Cecil. And Dorie.

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I made a little bunners.


I turned around for one quick sec, and there was another one.


That's how bunnerses are, you know.


Hee hee.


Oh my gosh are those cute!! Have you seen Eli's patterns on etsy--beautiful handknit dolls and animals. She blogs at:

Cute beyond believe!! I love their little clothes. :)
Vivienne x

oh they are precious!!! simply precious

Adorable (well-I like to call them) bun-buns!

Those are adorable...

Oh how darling they are.....you had better be careful or you'll be making them in mass production.

Awww...so cute! I wonder how many there will be when you wake up tomorrow?!

Love.Them. <3 <3 <3

JoDell Ricker says: January 31, 2011 at 10:50 AM

How sweet, you just want to hug them, nice job.

oh, alicia...they're absolutely a d o r a b l e.

i'm thinking maybe twins are coming your way.


I am simply in love with just everything you knit! You are so very talented! I am sure I could aquire more knitting skills to accomplish sucha feat, but I am not certain I would ever grow enough patience to finish it...I am very much an instant gratification crafter!
Uh...so lovely

Oh they're so sweet! Did you see her "Fuzzy Mitten Lamb" too? The pattern is a free ravelry download. My daughter in law has decided on "farm animals" and John Deere tractors for her nursery. So that would fit right in.

Stop with the super cute knitting. I love them. I know three little kiddos who would love them. Off to buy the pattern.

Love them -- too cute -- if they were like the bunnies in my back yard, you'd have about 20 by now!

So sweet! I'm liking the boy bunny most - usually I like the one in the dress best but that little cardie is just so cute. I just love their little faces too.

Totally darling!

wow - they seem to have flown off your needles - lovely

How sweet they are. I love their clothes and their adorable faces.

You've really outdone yourself on this one. So cute!!!

Hmm...with bunnies, it's a big mistake to make TWO. Now you're in for it -- my daughter got a box of TEN small bunnies for Christmas from a knitting friend who is not sure how they came into existence, either.

These are so sweet!

I do so love bunnies! These are very cute, but the clothing just makes them!

Alicia, those are just the cutest bunnies EVER!!! Love their little clothes, too!

Gorgeous! I WANT one! xxxx (sorry about that)

Very cute! I haven't seen Alicia Paulson's patterns before, though I love Ysolda's toy patterns. Adorable.

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