to fill in whatever I might need for dinner. Sometimes he does say "Have you thought about what you might like for tomorrow?" -- 'No, I haven't thought that far ahead yet'. :-) The rest of the week I go to the farmer's mkt and to the weekly Fish truck on thursdays. I carry my Posie Market Bag I made :-) No big box shopping for me!

Have crewel samplers been mailed yet? Thanks!

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