Storybook Woods Baby Bonnet Pattern

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My furry friends kept me such good company yesterday. It was cold and raining outside so we all bundled into the studio together and finished this pattern, which made me very happy. The Storybook Woods Baby Bonnet pattern is now on sale in my web shop.


The pattern will help you make a bonnet in four sizes: Extra Small, which will fit a little head that's about 16" (40.5cm) around; Small: 17" (43cm); Medium: 18" (45.5cm); and Large: 19" (48cm). Since there is quite a bit of variety in average baby head sizes for specific ages, circumference measurements seemed a more accurate way of labeling the sizes, but generally these bonnets should fit an infant to about a two-year-old.


They can be made for either boys or girls, depending on (obviously) what kind of fabrics you choose and your embroidery preferences. An embrodiery tutorial that shows you how to do each stitch is included in the pattern. To make the boy's version, you just replace the centered blossom with a little sprig of fly stitches in pinecone-colored embroidery floss:


I love that one. It reminds me to mention that, if you've never tried it before, hand over-dyed six-strand embroidery floss is perfect for this project, as it has subtle, automatic color gradations and looks lovely and natural on leaves and plants. I don't use it all the time but for certain projects it is really nice.

Another boy's version

I used a light- to mid-weight woven wool for the outside of the bonnet, and quilter's cottons for the linings. The construction of the bonnet is really simple, but I would suggest (and I do suggest in the pattern) making a practice bonnet first, before taking the time to embroider or cut into your fancy wool. Making a practice bonnet will help you get used to stitching curves and topstitching — even though I've done both of those things a million times, I always like to practice a bit before sewing my final project. Doing it neatly is important here, so it's worth the extra effort, I think. You will be able to make a few hats out of the amount of fabric called for in the pattern. Oh, and also — a dressmaker's ham for pressing is very helpful in making these. You can press curves without one, but a ham is quite nice to have and makes life a lot easier.


The pattern includes illustrated step-by-step instructions and full-size pattern templates. You should always print the pattern at the highest quality your printer can muster (so you can see the photos clearly) and BE SURE that the page is not scaled or reduced to "fit to printable area" in any way. Print it at 100%. This is really important. And, as always, you will need Adobe Reader to view the pattern.


I worked on the technical part of my web shop last week, and arranged it so that all of the sewing and craft patterns — excluding the crochet patterns — can be purchased at the same time, in the same shopping cart. My crochet patterns link to and are sold through Ravelry, which is nice because then they can all be stored in a permanent library there (and there are automatic errata alerts, if necessary, as well). My books are sold separately, since they are shipped directly out of my studio. As always, if you have any trouble downloading a pattern, just email me and I will help you right away.


The photos of these are kind of funny because there is a little sharp point on the top of my metal hat stand which makes it look like there's a point in the top of the hat, but it's really just the hat stand. I can't remember where I got that hat stand.


They are really fun to make, and make great presents. You can easily do one in an afternoon, including the embroidery, no problem. I love making bonnets. I'm very happy with these.


They are rather sweet, I think.


Those are are going to have the most beautiful dress child around..

Rather sweet?
No, they are fully, totally sweet. And I am wishing they came in a size that would fit, say a six year old *baby*, or child-like woman of about forty-something years.

These are so, so cute! I love the secret fun of the linings.

Oh, I love this so much!! I've had babies on the brain the past few days--my brother & his wife are trying to have one, and my husband & I want to start trying soon too. I foresee lots of these sweet little bonnets in my future...

oh you give me baby fever... xo

Those are undeniably cute! All your variations are so nice!

these are really darling, Alicia!
- they remind me of the ones my mother had for us in the 50's. I had a quilty patchwork version for my own little ones in the 80's. so comfy, warm and easy to wear. I do look forward to making one of yours someday for a grandbaby!

I love the simplicity. Heirloom without the fuss.

It is absolutely gorgeous. I wish my daughter would wear hats, I would have made her two or three of these

anna dorothy says: March 02, 2011 at 09:47 AM

Indeed...very sweet. i can't wait to have a little one to dress and love. i will definitely come back to this little bonnet! i can just imagine it around a little round baby face!

They are so sweet and I love all the different colour combinations!
Vivienne x

Heaven help me, that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Purchased and downloaded, thankyouverymuch.

Rather sweet? Rather VERY!

Such sweet simplicity -- I LOVE these!

very very them!

Oh adorable! It would be lovely to have a pinafore pattern with embroidery designs to match. No pressure! :)
PS I think for a boy I would make a fabric strap to go across the chin instead of a ribbon. But that's me.

You are dangerous for my baby fever!

Amazed by your talent, everytime!
So wonderful. I immediately want to read fairy-tales about girls in red bonnets!

Hmmm... do you think a cat or a dog would wear it? Don't have a baby but I have a serious desire to make one of these! LoL!

They are completly amazing! I wish these had been available before my baby was born last week, I'd have made him one. I may have to drop a few hints around my Mum!

Absolutely gorgeous. We have large headed noggins on the babies in our family, so the largest will be just a tish too small for my two year old. I would even put this on my six year old if there was a larger pattern, hint, hint :)They really are gorgeous, well done!

oh my goodness, your bonnets are just adorable, I wish my lovelies were little again.
i adore your blog, it never fails to brighten my day,

You've been BUSY! They are just too sweet, I love the embroidery!

Sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.

Absolutely exquisite! I need a little girl baby to make one for. Although I like Natalie VV's idea of one for a child-like forty-something-ish woman. Mel Mel, what about for a teddy bear? The juices are flowing. Alicia, you are very inspiring!

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