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I picked one of our 'Ave Maria' camellias today, thinking of and praying for the people of Japan.


Such a lovely photo. I'm praying along with the world for the people of Japan.

That is the most beautiful perfect camellia glowing with light, and I like the nice fuzzy pussywillow behind it. The news footage of Japan is almost unreal, especially seeing those ordered, neat lines of farms just being covered over.
I wish for some kindness and generosity to come out of this tragedy which took so much.

those poor gentle farmers...beautiful little post alicia.xo

Lovely post. Amen.

Beautiful photo Alicia. The enormity of these catastrophic events is just mind-boggling. I watched in horror and disbelief last night as the tsunami hit and just decimated whatever was in its path. I pray for those affected and who will be feeling the after-effects of this for a long, long time. :(

Your prayers would be appreciated. We were OK but my husband is being sent to the disaster area for search and rescue. My friend's husband is missing, and several families have not yet called in. The scale of this is enormous and horrifying and the earthquakes are not stopping.

How beautiful...I remember camellias from our years living in Georgia. I thought this was a fake flower at first...SO much more lovely knowing it's REAL. And pussy willows?

Beautiful! Both the flower and the pussy willows! :) Thanks for sharing some lovely on this devastating day.

A gorgeous photo Alicia! TY for sharing such beauty with us:)
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan too. I cannot imagine the fear and loss of those affected.
Blessings to you + yours Alicia.

I am hoping my friends there are safe.

Oh. My. Lord. Gorgeous! It looks so delicate and tender.
I used to own a Mrs. Tingly. We finally planted it, thinking we would live in that house forever. :(

Such a tragedy, prayers for all the Japanese people and those whose family and friends are in Japan.
Carol xx

So very truly pretty..


Alicia, that is so softly beautiful. Am praying with you. (and Googling camellias that will grow in my gardening zone!!!)

How utterly perfect a gesture of love and compassion for those who are suffering.

Breathtaking beauty made more beautiful by offering it as a prayer.

Praying for Japan, too. That flower and photo are gorgeous! (kisses to Clover Meadow and the furry gang.)

We have a century old farmhouse but not one camellia was here when we bought it.. I need to plant one.

We saw the live news when the earthquake began late last night. I could barely sleep thinking of those poor families losing everything they worked their lives building.. thinking of the homes full of children washing away.. ::sigh::

What a gorgeous flower! I have been thinking all day about what can be done to help. I'm thinking of starting a quilt squares drive or Etsy auction to help.

So pretty.

I woke up this morning to a flooded basement, and while vacuuming water isn't my favorite way to spend a morning, the disaster in Japan made me realize that it could be so much worse.

Here's to being grateful for what we have.

Funny I was thinking about your past camelia posts and wondering if they were in bloom. You might remember when it gets to be this time of year in Chicagoland we are jonesing for any sign of spring. I did see a robin today and our snow has melted yeah!!
Very fitting lovely name for the camilia, my prayers go out to the poor people of Japan heartbreaking.

That flower is other worldly! Such beautiful composition too!
Some how it fits the post perfect.

So beautiful and perfect. Thank you for bringing some lovely into a grim day.

Beautiful photograph, and beautiful sentiment. I think all of our thoughts are with them now.

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