Sweet Navy Sweater

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PATTERN: B18-10 jacket by DROPS design
SIZE: 6-9 months
YARN: Garnstudio DROPS Merino Extra Fine

So, the lace is going well. After I did the one sleeve, I took some of the advice of other Ravelers who had made that same sweater and started working on the body (the pattern tells you to work the sleeves first), which is done flat, so that I could really get used to how the lace was working, and that has turned out to be great advice. That really helped me understand how the stitches I was purling or slipping or passing over or whatever were "making" the lace itself. I really couldn't see it when I started. I just tried to keep following the pattern diligently, even if I didn't understand it, and eventually (after lots of starting over and ripping out) I started to feel more comfortable, and to see the design of the leaves, and that was neat. There's a metaphor here. I think it's reminding me to have faith. To keep moving forward, with faith.

What inspired this newfound optimism that I could learn to knit lace were a few knitting projects I finished entirely without drama last week, one of which is this sweet little navy sweater. When I was looking at my grandma's navy-and-white blanket a few weeks ago, I thought about maybe trying to do another blanket like it, but settled on a bitty sweater instead (because my attention span is only baby-sweater sized these days). While browsing Ravelry (by the way, the details for all of the things I am knitting or crocheting will be on my Ravelry project pages, so if you would like more information about the things I am working on, please sign up for Ravelry, and then you can see those details), I came across this version of the b18-10 sweater, which I already had in my favorites and planned to make in pale blue or gray. But seeing it in navy sealed the deal. The buttons had me at hello.


I made it exactly as the pattern was written, except that I added a row of single crochet in white all the way around the outer edge, as Licear did. Someone asked me how I like the DROPS Merino Extra Fine yarn, and I love it. I have used it on three projects now, and it just feels good — plump and not too floppy but still soft. I think it's my new favorite yarn. Now that we're breaking rain and cold records in Portland this "summer," I'd like to say this is a winter sweater but I can't. It's a pure-wool Oregon summer sweater.


Love the sweater! Would love to send you some of our South Carolina high 90's and high humidity. No relief in sight. Be thankful for cool and rainy. I'm ready to move to Portland!

It's absolutly adorable!

OH my . . . that sweater is right up my alley. Beautiful. And you're right about the buttons, too. Love it.

I feel the exact same way about knitting lace. My first lace project was with lace-weight yarn on top of everything else, so it was all crumply and I couldn't see HOW the pattern was going to turn out. So I just kept knitting, and lo and behold at the end of it all, when I stretched it across the lace wires, I could see that I'd done it. Such a great feeling! PS - I am the same as you. No one can even cough anywhere near me while I'm knitting lace! I love this little sweater. The buttons are perfect!

And it's really REALLY beautiful. What amazes me is the speed you work at. How long did it take you to knit this sweater? I'm scared I'll lose interest if a project going to take me too long. It's happened before.

Another winner for your daughter!! LOVE those buttons too!

Somehow I could see an adult-version of this sweater with a pair of jeans. Swoon.

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what a perfect little cardigan!

It's so pretty!

Oh, how perfect is that little sweater!

Adorable!! And the buttons are too cute. :)
Vivienne x

I'm a broken record. That is so stinkin cute!!!

Alicia, you are amazing. This is so adorable. It's vintage looking and so fresh all at once. You're going to have the most fashionable little girl EVER.

I say make this one in your size, too, so you can do a matchy-matchy-mommy-daughter look.

I would LOVE to have this sweater...for me! Can it be made into an adult size somehow?

hi alicia,

the buttons are the cherries-on-top. so sweet!


I love the navy with white trim. The accent panel down the front of 'popcorn' stitches is so attractive. I wish I had this in my size.

I'm in Portland, too, and aren't you just ready for some SUNSHINE? Today is field day at school and they may not be able to be outdoors...

Oh, Alicia - that is such a beautiful little sweater!

Aw! It puts me in mind of a little european schoolgirl. All she needs is a tidy navy skirt, white tights and little black mary-janes.


That is the sweetest sweater I've ever seen...

Alicia, you are so unbelievably talented. Love you!

So you're having an English summer. Welcome to my world! I keep looking at Drops patterns and I like so many of them I can't decide which one to knit. When you have done some more lace knitting - and why wouldn't you when you can create such awesome looks with just two stitches - you will begin to see why you are doing certain things and what it will look like and when you have arrived at that logic you will never look back. Have you done cables yet?

It's so beautiful!

So sweet - and the buttons are perfect!

We are reading a lot of Milly-Molly-Mandy stories in our house right now. The sweater reminds me of that sweet and kind little girl. Now it's ready for your own Milly-Molly-Mandy. You are inspiring me to get my needles out as soon as I finish making these last minute teacher gifts. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

I'm in LOVE with this most adorable of sweaters!

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