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Quilts. There've been a couple of them around here. This one (oh how I still love that one) and this one and this one. This dog just cracks me up so bad. I can't count how many times a day stuff like this happens around here without documentation. The skeptical eyeball. What is that. It's honestly impossible for me to even believe how hot it was here. That didn't happen. There's no possible way it was 107. That must have been some other Portland, Oregon.


In my mind, this new quilt keeps being called the Swedish Summer Quilt. It feels like that to me. This is a mini version of a bigger one I am also going to make with the same-ish patches. This one here is for a friend. I'll tell you more about it after I give it away.


We use our quilts a lot. They're on every bed, folded on top of every cabinet, scattered on floors. None are precious. All are walked on, drooled on, slept under, and frequently barfed on (as in, when the dog drinks an entire bowl of water and then runs full tilt directly onto the bed [in which you are probably still sleeping] and barfs on it. Then it is washed in hot water and dried vigorously with hot air). We have a few outside-only ones that we keep in the car, for picnics and beaches and woods and parks. I like to think that quilts are one of the things I bring to a friendship. As in, "You bring the volleyball, I'll bring the quilts." We need another heavy one that can stay permanently on the hammock, since this red-and-blue one (thrifted for $12) doesn't really belong there (goes in the car), but the new feather bed (the awesome old one got ruined by being left in the rain one too many times) is too lightweight and flops around. The blue-and-green cheater quilt (also thrifted) seems to have completely disappeared this year. Can't find it anywhere. And it seems that this one and this one that I made back in college have finally bitten the dust and are completely falling apart this year. (Interestingly, I see that every time I take a picture of a quilt there is a dog laying on it. . . . Perhaps this is part of the "problem.") Instead of regret, the shredded seams inspired a sort of thinly veiled jubilation: I will make more! [dances quiltish jig]. Actually, Andy says he wants to make the outside one. Apparently all members of this family are total hedonists when it comes to sitting comfortably. Future baby already has three (plus three crocheted blankets), waiting for her. This morning I sat on the chilly porch at about 6:30 a.m. (I have to get out there early if I want any peace and quiet before the hammering starts), wrapped in Bridget's Grannies (which I finally blocked yesterday). The afghan is the perfect porch-sitting size. I thought about what size to make Swedish Summer II, which will really just be for me.


I still haven't decided. This little one I am quilting by hand and my fingers are about to fall off.


ALICIA. How how how do you pick those fabrics?? I'm getting better and better at it (thanks in NO SMALL PART to this blog) but I am still no Master Champion Fabric Picker Outer. If you and Andy come visit us here in Maine, I will take you to the best store for great quality fabric for 2.99/yard. Then I will take you out for lobster and a hike to pick blueberries, topped off with a schooner sail in Penobscot Bay.

All I ask in return is some serious tutoring on picking fabrics.

Seriously, though, I have learned SO MUCH from you here about picking fabrics, and I thank you (as do my children, who now have some pretty decent quilts).

viktoria says: July 01, 2010 at 09:47 AM

Hello Alicia, do you put anything between the layers? Is thinking that this summer would be a good one to finally start that quilt that i so long wanted to do. Take Care, Viktoria, Sweden

your quilts are lovely. and we have quilts everywhere too! i'm a firm believer in USING quilts (though i must confess, i do have one hanging on the wall but it was made by someone else!) and that puppy face - too cute. :) i've got a westie who seems to have an abnormal obsession with blankets. hmm...wonder why? ;-)

I just returned from a stay with my daughter and slept under quilts that my Mother made-quilted by hand-they are such a lasting comfort and provide so many wonderful memories. Little pieces of fabric bound together that comfort us. Just like our families, people bound together to give one another comfort.
All I want to do is stay home and quilt (well that is after going to quilt stores to pick out fabric)!
Thanks for the reminder-I love your fabric choices!

