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PATTERN: From Girl's Everyday Dress (Japanese), ISBN #978-4-579-11235-7
VIEW: Q, modified to add hem border
SIZE: 100cm (about a US size 3-4)
FABRIC: I'm guessing rayon challis; from the Goodwill bins

Oh, snap! This one I'd like for myself. Especially since it literally cost about one dollar: another length of fabric from the bins. It's super soft and floppy — I'm thinking it's rayon challis.  I had about three yards of it. Maybe there's enough left for a wrap skirt for me. With a wooden-heeled clog? I'd never take it off.

The construction of this dress is basically three rectangles: one for the bodice and sleeves, folded at the shoulder with an oval cut out for the head; then two (including the borders) for the skirt, seamed at the sides and gathered into the bodice. I put it on a different hanger below so you can see how the sleeves work. You cut the fabric so that the stripes run perpendicular to each other in the bodice and skirt. I don't have a lot of stripey fabric, but I thought this pattern was a perfect opportunity to use this one. Now I'm on the hunt for more hippie stripes, 'cause this dress couldn't be easier. I think it was about two hours from start to finish.


I had the button in my button jar. Dontcha love it when a plan comes together?


Another cute one! I can't wait to see what comes next!

I like your dress. It is very simple and pretty.

love it. want it. need it. for me!

I love that fabric - one very lucky little girl is going to love it too!

Your little one is going to end up on a best dressed list! She'll be a lucky girl, all around.

Oh, that fabric is pretty!

Oh now THIS is cute. I mean, they've all been cute, but this is just darling. Over some tiny jeans? With mom in her matching wrap skirt? Oh yeah.

Lovely dress, I'm starting to get dress envy and I'm a jeans girl.

I certainly love it wen a plan comes together but I am more in love with how this dress comes together! Such a sweet simple patten and fabric...nothing fancy needed here- this is just simply sweet

Ooh, there's a hippy-chic feel to this cutie. I love it. What a wardrobe this girl is going to have!

a happy dress indeed
versatile too
i see red tights with this
and a long sleeve tshirt
for winter wear

Yikes - you are making me want to have a girl!!

hmmm your pictures make me want to do a little series of paintings of dresses... oh and get more buttons

Beautiful :)

I love this one! And that fabric is fantastic.

Lizzy Ruffles says: March 15, 2010 at 01:58 PM

OOoh I think this is my favourite one yet. I love the button

I'm just dying to see a photo of all these little dresses hanging in a row. I bet all the colors and patterns look so cute together all lined up in a closet/armoire.

So cute! And the fabric is wonderful in that style.

Another winner! This is wonderful Alicia.

Goodwill bins? I need to find a GW with fabric in the bins - heaven!
This dress is absolutely adorable. This child, whoever she may be, will have no shortage of lovely little dresses to wear - lucky girl!

this series of posts has totally made me want to be a little girl again.

What a lucky girl! :-)

I'm in love with all the dresses you have been doing.
I would love to have this one.
I want to be a little girl as wellllll!
Keep sharing!

Kisses from Madrid

I LOVE these posts. I can't decide if this is my favourite ... maybe the tomato red one .... hmmm.

Kathy McDonald says: March 15, 2010 at 02:44 PM

Oh, Alicia, this one is my favorite! It's just precious, and I can picture the two of you in matching outfits. Lovely!

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