There's a Good Dog

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Oh, this dog.


She likes to sleep on top of my clothes that I throw on the bed.


She yawns about forty-five times a day. She is the drowsiest, floppiest, cuddliest, kissiest puppers you've ever seen.


Unless of course someone makes a noise six blocks away and then she is on it.


For a moment. And then she goes right back to nappers.


What you don't want to see is the electrician, standing in your bathroom torn down to the studs, with his face in his hands, shaking his head, as I just did.


You want to see him smiling and nodding, and saying, "No problem! This will be very easy and inexpensive!"


But I love my new quilt so much. This is the Oregon Summer quilt that I started earlier this summer. Gayle, Amy's mom of Tillie Studio quilted it so beautifully for me. The backing is kind of a terra-cotta pink cotton gingham (printed gingham), and the binding (I did it by machine and then by hand) is actually a pink and white candy-stripe. It was pure pleasure making this one, and my knees were very, very happy with me (because I didn't make them crawl around pinning every square). The dog, however, missed laying on it while I was working on it. So she's making up for it now. People ask me how I keep pet hair off my furniture. And I just say, "Seventy-two dpi. It hides a multitude of sins."


Not kitters's carpet poms, but black dog hair, at least.

*Sorry I forgot to mention this — for those who have asked about sizing/quantities of fabric, etc., I used my Ollalieberry Ice Cream quilt pattern for this quilt. It is available to download in my web shop. Thank you!


the dog just has excellent taste in quilts.

Just don't look at the electrician, just keep looking at that gorgeous doggie, much better!!! :)
Vivienne x

Susie Sears Taylor says: September 30, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Yes, excellent taste and after all dogs are people too! (actually better than a lot of people I know)

I want the dog and the quilt.

How about an off the subject question? I purchased the past two years Christmas ornament patterns from your website. Now I wish that I had purchased the kit. Anyway to get the materials without the patterns? Just asking =-). Cute critters! We have a few ourselves. You might try spraying the kitty with plain water if caught in the act. Then leave the spray bottle at the site of the crime. It worked for my sister.

Typical sentiment when I see your quilt or your dog, but together? Oh my!

No, I wouldn't like to see the electrician doing that in a torn down bathroom. Ouch! I hope it turns out OK.

72 dpi and lots of lint rollers. But what's a home without pet hair? Just a house.

I'm sorry you're experiencing the bane of old homes. Seems like every time you open something up there is a lot more work required to get the job done. I feel your pain. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

I've learned that if I need to find a stray pet, all I have to do is put something down that they shouldn't touch - it's like a pet magnet.

Such sweet pictures and the quilt is beautiful.

your dog is so adorable, and how lovely she's close to you any way she can by lying on your clothes x

What a beautiful quilt! I don't blame the pup one bit for refusing to get up!

I live the life of 72 dpi. Both the kitty and the doggie say, "We are top ranked shedders."

Awwww, precious. I love your animal posts. I did one yesterday, and it's amazing the response people have to animals. They just steal our hearts. ♥ little Clover Meadow.

Hmm, love the dog on the quilt pic.That's somewhat how I feel today....droopy dog.

Nice quilt, I'm a quiltmaker myself and always enjoy a quilt pic. Btw, you did a nice job on the binding especially the mitered corner.

what a good doggie! your quilt is beautiful! but i have an off topic question. where did you get that cute reading lamp on your headboard? you have a knack for finding great stuff.
puglete ( with two pugs napping on her lap)

All of your lovely stories about Clover makes me want to get a Corgi! So sweet!

I don't know if I love the dog or the quilt more! Okay joking, the dog of course, but the quilt is darn gorgeous.

hmmm...I have corgi (pem)...but she can't get on the bed without my help...stubby legs and all. Do you have to 'help' Clover onto the bed or can she hoist herself up by herself???? Is she spring loaded? she part kangaroo?...hmmm.

Loving the quilt...of course.

Julie G. in Iowa says: September 30, 2010 at 12:38 PM

What is it about their cute little tummies and paddy-paws sticking up in the air when they are all sprawled out?
No matter what I'm doing (or what they're laying on they aren't supposed to be) I just HAVE to stop and give a little pet and kiss!

okay,"72 dpi". is that dots per inch? is that digital camera or printing talk? (of course, clover is the cutest, and the quilt is the most beautiful.)
love, emily c xo

Julie G. in Iowa says: September 30, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Oh! Forgot to say... maybe you've tried this already, but I find that the Pledge 'fabric sweeper for pet hair' lint roller thing is the best thing I've ever used to get cat hair off my sofas and chairs. (I used to go through tons and tons of sticky lint roller sheets and finally got tired of buying the rolls.) AND if you're cheap like me (which I prefer to say fiscally responsible :)) and if you're careful, you can pry the velvet rollers out of the bottom and throw away all the hair and pop them back in and reuse it! Otherwise it's designed to be a one-time-use only.

Nothing flatters me more than when my corgi curls up on the bed I just vacated and sticks his nose into my pillow.

Hi Alicia,

To put a positive spin on the electrician... it's a good thing if he found problems, because then they can be fixed. I'm terrified of what might exist within my house's walls...

Can't wait for before/after pics!!

awwww clover meadow - such a cutey! My husband and I want to get a puppy as a xmas gift to our children ... I hope we choose one as sweet as yours.

The quilt (a little ashamed to admit this) I knew was new right away before reading it. I adore all your quilts and the way you put it all together on your bed.

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