Buttermilk Banana Fail

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Once upon a time, there was the cutest little buttermilk banana cake you ever did see:


Well, wait: Let's back up. First there was a Friday-morning freezer clean-out, which liberated twelve seriously overripe frozen (keep the skins on when you freeze them) bananas. I thawed them, and mashed up five.


I found this recipe, which sounded very good, and prepared the pans.


I think one of my favorite things to do is bake alone on a weekday afternoon — no noise (except the Extremely Loud Convection Oven, which I still won't get used to), no music, no television. Just open windows and the sounds of birds, and traffic going by a few blocks away. An occasional plane flying overhead. Our fountain gurgling. I like to have an entirely empty dishwasher, ready for me to fill it up with measuring spoons and bowls and mixer paddles. I like to have nowhere to be and nothing to do but bake.


Conditions were, as they say, very perfect.


I warmed up the eggs. I always warm up the eggs in a bowl of warm water before I bake with them.


These were gorgeous, bright as new carrots. A gift from my riding teacher.


I creamed the sugar and butter. I've found that if you put a stick of butter (this cake actually needed one and a half sticks) in the (my) microwave for two minutes on power-level 10%, it softens the butter pretty much perfectly to room temperature.


After the dry ingredients were almost thoroughly incorporated, I mixed in the banana. A few last really good stirs and it was so pretty. I think the original recipe has you making a sheet cake, but the batter filled up both of my 8" round pans nicely.


They baked at 275 degrees F for an hour, and came out perfectly risen and golden. Th recipe tells you to put the baked cake(s) immediately into the freezer for forty-five minutes. Good thing I had cleaned out the freezer. I stabilized two cups of whipping cream with gelatin and powdered sugar while I waited.


Then I frosted. Dotted it with posies. Banana calico cuteness.

Then we took it to the river. We crossed a log, ate some sandwiches, skipped some rocks, and watched the world go by. We sort of forgot about the banana buttermilk cake. As you've heard.


Until three hours later, when it began to assert itself.




So sad! Poor little cake.

I hope you still ate some of it in all its mushy glory?

But... did it taste good? :-)
Which river?
The cake was beautiful, though.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

auntie m says: June 08, 2011 at 09:54 AM

Oh, dear.
So sorry. :(

I'll have to try that whipped cream trick with the gelatin. And remember not to leave my cake out in the sun. Tee hee.

So glad you took early pictures of it. It really was pretty and I'm sure tasty too.

OH NO! :-(

On the other hand - how on earth could a cake like that slip your mind?! I mean; REALLY?! :-D

Poor little cake!!
But I bet it still tasted good, in spite of the looks.... =)

hugs from Brazil!

Katherine says: June 08, 2011 at 10:07 AM

So sad about the cake. Looked delish. Could you tell me where you got that adorable vintage-y cake tin?? Love it.

bless that little cake's heart! i hope (and expect) it was tasty anyway...

Oh nooo. RIP sugar, bananas and tasty goodness.

For me, it's 30 seconds on 50% power to soften a stick of butter. Also? My microwave is clinically insane, so that should be taken into account.

That is the prettiest and yummiest looking spring cake that I ever did see. I do believe that I'd like to give it a try. I will wait until the fall though because I believe that eating bananas makes one desirable to mosquitoes.

I could also be clinically insane.

I have used this recipe before I think, and the cake is insanely good! You will have to try it again. I dont like my cake really moist like that so I ommitted the freezer step. VERY tasty cake.

Was it mushy enough to have as a cocktail? I like tinajo's comment!

How goes the kit preparation? I'm excited for the delivery!

Ohhh noooo! The whip cream destabilized!

Too funny! It looked beautiful. Thanks for the chuckle :)

Now I completely understand why your cake was more than an unfortunate inadvertent gift for the picnic ants. It was beautiful! And all the lead-up elements were beautiful, egg yolks especially. I would cry, I've cried over less. It has the same feel as when I elbow over a box full of color coded beads, and watch millions of the tiny things spread over everything and everywhere.

Love, love, love... Even your 'fails' are cute and funny!
For the record, your cake really looked marvelous before it went sunbathing!

Ha! Hey, but the important thing is you remembered to take some gorgeous pictures before the melting tragedy...:)Well that, and the other important point is, you were having so much fun you just forgot about eating cake! How often does that happen in life?!


I'm sorry about your cake, but I have to say, I LOVE that cake carrier! Covet!

oh no! posies down, posies down!!!

it really was beautiful. This is why you should never wait to eat cake. I hope you and Andy have both learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of self-restraint! =)

Now that is just a sad sad story. That cake had so much potential!!! I was so looking forward to you telling me how it tasted so that I to could do a little afternoon baking. Boo!

I don't know how to spell the sound that came out of me - my nose mostly - when I saw the picture of your adorable cake-taker.

I'm so sorry for your cake, but so grateful for the entertainment.


oh what a disapointment, good job you took photo's before hand, it looked so very pretty aswell. I am sure i tasted good though
I am waiting for the Miette book to be released...looks amaing
j x

But how did it taste?

Claudia Horner says: June 08, 2011 at 01:09 PM

When I was a teenager, my bf and I went riding with a picnic in our bag, on a hot summer day. She thought it would a great idea to take along jello, and you can only imagine what happened! Sometimes our romantic imaginations overtake our sensible selves....

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