Cats in the Sun

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I didn't have the heart to shoo the kitterses off of the table yesterday evening, even though they aren't supposed to be up there. But they made such a pretty picture. Symmetry: Lamps, windows, lamps, candles, cats. They are as desperate for sun spots as the rest of us. Actually, I have never seen them on the table together ever (usually it's just the naughty Bee who sneaks up when I'm not looking), so they must have been a bit desperate. Normally they don't like to be this close to each other. The Bee jumped down just seconds after I took the photo.


So Violet had the opportunity to pose for me.


Oh, Kitters.


You are so, so dear.


This was really the only time I slowed down at all yesterday.


The sampler is now finished and framed (did that yesterday — had to wait for the frame to be special ordered). Yippee! It looks good. I'm quite pleased.


Look at this kitters. Be still my heart.


When Andy and I first moved to Montana together, we drove out from Chicago at the end of August, 1994. He dropped me and all of our stuff off (we had just enough to fit in the bed of his Chevy S10). I had to start school a few days later, but he turned around and drove back to Chicago for his brother's wedding. Then a week or so later he turned around again and drove back out to Montana, barely stopping along the way. This was back in the days before cell phones. When he got to Missoula, he came in the house and went right up to my room. The door was closed. He opened it. There sitting alone in the middle of the floor was a teensy tiny little tabby kitten that I had rescued, and that was Miss Violet. (Apparently, I was out shopping at The Bon when he arrived — oops.) I guess I also forgot to mention to him that we were getting a kitters. "Hey, my girlfriend turned into a tabby kitters!"


She's been the sweet little heart of our home ever since.


A contractor is coming today to give us a quote on how much it will cost to turn a window that looks out on the backyard into a door that actually leads into it.


I'd better go get working on the sampler stuff (I am hoping to be ready to start taking pre-orders for the kits tomorrow) so I can pay the man.


I am getting soooo impatient for it!!!!

Can't wait to see the finished sampler! The photos of your cats are beautiful and it was lovely to read the story.

Pomona x

Oh, what lovely kitties! They're so important!

We are on the same wavelength, I believe...I just did a blog post called Garden Kitties in the Sun at I love my kitties, too! My home wouldn't be the same without them. Your photos are beautiful, as are you kitties. I enjoy following your blog.

Miss Violet still looks like a young girl in the photos! I am feeling the same way, trying to find a patch of sun to sit in, instead of hovering around the heater.
Good luck with the contractor - the door will make a huge difference!

Love the story and the photos (cool glowing tulips).

There's just no words to describe how special pets are. I'm pretty sure my marriage lasted beyond year one because of our cats...when we hadn't figured out how to communicate to each other, we could eavesdrop on sweet things said to the kitties. It was reassuring. "Oh, this man I married isn't mad at me? He's just quiet! Cause I just heard him say something happy to our cats!"

Our fourth anniversary is next week, so we're still new at this, but getting better all the time.


Oh I love your cat stories....such sweetness! Your Bee stories are my you have to be so nonchalant when she graces you with a visit but you really want to jump up and down:)

Your kitties have the right idea. I want to sit in the sun all day, because we have the first sun I've seen in (well admittedly days, there was sun on Sunday) what feels like forever.

Violet certainly knows how to pose, doesn't she - pretty girl! :)
Vivienne x

These photos are AMAZING. And what a sweet story to go with it. My love was driving a Chevy S10 when we were dating. That was in the early 00s.

You take the most amazing photos. I follow you on Google reader, but these were so pretty I had to stop by to say so... :)

Miss Violet is so pretty. I miss my tabby kitty.

I'm really interested in your rock. I love rocks and have them all over my house and in bowls, etc. But yours has a pretty crochet cover. Was that something you did? Could we see some close ups of it?

I'm fiber/rock obsessed since I saw a picture someone else took of a pretty knitted cozy over a black rock and I thought they would make the cutest accessory on the napkins around the table.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan says: April 27, 2011 at 09:57 AM

What are they seeing when they look up at the ceiling like that? I think angels.

Cats are better posers than dogs as they are still in nature. But I got a really cute one of my Buddy on my blog today. Hope you pop over and see. Can't wait to see the sampler.

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures and the story! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished sampler, too!

ACK! You're KILLING me with the kitters photos. The fourth photo down with the tulips coming out of Violet's head made me bust up laughing. Not exactly sure why but who cares? You made my morning. :)

Can I do a sampler dance? So excited!!

To echo most of the comments already here: excited about the sampler! loving your photos here--and always--and accompanying stories. And of course, loving your blog. It puts such a beautiful spin on the day :)
thanks for what you do!

Cute cat, but ooooh, you had me at window into door. You must tell me what happens with that. I want to do the same thing.

gorgeous photos. and beautiful kitty and story, thank you for sharing!

cannot wait to see the sampler, the sneak peek was already amazing.

no worries, you'll sell a bazillion of those samplers! get the deluxe bid!

kitties just give so much love and happiness. :) we have two grey tabby's who are at this moment snuggled together in a sun spot and it's the sweetest. :) thanks for always writing in such an easy real normal manner and letting us in on bits of your life.

Can't wait to see the sampler!!!! You're such a tease! ;)

Is the window in the pic above the window that will be the french doors? That would be so beautiful. I have a similar wish but would like a addition (bigger kitchen/dining room) and french doors that leads into my yard. I can dream.

I've asked for your sampler as a Mother's Day gift.

Love the kitty pictures, especially the one of Violet looking up at you. They're special creatures. My four are the light of my life...I know that just made me sound like a crazy cat lady, but I don't care :-p

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