Alicia - your sweet quilts are so cozy and friendly. I love them. I do not quilt much, except a wall hanging here and there, but you should go by and see my mother's work. She recently made me a quilt. It is currently on tour i Vermont, but I am anxiously awaiting it. www.bapplique.blogspot.com. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

nanaofnc says: July 01, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Big and small, I love them all...especially with a corgi on them! xo,

Just lovely! Best wishes from Sweden, the name of the qulit works for me!

All of your quilts are so inspiring! Beautiful. :-)

Swedish Summer... perfect name!

How is it possible that you have every single one of the World's greatest fabrics and you are able to fit them all onto each and every one of the quilts you make?!? They are all oh, so lovely!
They remind me of the snippet of rosey wallpaper I eyed near your sweet baby crib...
Where does it all come from, woman??!!

This is torture.
You and your blog, your dog, your quilts... I am in inspirational heaven, and I am in trouble...
Maybe no one will notice if I skip housework (again) and start a summery-outdoor-wrap up quilt.

Oh Alicia, how I love your Swedish Quilt! Look at those fabric choices and combos. Where do you get your fabric?! How long does it take you to decide how which fabrics to use and how to combine them? Look at all of those pins; no wonder your fingers are about to fall off! If I were them, I'd leave too. ;-)

Your missing quilt reminded me of a movie called The Price of Milk (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0249893/). It's from New Zealand about 10 years ago and stars Karl Urban, who now plays Dr. McCoy in the Star Trek reboot. If you have Netflix, it's available on the instant streaming thing.

Anyway, it's about a woman who gets a little fanatical about her stolen quilt. A lot of surreal things happen in an otherwise real world (it can be jarring how little the characters comment on just how strangely events unfold). And bonus, the colors in this movie are ab.so.lute.ly. stunning, from the landscape to the wallpaper to the quilt.

What a lovely post! Question: What are all the safety pins for?


Quilt Amateur

It's beautiful, such pretty, pretty fabrics! Maybe one day I'll get round to making a quilt.
Vivinne x

My absolute favorite is the Berries n Cream quilt, but this new one is a close second, I just LOVE the colors! Love seeing all the quilts from the past too! :)

Beautiful,soft,sweet,charming quilt..I love it!!

Your quilts are so beautiful. My mom is a quilter so I can truly appreciate the time, thought, talent and love that goes into quilting.

I don't know quite what it is about your blog but whenever I visit it , which is daily it feels so comfortable here. I think it's your style of writing and the colors but whatever it is I love it here.


What beautiful, whimsical quilts you create. They all inspire curling up in a cozy space, with a book, tea, and of course, a pet--preferably a dog! Perhaps I'll get back to my quilting today, after doing some gardening.

Amazing quilt. You do inspire me to give it a whirl.
Aren't those the best scissors? I love them too, and I bought the sharpener - awesome (I love great tools that work).

The quilt looks amazing! I love the fabric combination and the name is great! For me it also really looks like something from a Swedish summer cottage!

Buttercup says: July 01, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Alicia, I keep hoping today will be the day that baby will be on her way into your arms. Any news to share? Please forgive me if this is too forward. I think everyone is waiting, with baited breath, with you. xoxo

I love quilts. They're so comfortable. Have you seen How to Make an American Quilt? Great movie.

xoxo, T

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So pretty! And what a catalogue of quilts...

Paul and I visited Portland last summer during the height of the heat wave, and it was BRUTAL! We had planned the trip as a nice cool getaway from a sticky, muggy Chicago summer. Oh well... at least we had plenty of good beer (Oregon Brewers' Festival), good food, and good times.

I LOVE that you are referring to the baby as "Future Baby." After my best friend got married I started talking about when she would have a baby...also calling it "Future Baby." Now everyone in her family and her husband refer to this not yet existing hypothetical child as "Future Baby" as in "When do you think you guys will have Future Baby?" or "Wouldn't this sweater be so cute for Future Baby." (or usually directed to me) "How many things have you made for Future Baby?"

I hope your Future Baby is rapidly on it's way to becoming present-every-day-reality-holy-cow-I-have-a-baby Baby.

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