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We never go anywhere.


Did you indicate that we are maybe going to go somewhere.


I believe someone indicated that we were maybe going to go somewhere.


Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Please please please please please please.


DUDE. We are Somewhere! [THROW IT!!!]


Yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay.


Yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay . . . yay.


Good . . . good . . . good . . . good . . . good . . . good.





(Photos by Mr. Andy Paulson. Dialogue by Miss Clover Meadow Paulson.)


Love how excited Clover gets. She's like me, doesn't matter where we go, let's just go! Love the tongue too. xxoo

So cute! She sure looks happy to be outside!

your translations for miss clover meadow in these photo-series always make me laugh out loud (and then tell my family and friends to come here and look at all that funny sweetness, too).

my favorites are the ones about 'who's making the quilt' and miss clover worrying for being temporarily alone on the hammock.

thank you for all that and every other piece of goodness you share here.


Love it!!!!

Hee! That is one happy puppers!

Now that put a big smile on my face!!

Susan and Bentley

I love it - Miss Clover Meadow is the most charming and understanding, fun loving Corgi - isn't she? Thank you for making me smile here at my desk at work. And it's Friday, too - what could be better?

that worked effectively to brighten my day. thanks.

Fabulously lovely happy pupster, thank you for brightening my Friday!

It's funny that a Corgi and a Rottweiler can have EXACTLY the same look on their faces when a walk is indicated. Dogs are the best :)

Always love the dog photos--our Corgi won't face the camera, so we have lots of pics of his hind end. :) He won't play fetch either, but he loves to walk.

Love the photos and dialogue. Dogs are certainly the original eternal optimists, aren't they? All my husband has to do is put on his hat and coat, pick up his keys, walk towards the side door and our dogs are suddenly in front of him, blocking the door. They are constantly sure they are going along, no matter where he is going...

That is just the happiest dog face I've ever seen. Tee hee! By the way, Alicia, I'm so in love with your blog these days. It's not the first time, but there was something about that snow day ornament post that made me attatch all my autumn love shivers to this particular corner of the internet. Coming here is like curling twinkly lights around a bowl of fresh, tart apples and a little pumpkin. <3

It's a dog's life, all right. :-)

Jacqueline says: October 08, 2010 at 10:55 AM

She looks like she is smiling - just beautiful.

Too totally CUTE!!

YAY!!! a CMP post, by Andy, to boot! gotta love it! the dialog is terrific

This is AWESOME because my Corgi acts the SAME way! I've been busy the past couple of days, and she gives me the same "Puppy Powtie Face". I love how you captured the Corgi SO well. This also makes me feel less guilty since they all seem to do it when they're not getting attention.

Why doesn't Clover have her own blog?

Oh how I love Clover Meadow!!! I was deciding last night what to start from your new book and when I came to a picture of Clover I instantly smiled ... I can only imagine that your faces must hurt from smiling so much in that house.

sometimes i think dogs are angels.

With all the rain keeping us inside lately, we want to go somewhere too... then we got to go somewhere!-- to the dog wash because we were sprayed by a skunk late last night in the front yard. Now Mom is trying to get skunk smells out of everything! ~ love, Ellie the stinky Collie

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