Riverside Silverlight

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I made my go-to birthday cake


and baked some bread for turkey sandwiches


and we headed out to the woods.


The light was silver, it didn't rain (miracle), and was actually quite warm (warm relative to the freezing downpour that is our new normal here in P-town) down by the water. There was even a touch of humidity which felt absolutely wonderful. (That's something I never, ever thought I'd say in my life. But there it is.)


It was so beautiful. It smelled like pine trees and river. I love the sound of the water gurgling by.





Happy, happy birthday, dearest Keely.


Oh how I love days like this.


What a beautiful day. One to be remembered.

What fun! The cake looks delish.

Love the photos. They have that Portland graycast to them.

Hmm...can we trade lives for a day? I'm in the midst of packing for a move from AZ back to CO and not having nearly as much fun as you are...

I LOVE that cake dish. It's gorgeous!!

Hannah Hoover says: June 22, 2010 at 09:03 AM

Beautiful cake. Where did you get your rain boots? I'm dying for some cute ones.

[email protected]

First, I need that cake carrier in my life.

Second, this whole series is so pretty it should be a little story book.

that cake tin is amazing, as is the cake itself!

I want...
greedy-greedy me...
the cake, the boots, the sandy river-side, the picnic, the aroma of bread baking in my kitchen, water gurgling, quilt in the sun...
Oh deer.
Oh dear!
Happy birthday to your friend.
And thank you for reminding me that there are still wonderful things and places to wish for.

will you share the cake recipe? I have some birthdays coming up

how lovely! and I see Andy was wearing his newest (greatest) homemade shirt! what a memorable birthday for your friend!!

I love your life!!

Sandwiches taste so much better when they are wrapped in paper and tied up in string. What a stunning cake, and the carrier.... gorgeous. What a beautiful day you had.

I just knew you had some beauty stored in that awesome cake carrier and the picnic basket. I am so glad you got some warmth and silver light. There is something about water isn't there. I love days like that too! You have given me loads of ideas for presenting, transporting and packaging food. Thanks!

if I had to think of a perfect birthday outing -- I think it would be exactly what you've described & shared here. beautiful. thank you for sharing!

I adore you. thank you for a beautiful and memorable day together. XO - KE

that cake looks heavenly!! would you share the recipe??!!

Would you mind sharing where this gorgeous spot is? I'm a fellow Portlander and would love to go there.

I heart picnics. Lovely capture of the day.

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 22, 2010 at 09:59 AM

Beautiful day! Just wait till the baby enjoys these days with you.

Gosh...do you have the secrets of all things sweet and charming?
The cake is simply beautiful with the ripe strawberries, fluffy icing and little flowers on top. The sandwiches look delicious with the homemade bread. This reminds me of a storybook picnic. Love it!

Oh where did you picnic? Such a beautiful looking little spot.

It sounds perfect! And such a beautiful spot!

I think you are wonderful.
and that cake looked amazing.

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