Curried Sweet Potato

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There were so many poignant reflections in Friday's comments — thank you for all of those. They carried me through the weekend (which was terrarium warm) and made me remember things. I remembered us sledding with my dad in the forest preserve a few blocks from our house — that strange gravel field near the railroad tracks bordered by a ring of tree-covered embankments, how incredibly cold and white it would be on those Sundays, how big and black and bare the trees were, Arthur Rackham trees, the bright sleds and snowsuits, how our shouts and laughter would carry through the quiet woods. You could hear every word.

Do you like curry? Some people don't. I don't think anyone in my family likes it. Turns out, I love it. I love almost every type of curry, green, red, yellow, massaman, Thai, Indian. It's all good. This is curried sweet potato soup (and goat cheese biscuits) from Joy the Baker. I really think that this soup would appeal to everyone, even people who don't like curry, because as Joy says, it's not really curry-y. It's just delicious. I made it exactly as her recipe said to. It's sweet and spicy and savory, and topped with a sprinkle of goat cheese and served with the goat cheese biscuits? Every bit as good as she said it was going to be. Gotta love when that happens.


Goat cheese is a taste that I like in very small bites. A little goat cheese, in my opinion, goes a long way. Here, paired with the sweetness of the sweet potatoes, it is wonderful, and balances everything out. And nothing's easier than a drop biscuit. This one is like a savory cloud, but crispy on the outside. Anyway, you should make all of this. I should make it again, 'cause it's all gone.


That looks delicious indeed. I love Joy the Baker. I never made any of her recipes (yet), but even only reading them is satisfying in some way ;-)

Your pictures look delicious! Makes me wish I liked goat cheese. I was at a goat farm once when they were "in season." Never will I be able to look at goat cheese the same.

I'll definitely try the soup though! :)

poking my head in here to say i wish you could have some of the snow that we've had here for TEN unusual, to stick around that long. walter loves, loves, loves it, no matter how dirty (the dirtier the better, i think, with him), no matter how slushy and wet. in the midst of all this white, i've made butternut squash soup. cream of mushroom soup. black beans and rice. curry. chicken tetrazzini (however that is spelled, it was good!)...lots of mugs of mexican hot chocolate with roasted chili pepper...the best, best almond cookies. thank goodness for our walks along the river in the park!
and - a belated happy birthday to you, dear alicia. xo

Looks like serious comfort food! WHich is always welcome this time of yr.

Hi Alicia, you must have gotten your fancy camera back! Great photos! It's fun to mix up the iPhone pix and the high res ones on the blog. That soup looks very yummy.

I need to get some goat cheese. We actually had quite the goat operation going out here on the farm in Corbett when the kids were young. We raised registered Nubian dairy goats and the kids showed them at the Multnomah County Fair and we milked them morning and evening. I was the 4H Leader for them for 5 years! I never did make cheese though. But I like it. One time we had 16 baby goats at one time! LOL

Teresa from the Columbia River Gorge

Aha! We are connected by soups today! I just had curried squash soup for lunch, but I was lazy and ate it with crackers instead of making biscuits. Yours look so good! (I LOVE CURRY.)

Winter is just a poignant time, isn't it? I recently told my Mom that I hate sunny winter days because they are too harsh and feel even colder because the sun warms the house enough so that the furnace doesn't run as much. I prefer the cloudy, gloomy, pensive days that are so good for that winter-time hibernation I need so much after playing my harp sooooooo much during the fall and winter.

By the way, I'm with you on the goat cheese. The right amount? Just exactly how much goes on those toasted croutons topping the Chevre Chaud Salade at the little cafe down the street from Notre Dame in Paris, the one with the precious waiter who remembered that I liked the hot wine from my previous visit six months before...yeah, that's the perfect amount of goat cheese.

I popped over to look at the recipe and your pictures make both the soup and the biscuits look much tastier than the original..I mean, no on else in my family likes sweet potatoes but I am thinking of making it and saying "oh well, you can eat cheerios"

Hi Alicia, Just got back from San Fran. We stayed at the lovely Fairmont Hotel. Such a beautiful hotel and an elegant city! We came back to Boston just in time to find our car buried under 2 feet of snow. We're spending the day cooking too...roasting a chicken with herbs, making wine and mushroom gravy and also a creamy cauliflower gratin. French comfort food. Speaking of comfort food...sweet potato soup is super homey and delicious! It's one of my husbands favorites! Yours looks very yummy too! I've made mine with curry, but also with smoked chipotle powder(highly recommended!) Andra Immer's recipe for sweet potato bisque with pears is delish too...especially for the holidays. My husband usually likes to eat his soup with a warm ham and cheese panini. Thanks for the lovely pictures! Keep on cooking!

I've had a thai curry soup that was great with squash. And a sweet potato and tomato soup. So you may combine the two. I'll have to give this a try. I'm sure my husband will like it.

Sweet potato, curry and goat cheese -- sign me up! You take wonderful food pictures by the way.

That looks delicious! I make a sweet potato soup that my children enjoy, but we will have to try this one. Your photos have sold me.

I'll stick with the Italian Sausage soup:) That was good!

I love love love goat cheese. Definitely gonna try this one!

Sharon Beam says: January 17, 2011 at 06:09 PM

I have never tried goat cheese before, a little food co-op near where I work sells from local farmers, and I've been seriously thinking about trying it, so now I will. Thanks for the suggestion.

Mmmm... goat cheese, curry.... I'll have some of everything, please!

this looks wonderful! what a coincidence...i just made joy the baker's granola today and i now have a well deserved tummy ache. the granola is actually too good and i can't stop eating it.

It looks like your camera came home! Those drop biscuits look crazy good. I too like a little goat cheese. No reason to push things too far you know.
Peace, Angela

Loving all the soups posts! I am going to a soup swap at the end of this month and i plan on test running all these recipes before then. keep 'em coming!

I will have to add this soup to my list. I love curry and am still working my way through my big thing of soup that I brought up from the freezer over the weekend. Peanut stew was definitely good for what ailed me, but this looks even better.

I am getting ready to make these biscuits for dinner tonight- they look so good and so perfect for the rainy Brooklyn weather we are having today. They will be served with roasted sweet potatoes and homeade pulled pork. Thanks for forwarding the recipe! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

oh those biscuits are making me hungry!! I'll have to try that soup sooner than later--sweet potatoes are my favorite! great photos :) thanks so much for sharing!

I do believe this might just be one of the best winter recipe! I love curry & sweet potatoes just rock my world! They are so versatile and so yummy, however you eat them!

Perfect ! I'll be going to the weekly market tomorrow and now I know just what to buy . Thankyou !

i just made this. delicioussssss

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