An Oregon Summer Quilt

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Coming together nicely (even if I did spend all day at the pool yesterday — oops).


24 by 28 patches, each 3.5" square when finished.


I hang it on the curtain rod over my sliding door while I'm working on it because I like the way the light looks when it shines through.


Get ready to say goodbye to this color. It was fun while it lasted but I am very ready for something else. (Paint, lantern, and slipper info on my FAQ page.)


Oh sweet dog. She stayed in this exact position for about ten minutes. It reminded me of playing Statue when I was a kid. She's so dang sweet. Her little leathery nose. It's the perfect temperature of cold on a hot day. Mwah mwah mwah. Love you so much, Clover M. You make me laugh every day.


what a gorgeous quilt!

you have me and caity so hooked on corgis! the cutest!

LOVE the quilt. It is beautiful!

Beautiful quilt, beautiful dog!! :)
Vivienne x

What a sweet and lovely blog you have! So glad I stopped by:)

What a sweet quilt. We just put our "summer quilt" on the bed. I love my downy comforter, but there is something so lovely about a light, flowery, polka dotty quilt on a summer night...

I'm so getting my stash together to make a quilt now. Hopefully by this weekend I can get started. Thanks again for the inspiration dear. :)

I absolutely love all the pics of Clover. She is soooo dang sweet!

You have inspired me to go through my stash and make a quilt for my youngest niece using scraps from all of the clothing I made for her when she was a baby.

she IS a beauty - love corgis, period.

Just look at those awesome fabric patches. You always have the most interesting and pretty fabric (and a pretty puppy). Bye bye old studio; it was fun while it lasted! I must say I have enjoyed looking at it and pretending I had one just as pretty. Well let's get real, I wish I even had a studio. ;)

Sweet, sweet quilt. I'm not usually a quilt lover, but the simplicity and fabrics make this one!

Beautiful! I love the little pop of yellow.

Loving this quilt - it makes me want to visit Portland if it looks like this in the summer!!! I am a little bittersweet about your craft room - sad to see the old go and happy to see what it will become!

Loving the quilt!

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

i'm starting my first quilt soon too! once i get enough squares. ... you can see what i'm doing here:

what!? you're repainting your studio!? i love looking at your feature in 'creative home.' it always inspires me. what color will the walls be next?

okay. i'm good. :)

keep us posted!


I really love the way that quilt looks - you make me want to sew more, just so that I can have a better stash of scraps to make such a quilt from.

Those mirabelle Liberty squares have me hoping that my husband has in fact forgotten my birthday, so that I can offer to go and get my own birthday present: my first bit of Liberty fabric...

Hey Clover! Okay, on to the next...Alicia - that's quilt - AWESOME!

Clover's thinking, "I'm such a good dog, I'll sit this way in case Alicia might need to rub my belly."

I have to say I love every single quilt that you post on here, it's amazing you do them so fast too...One of these days I'm going to have to make one as well. Your pup reminds me so much of my last dog, she had the sweetest looks just like yours, Such loving creatures aren't they?

I love the way you put patches together, my dear!

So wonderful. I love that it has so much plaid and gingham!
I thought of you and your beautiful patchwork creations this evening while I was doing a bit of sewing, with great vintage feedsack fabrics, that make me so very happy... your blog makes me happy too, thanks so much for sharing such beauty!

Love your quilt, the color choices are so cheery. You have inspired me so much with all of your quilts that I'm starting to quilt my first quilt in many years.

Thanks Alicia!

I have quilt envy. I really, really, really have to make a quilt! But then, that's just adding to my list of things to procrastinate with instead of getting a new job. :)

Miss Clover always looks so cheeky even when she's relaxing.

oh, i'm so waiting to see the new color of your studio!

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