Crewel Wool It Is

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The crewels have it, so crewel wool it is for the alphabet sampler kit Andy and I are putting together. Thank you for your input! I'm sure I'll make this template and instructions available as a downloadable PDF for those of you who have supplies or want to use six-strand cotton floss. More details on all of it later, as I move forward. Andy silk-screened the first sample for me last night and it came out really well, so I am quite excited about this. I love love love working on projects together.

I've spent the whole morning and afternoon re-painting all of the kitchen cabinets and trying to clean the grout on our nightmare of a tiled kitchen countertop. My arm feels like it's going to fall off and it still looks awful. Good times.

Has anyone ever does this thing where they put a new granite or glass countertop right over your existing countertop? Does that really work?


i don't have them, but i have heard that it is quite possible and done with no trouble....but in all honesty, it is not much trouble to remove the old counter top and put in the new one...good luck, oh and the sampler looks...divine!

Troy Louise says: April 13, 2011 at 01:50 PM

Ooh crewel! Sounds likes it will be very nice - such fun that Andy likes to do projects w/you. I have heard about the over the top counters, but my husband (a former contractor) thought they may add a lot of weight so it might depend on what your cabinets are. I was lucky to have him recently regrout our tile & it looks brand new!

yay! i'm excited for the new kit. i've been wanting to do an alphabet sampler, and am glad you picked crewel. :-)

I'm a little nervous about doing crewel work because I've never tried it, but I'm going to buy your kit and give it my best shot. My mom taught me how to embroider last summer and I can't stop. It's my new fav thing to do, and I'd say I like it much better than sewing. I still have your Summerhouse Seat Cushion in the package ready to make, so I need to get started on that, too!

I've really been wanting to try crewel! As for your countertops, have you checked out the IKEA butcherblock? We used it in our kitchen makeover, and we love it. It's very reasonable and looks so pretty, and it would really fit with the style of your home.

Beautiful colors! I haven't done that so I can't offer any advice, sorry. But hope your arm feels better soon.
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Susie Sears Taylor says: April 13, 2011 at 02:45 PM

The counter top idea always works on TV = but I'm with Troy Louise, check with a contractor about the weight issue and anything else that might cause trouble in the future. Love the colors of the crewel wool! I used to do that but then I became tired of it and I said,"Goodbye crewel wool"! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

I hope you will share your countertop info. Also, love the idea that you and your hubby are working on a craft together.

The neighbors did the granite over existing counter top and they look like formica fake granite counter tops. I really hate saying that...but you asked. Just pull the trigger and go granite, you'll love it!

Hee! "Goodbye crewel wool". Funny girl, that Susie. :D

Oh can't wait for the sampler!!! Last year we took out our old counter tops and put in Ikea Butcher block ones - Love the way they turned out. We kept our old cabinets and just painted them. Plus we install the Ikea farm sink since we were replacing the counter anyways - best thing we did since we moved in. I hope this means we will soon see new kitchen pictures? :)

Haven't done the granite thing but we did refresh our bathroom grout by folding sandpaper in half and then using the folded edge to sand the grout lightly. It took off the grimy top layer and looked much better. Not perfect, but an improvement! Then it can be sealed to keep it from getting so dirty again.

Love the sampler idea!

My boyfriend is a tile/stone contractor. He's really artistic and environmental. He just did our kitchen counter in granite, and it is so amazing to clean, just one swipe. There are often deals to find on granite closeouts. I'm including his website below :)

Not sure about the countertop idea, but we have IKEA butcher block counters and LOVE them. Easy to clean, too! Granite looks nice but can stain/burn, etc.
I think I clean our bathroom tile with vinegar & baking soda and a special grout brush I got from the Container store. Usually I don't go for those things but the angle of the brush really helps.
Looking forward to the kit! I've never done crewelwork so maybe this is the push I need!

Tell me about it. I can't wait to get rid of our tiled countertops. Nasty. I'm going to look into ikea butcher block, I love that look!

get out of my head! First (something which I've forgotten), then Tess (still haven't watched the film - but it's on my to-see list! I keep thinking about all those white muslin dresses =)) and now the kitchen! Granted, I'm not even going to try and paint mine (well, maybe...) until summer, but I've already been filling cracks in the trim with wood putting and washing the walls. What colours are you doing? I want to do mine with very very pale blue walls, white trim, and then I want to wallpaper one wall that has wainscotting (that is currently painted TWO COLOURS of yellow, and will also be changing to WHITE) and two big windows in it; here's hoping my landladies are amenable to a bit of Cole and Sons forest wallpaper. Oh, it'll be so swedish, I keep telling myself, in pale white and blue with those birch trees on the wall paper. =)

erm, putty not putting. I was THAT excited about kitchen painting synergy =)

Hooray for crewel! (I almost voted twice;)

Crewel! how I love the idea of a sampler in crewel and I know just the baby room for it to go in!

Glad you picked crewel; its so rich looking. I'm battling grout in my bathroom-when I finally get it redone I will never have so many little crevices to clean; ever again! I'm considering Ikea butcher block in the kitchen; to those who have it...does it scratch?

I'm no help for you with your counter situation, but I just wanted to say that I love the sneak peek of the crewel kit. I've never done any crewel work, so maybe this will be a good first project for me. I also love that its from the two of you. How awesome is that!

Kitty Dooly Bourne says: April 13, 2011 at 06:50 PM

I am with those who have the Ikea butcher block counter tops and will be putting the same into our kitchen, hopefully this year. We have a little tiny old house and granite just does not seem to "fit" the house. Wood does and will look delightful, and appropriate, with our ancient abode.

I am so looking forward to the crewel kit. I have never done crewel work, but you inspire me to try. Have just bought your second book and the supplies to make a couple of the cross stitch samples.

I love your blog; you bring such enjoyment to my day. We are still dealing with rather cold weather and some snow; your words, especially about flowers and gardens and flowering trees, bring spring into my home. Thanks so much.

Fran Zilko says: April 13, 2011 at 06:51 PM

I have read that making a paste of Oxi-Clean and water and applying it to the grout. Then,after letting it sit for several minutes, scrubbing the grout with a stiff brush and then rinsing, is supposed to work. Good luck. Love your blog and your projects.

Kitty Dooly Bourne says: April 13, 2011 at 06:53 PM

m m m m . . . what I meant: the supplies to make a couple of the cross stitch samplers!

oh my goodness girl we have the same thing with our kitchen counters. reading so many people giving the butcher block the thumbs up makes me want to do it. i hate how grungy that grout looks. (insert big sigh here)

and oh the sampler really does look wondrous!

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