Downloadable Ornament Patterns Now Available!

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SNOW DAY (2010) Ornament Set Pattern

WALK IN THE WOODS (2009) Ornament Set Pattern

ICE SKATING AFTERNOON (2008) Ornament Set Pattern

The downloadable PDF ornament patterns are now available for each set of ornaments — yay! Please click on each of the links under the photos above to purchase them for immediate download and get started this weekend!

Each pattern contains a supply list, photos, stitching instructions, pattern templates, and an illustrated embroidery tutorial. As you know, you will need to have Adobe Reader to open PDF files.

I've also written out a list of the exact felt colors (and sizes of the pieces we include in our kits) and embroidery floss colors for each kit for those of you who would like that information. That list is available to download HERE. (And if you've already purchased a kit but would like to make more ornaments to match, feel free to use that list, too, of course.)

If you need tracing paper, fabric markers, or dressmaker's chalk pencils, I like these.

When you're done with your ornaments, please take pictures of them and add them to the Flickr group!

Thank you again for all of your interest in these ornaments. We have had so much fun doing them this year. The kits for Snow Day and Walk in the Woods are now officially sold out; we still have quite a few Ice Skating Afternoon kits, which you can still order here until they are gone. But do hurry! Once they are gone, they won't be available again until next year!

I am going to take a few days off to collect myself and try to make a dent in the ginormous pile of chores piling up in my in-box and here at home so that I can start the holiday season with some peace of mind. I told Andy that I wanted to rearrange all of the furniture this weekend and he is still looking at me like I've done lost my mind. I've seen this look before and have decided that the best way to handle it is to play dumb. "You want me to move this thing, that's over here, and weighs four thousand pounds, over to there?" Me: "Hmmmmmmmm? I can't move. The dog needs me" [batting eyelashes sweetly while holding dog belly-up on lap and scratching her stomach]. I'll let you know how that works, should you have need for a room re-do of your own.



Peace of time during holidays--My mom would laugh at THAT. :) But I'm all for it. 'Hope the weekend and break are good for you. :)

And the bathroom is beautiful. Great work, you guys!

Or "Peace of MIND," even. :) Sigh!

Thank you so much! Oh Happy Day!

I just noticed your 'new' quote from the Avett Brothers.

I love your blog and come here everyday for inspiration.

Thanks :)

Dear Alicia~Posie,
Please enjoy your days off. And please know that your blog, and the lovely things you say, do, and share, make my days brighter, more inspired. Thank you.

These are so beautiful-adorable, Alicia. And the sight of your bathroom-in-destruction makes my skin crawl. I did enough remodeling in my 1919 craftsman bungalow to last a lifetime. I never want to see another piece of sheetrock or a stud again (well, a different kind of stud would be ok...)

These are so darn lovely. Maybe one day I'll have time to make them all! Enjoy your break, I've got many chores to attend to as well, but I can't seem to tear myself away from the sewing machine. There's just too many cute things in Hillary's book!

EmmyLizzzy-- please share the title of the book you refer to in your comment. Alicia-- enjoy your blog break... and if you do move furniture, I'm sure we would all love to see before and after pictures. Happy weekend, everyone!

Ah, I try that tactic with the cat but it never works.

Thank you for making them available as pattern only. :D

Dear Alicia. Thank you for the patterns for the ornaments. I have been reading your blog for three years and so enjoy seeing what you have to say. I especially love your walk pictures around Portland. I came there to stay with my parents friends in 1976 and your lovely photos take me straight back to that happy time. SO looking forward to making your splendid patterns up. Want to go and get it all ready to go right now but dinner calls first!Have a good break.

Lovely! I am especially smitten with your Snow Days red coat. Enjoy your weekend.

There are almost enough ornaments to do a small tree just in winter afternoon!! I'll have to think about that while I ignore my own ginormous amount of other xmas projects piling up.

Ahhh, my dear- you are diabolical! like a charm in my house...

LOL I have to laugh - cause my husband has gotten so use to me moving stuff he says that when he comes home for work he expects our bed in a different place every night.

Although I should show him that other husbands move the stuff for their wives :)

Here's to peace of mind (as opposed to pieces of my mind)!
I found a lovely little package in my mailbox a couple of days ago, polar bear smiling up at me. Thank you! The kit is beautiful. You've put so much into it and it shows.

Your bathroom is so beautiful, and those ornament kits are fantastic. Actually, the word that keeps coming to my mind is "enchanting." They are! i am enchanted by them, and the story of them. Love love love!

I have loved this blog forever and I just bought all three ornament patterns! I'm so excited to make them, I just can't decide which one to start first :)Your blog and your designs seriously are so uplifting. Thank you so much.

sounds like a plan.....though perhaps if clover meadow batted her lashes and wagged her back end as well it would help "move" things along....just sayin....

I wish I could wear that red coat and those mittens while ice skating in those skates with a polar bear whilst drinking from that mug! Amazing!!!

Oh, and to live in that cottage too!!! At least I can pretend once I make these

Had a good laugh about your rearranging furniture. Seems like every year about this time right smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving preparations and Christmas gift sewing I decide to paint a room and rearrange everthing in it. Must be a female nesting thing.

4000 pounds lolololololol I love you Alicia:)

oh! i want the red coat in my size! and the mittens too. sooo cute!

I am so in love with these ornament kits. I bought the first one, and so far have not been clever enough to put it together, but I'm determined to do it this year. As a reward, I will buy the other 2 downloads, but I'm waiting until I prove myself with the first one!

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