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Andy had to work yesterday, but we had the most gorgeous Saturday for our family Easter lunch. Sunny and it must have been 70 degrees. Hardly a breeze. Tulips blooming. Windows open. Birds singing. Food and family. Warmth and light. It's pouring and dark again today, alas, but that finally feels temporary. It's absolutely amazing how rejuvenating two days of sunshine and warmth can really be.


I'm glad you all had a good and sunny Easter. I got married on the 15th and was just saying to my husband last night that our wedding day seemed to be the only sunny day that week and ever since. It's just been one dark and stormy day after another. It really is something what a sunny break from all that does for your spirits and outlook. :)

What a heartwarming table setting! That precious crochet cover on the oval pebble is the perfect punctuation.

Sunshine is a wonderful balm, happy Easter

I agree 100% and I'm so glad to hear that you were able to celebrate with such a beautiful day together. Have a great week.

True. We spent the day in the park and you're right, it makes the rain feel finally temporary... let's hope.

happy easter monday....does anyone celebrate easter monday anymore? anyway, your table center is so simple and pretty i had to say how much i love's a....sunny look. well done!

In Norway we've had the warmest, loveliest easter I think I can remember. April, and it really feels like summer. Have a happy sunny week,

Courtney S. says: April 25, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Wasn't Saturday just a glorious day? I think all of Portland was walking around with a giddy grin (myself included). Hurray for springtime, and yes, this rain shall pass.


I'm glad you had a sunny one. Our weekend was dreary with more rain today. But I don't mind so much when I get the chance to nap. ;)
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I love that photo! So cozy.

We had sunshine yesterday too, so my husband and I did a couple of hours of yard work. It was amazing how tired we were by the end of it!

Love your set-up. Sun and warmth work miracles-sometimes I forget until we get sun after days and days of rain.

Sounds absolutely perfect.

linda willer says: April 25, 2011 at 01:47 PM

i so agree. i live in forest grove and the spring feel is here at last. i can take the rain if a little sun is sprinkled in.

I'm with you. My Easter (and Monday morning) were much the same. Hooray for spring - it's been a long time coming this year!

I'm so glad you're getting some sunshine, I know after a long winter (or even just a regular one) a bit of light can lift the spirits enormously. I'm enjoying our autumn rain and cold but I'm sure by the time August rolls around I'll be sick to death of it!

Susan, Champaign says: April 25, 2011 at 05:03 PM

Rejuvenation and warmth sound wonderful, as do the plans for the crewel sampler. I'll be ordering.....

you make me want to crochet a rock "coverthingy"...and buy a plant for the centre of my table. :)

It's so interesting to me that even though I'm "up north" in Canada (Vancouver) we are usually having the same weather as you folks in Portland. I agree that Saturday it FINALLY was feeling like Spring only to have it rain on our Easter Egg hunt yesterday - and today we are back to the dark, gloomy days of rain...sigh. But Spring is on it's way - I'm sure of it!

I feel like I should be reading about you in a Martha Stewart magazine; your whole look and feel is pretty, understated and charming. I really enjoy your blog.

I looove this photo!!

Saturday was truly wonderful!! We spent the earliest part of the day at the Gorge and it was incredible!!
I agree--the weather seems to be making a change to spring:)

Good for you! We had a miraculously sunny, warm and lovely Easter Sunday here in Minnesota, too. I visited my parents and we walked the dogs, burned some brush, cut some pussy willow branches for Mom to decorate with and really just stood OUTSIDE, feeling that unusal warmth of the sun. (p.s. is that a crocheted rock cover????)

Ah, lovely. :)

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