More Blue Gingham Buttons

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PATTERN: Baby's Raglan Sweater No Seams by Carol Barenys
SIZE: 6-9 months
YARN: Garnstudio DROPS Merino Extra Fine

Thank you for all the nice comments on the navy! So nice! Here is my finished snuggly spring sweater sort of like Baby Alma's that I started a few weeks ago. This is made out of the same yarn as the navy. I really enjoyed making this one. It's so rare that I ever make something that is plain white! But there was something so soothing about using this color, honestly. It was like knitting up a bowl of vanilla ice cream or something.


I made a few changes to the pattern, including doing the neck, bottom edge, and sleeve edges in moss stitch instead of garter. I also increased a bit through the body at each side to make it slightly A-lined. I made it longer, so it would be like a little coat. And I made two little pockets that I patched on. All of this was fairly easy and didn't make me too nervous. I really don't like going off-trail like that, but, you know, it's life on the edge here at Paulson Place!


A few weeks ago Andy and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Me [looking at a picture that I posted of something complicated that I made — I don't remember what it was — that should've taken me a month and instead took me a week]: "Oh great, now everyone will know that I have no life."
Him: "Oh, they already know that."
Me: "They do?"
Him: "Honey! Yes!"
Me [sheepish]: " . . . "
Him [sheepish]: "I mean . . . yeah. They know that."
Me [smiling/knitting]: "Oh. Oh well!!!"


I love weensy pockets! I stitched them on by hand with regular sewing thread. Not sure if that was the right thing to do, but I couldn't see any other way to do it? These blue plastic gingham buttons came from a lady who had a button booth at Sew Expo this winter. I thought I kept the business cards for everyone I bought stuff from but now I can't find the cards. Drat! Sorry! If anyone might know what the name of that booth was (it was on a corner, and for some reason I think the lady might have been from Seattle?), let me know and I'll add it here. I'd like to get more of them myself!


Ha...I was just thinking, "this girl is a freaking machine!!!" then I read your convo, too funny. I adore all the beautiful pieces you've been whipping up...perfection. Lucky little lady coming your way.

Laura J. says: June 18, 2010 at 08:27 AM

Alicia, you do too have a life! It is just a life filled with creating. Would you rather be one of those people that watches endless tv? Ugh, me neither. Love the sweaters.

Haha funny conversation! I envy your and your life. :-)

can you just adopt me so i can have that wardrobe? haha everything is just perfect...seriously. i wish i had the time to do all that, and you are smart to do it now before your little girl finds you and you have no time left for anything other than loving her..:) it really is all so gorgeous...:)

Hey..never let it be said that you don't know how to have a good time, Alicia! Love that little cardie. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

AGAIN, smashing. I love the collar . . . and oh, the buttons...


Take it from someone who used to have a "life" - being home sewing and knitting is sooo much more fun and fulfulling whatever else it is we think we should be doing! And that little sweater makes me want to skip our dinner party tonight and cast on!

Gingham buttons!! Too good!!
Vanilla, also so good.
Your "life" seems just right. Do you have something more important to do than create and appreciate the beauty all around you?

I love all the little details, from the darling buttons to the perfect stitches to the lovely, sheepish conversation between you and your husband.

Yet another beautiful little creation! Living a creative life is the best life!!
Vivienne x

Simple and sweet. Very pretty!

it's not that we think you have no life...we think you have a beautiful life!

Those pockets are so adorable~~

That's funny. And the sweater is so sweet.

What a lovely cardigan! I was thinking of knitting a little sweater for my sister's baby-to-be, and this looks just right. Although, I will need to make it without sleeves, as I only have 100 g of yarn.

Vanilla ice cream...what a great analogy. I love that dark blue one, as well.

As far as you thinking you have no life...WHAT??!!?? It is finer and lovlier to come here and see what you have designed, changed, stitched up or made than most anything else I could be reading.

I'm telling you -- I will SKIP over headlines to come here any day. :-)

Here's some I could find on the internet:
Pastel Cuties -

Fabric Covered with Matching Piping:

I hope those help. I love the sweaters! I wish I had that kind of time. :)

Over 25 years ago, I knitted one of my nephews a little cream colored jacket with a hood and trimmed it with light blue buttons and light blue crochet edging. I loved how sweet the cream color looked on him. Somehow, your little sweater reminds me of the one I knit for him.

Very sweet...I can see a sweet child wearing it! Great color!

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 18, 2010 at 09:49 AM

Perfect again! Baby must be on her way fast as you are really filling her closet with these beauties for fall. Although from what you have said I think it can be cool anytime in Oregon. "Cool" is right to describe her wardrobe, cool and loveable.

Your knitting is beautiful. I couldn't believe that you had completed yet another sweater so quickly, and perfectly.

But, as for not having a life...I think you may have one of the best life's of all...creating/sharing/designing/learning/writing/sharing...I would love to be able to do that. I barely have time to post anything on my blog after working all day and as for projects...well...they kind of get the worst end of it all...I start out full speed and then I am so tired after work that I usually come to a halting stop and there sits an unfinished project.

I love to read your blog and see your work. I appreciate your "life sharing" and look forward to it everyday during my breaks. So, all I can say is, "Don't ever get a life or all the rest of us may suffer seriously."

hoping you get a baby in there soon...while there is still a bit of room for her! love these 2 sweaters, Alicia! xoC

uh oh...did somebody above mention endless tv ? guess, from reading this blog, is that a leetle bit of tv may have kept you company (but only Masterpiece Theatre dvds..or Clatterford from netflix,right?)
No, you haven't been rumbled!
Whatever works works. And as you continue to amaze us with beautiful things, I find myself being increasing more productive. And yes Colin and Justin, or Jamie Oliver, do help out from time to time.

It's like Christmas morning watching the computer screen as your blog appears . . . and then BAM - A beautiful surprise!
As this precious sweater came into view I was screaming in my head "are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! How does she do this?!"
You have a life, alright - and we are so grateful you share it with us.

I love that sweater and the buttons are just too cute.

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