The Inventory Control Manager

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The ICM is a subtle communicator. Her memos are sent in Morse code via wide stares and eye blinks. Luckily, I am bilingual, and MC via WS&EB is my second language. I usually know exactly what she means.


She guards the yarns with the kind of ease that only comes from years of experience. She effortlessly situates herself squarely on the cushiest part of the pile. She "sleeps" with one eye open. If you make a move toward the baby alpaca when you're already so totally over your quota she'll say,


"No more for you. All for me."


Too cute! What a crew you've got over there. I don't think any of my farm cats would ever be so calm around that much yarn. Of course they're all lacking important job titles. ;)

These are such wonderful pictures. Thanks for the smile - and the laugh when I read the 'one move toward the baby alpaca. . .' Happy Monday! :)

I have THREE inventory control managers. One usually hides out in the (overcrowded) bookcase, one can mostly be found snuggled into the (piles and piles and piles) of laundry and the other sits on my lap and corrects my typing when I'm working on the computer...

Aren't we lucky to have such great support teams?

I feel like I write the same comment to you over and over again only in slightly different forms. I work in a crisis evaluation center(kind of like a psychiatric ER) Yesterday, I found myself browsing your embroidery section just to temporarily feel better and to decompress. This post put such a smile on my face today! When things get hectic at work tonight, I'll try to remember it. By the way, I love your book and I can't wait until the new one comes out. I love to cross-stitch and embroider. You're the best!

She's a beauty ! Great help is SO hard to find these days. Drop by and say hello to my team (the Associates)

Does she ever lose control working so closely with 'the goods'?

We watched "The Ugly Dachshund" with Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshett. It was so typically silly but I got totally cracked up over the dachshund puppies going wild with the hit very close to home.

I'm loving these profiles of your team.

Love this post. I've got a couple of these at home. :) Thanks, Alicia!

Oh man, I've seen that look before from the Manager. ;)

What a pretty putty tat! Is that The V or The B?

Happy Monday!

Oh gosh, these photographs have made me smile this morning. I love the middle one especially.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

HaHaHa! I have one of these, only she's canine.... and very, very large. Which can sometimes make things a tad difficult.

Love when you post kitty pictures! My Thisbe cat keeps careful watch over my boyfriend's computer work during the day. She camps out on the sofa in the office and keeps an eye on him, then comes running to meet me when I get home (or she's running toward the open door in an escape attempt, but I think positively. It's love.)

Julie G. in Iowa says: April 19, 2010 at 10:45 AM

My 2 furry little ICMs keep track of the blankets at my house. We've learned to always 'pat' the blankets on the sofas and bed before sitting down in case one of the ICMs is on duty UNDER the blankets (which is often the case).

So nice to have our 4 legged friends around isn't it?
I wanted to tell you how much I like the dress in the last post.... too many comments... (mostly I'm just being lazy... didn't want to wade thru all of them!) So, how many did you end up making? Because I was pretty sure you started with different colors?

I wouldn't let ICM near the inventory....which could be deadly for her. Cats cannot stop eating yarn once they get it in their mouths. I'd round all up hanks, tell the ICM she's getting another safer job.

That's hilarious!! Mine actually sits on top of my pile of yarn, ribbons and trim, whatever, to try to STOP me cold!! (and of course, get petted!)

How I love Brown Tabbys...I have had one in my past and your pictures remind me of him...such a nice memory. What a wonderful manager you have.
Val in Kansas :-)

Adorable! Unfortunately, my cats both want to make an attempt to create with my yarn and improve upon my ideas, the more expensive fiber, the better. I wonder if they'll ever lose their love for fiber as they get older...

Until then, they're under strict supervision. cute. Love cats. *sigh* wish we had one...but the 'boys' keep us busy enough. Protecting, supervising, unconditional love, nap buddies, floor cleaners....dogs are pretty special in their own ways too!

@m: Good point! Our cats are 10 and 16 years old, and neither has ever been remotely interested in eating yarn. If they did, I would indeed find other jobs for them. :-)

Look, if you have a problem working for that dog and that cat - I'll have your job! ;)

She's beautiful!
You've got a great team running that business of yours! :)
Vivienne x

the middle picture is so cuddly:)

What gorgeous pictures!!

There is something so regal about it!

Looks like a tough boss

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