A Very Good Fish Sandwich

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I loved reading lilac reminiscences yesterday. I especially loved all of the ones that mentioned Chicago suburbs. I didn't know there were so many Chicago suburbanites (once a Chicago suburbanite, always a Chicago suburbanite, no?) out there among you. I love that. And yes, I aim to conjure a midwestern lakeside with my cedar pierdeck. Specifically Assembly Park in Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, where we vacationed when I was little. I need a shuffleboard court and a screen porch. And a corner store and a dance hall and a pontoon boat. And a Hostess cherry pie.


This is a very, very, very good baked fish sandwich recipe. You should make it.


When I have spent lemon wedges, I toss them in the empty (cold) coffee pot with some ice cubes and some kosher salt. Let it sit for a few minutes then swirl everything around for a bit before washing. This is what we did at the restaurant I worked at after college. It helps delete the coffee crud.

Don't forget to make the fish sandwich.


I would like you to know, Mrs. Alicia Paulson, that I am very hungry and my cupboards are bare, and here I am looking at this fish recipe. Ah, yeah, I don't want to hear about how I forgot to buy something for lunch on the day my husband took Maude, my car, to work with him. I shall hard cook a few eggs and keep a keen attitude because you wish to recreate Wisconsin, and I only need to inhale to breathe it.

(Despite my apparent Friday psychosis, I am indeed bookmarking that recipe. Thanks.)

That's a good idea and sounds like it would smell a lot better than how many family cleaned the coffee pot: hot vinegar!

Shannon says: May 13, 2011 at 09:50 AM

Yummo. I can't wait to make that sandwich!

To reiterate Jodi from the first post, I am very hungry with nothing in my cupboards...and fish sandwiches are my favorite, the one thing I would choose if I had to eat my last meal on earth...and my stomach is growling...and I am still in my pj's! :)

A Wisconsinite, Rosie

PatyZ from Mexico says: May 13, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Hello Alicia!! I wanted to tell you that I bought your Jane Market Bag pattern last weekend, made two of them and did them in a couple of hours. The pattern was so easy to follow, the instructions were all so clear! I made them in jute with some other fabric for the contrast and they look really cool!!
I´ve taken them to the supermarket and received a couple of wows. I´ll post some photos as soon as I can in your flickr group.
Have a lovely weekend!! For me is all sunny and hot in Mexico

Yum! I bet I could even get my hubby who is not a fish person to eat this.

Want fish sammie.

Thought for a minute that you were making lemonade and I got excited. The sandwich looks good too though. :D

The fish sandwich looks delish! I am a waitress (in Wisconsin) and I can attest to the power of the lemon, ice and salt combo in a coffee pot. It works wonders if you burn a lot of coffee to the bottom by leaving an almost empty pot on the burner. Enjoy your weekend....I'll be picking up some fish.

I vote that all the Wisconsin people get together and eat fish sammies this summer. Alicia, you're invited!

On, Wisconsin! From a loyal reader in Milwaukee, where we have Friday Fish Fries all year 'round. YUM!!! Alicia, I may have to check out Delavan for a vacation. I love how you described it.

My son-in-law is a Wisconsin native & is always talking about the Wallie fishing there. Walleye would be terri-fic for that fish sammie of yours. Also, when you mentioned a cedar pier, it reminded me of "The Cedars" restaurant in Coeur D'lene, ID. It's docked on the lake. Neat sensation to be floating as you dine.

Funny, all the Chicago/Wisconsin comments in the last two days. Being formerly of both, I have to say that despite LA having almost everything on earth, there are a few things missing from life here. Among them, lilacs (the ones bred for CA just don't cut it), peonies, rhubarb and really good German delis! I still remember the lilacs growing like weeds in the alleys of Chicago and rhubarb and peonies in my back yard.

my neighbor just told me about this place in woodlawn: http://www.lilacgardens.com/ i so want to go!!! i bet you would love it too!

North Chicago representin' in the house! Funny, I used to do some vacationing in Delavan myself...I suspect we are close in age, maybe it was a hotspot back in the day!

Do you think the lemons and ice would work for my tea pot too? I might give it a go and the sandwich too!

That fish sandwich looks amazing. I have a perfect little halibut fillet in my freezer just waiting for that recipe. I think Lake Delavan and Washington Island are exactly the reasons why I don't think I'll ever get my brother Mike to move here :(

Susan LaFave says: May 13, 2011 at 02:31 PM

Love your Blog !! But a true Wisconsin fish sammie would be made with PERCH......oh how I miss lilacs and perch fries now that I live in CA. I don't however miss the winters.
Susan now in CA.

oops. woodLAND! : )

This looks DELISH!!!
Have a pretty day!

Mary Ann says: May 13, 2011 at 07:08 PM

Lake Delavan! We went to Bobby's resort, summer after summer, ate perch and caught fireflies. I was so happy their were able to fill it up again after it leaked away a few summers ago.

What a great post! Delavan, WI is my hometown (Go Comets!) and reading your post makes me nostalgic for summers on piers and shuffleboard. And I can't wait to make this fish sandwich.

Anne Sheridan says: May 14, 2011 at 08:04 AM

Tyler's recipes are always amazing! Try his ultimate chicken salad this summer.

NW Chicago suburbanite here... Lake Delevan takes me back. I stayed at Lake Lawn when I was little... now we always end up in Lake Geneva... it still has some of it charm.

As far as leaving LA, I moved back to Chicago because I missed all the old people and babies that are in Chicagoland, there's more ethnic heritage and tight families here. LA I felt surrounded by my peers.

Mmm. Fish sandwiches. I wonder if I dare get some fish. It is tough living with a vegan. As a former vegetarian myself, I am sensitive to cooking meat and fish around him...

Also a hostess fruit pie sounds so good. I went looking for a recipe and found this: http://www.recipestap.com/copycat-hostess-blackberry-fruit-pie which looks like it could be easily adapted to whatever fruit was in season....Which actually happens to be cherries and strawberries right now, come to think of it. :D

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