Raspberry Meringue

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Thank you for all the nice words about Mom's Daisy Chain scarf! I really appreciate them. This scarf, above, is the scarf I made for Andy's mom for Christmas. You may remember that my original idea started here, as a creamy meringue cloud (for myself, ahem), but it was such slow going at that light weight that I knew if I was going to get my Christmas presents finished in time, I should put it aside for now. But I loved the pattern so much that I decided to just switch yarns to Baby Twist alpaca in color #3005 (Run for the Roses) from Happy Knits and make it for Andy's mom. Baby Twist is DK-weight yarn and, like the Eco Alpaca, is absolutely scrumptious.


The pattern is the Claudia Scarf from Rebecca at A Little Slice of Life, and it was a great project to work on in November and early December, as evenings came quickly and I wanted nothing more than to curl up with an easily memorized pattern and Hallmark-channel Christmas movies. The challenge with a scarf like this is just in trying to avoid the tedium factor: When you're just doing the same thing over and over and over and over, it can get a bit boring. But I really love the look of simple, straight-forward rows like this, where the texture of the yarn takes center stage. And again, if you're watching movies and just trying hard not to have to try too hard at the end of a long day, it's a wonderful project for that.

The patchwork-wallpapered closet door was a pretty fun project, too. :-)


I think I could actually eat that!

That is luscious, indeed! I'm just learning how to crochet, so this scarf looks like an amazing accomplishment! I hope one day to be able to talk about tedium being a challenge!

Another beautiful scarf.

I think this may have been the first time that I've commented. I am looking forward to the pretty puff crochet blanket pattern sooooo much and already have the cotton lined up. Can't wait.

I made this scarf as well shortly after you posted it originally. It took me about 2 weeks and I loved it. I used SPA by Caron, a bamboo blend and it came out lovely.

What a lovely pair of scarves for those two special ladies - beautiful gifts

You do such beautiful work.

Wow! Another gorgeous scarf. Great photos.

It does look very nice:)

That pattern is lovely in this yarn. It always amazes me how different items can look in different yarns.

Another beautiful scarf and I love the colour.


The scarf looks lovely in pink (rose). I made the same scarf in yellow. I had wondered where I had found that pattern and wasn't able to give credit for it. Now I can catch up with that. Thanks. Want you to know I have been following you for some time now and love all the things you make.

Have a great day!

One of my favorite times of the year is Christmas just to watch the Hallmark Channel Movies. I also love the ones on ABC Family too. I'd craft more watching tv if I wasn't eating. I adore having a small snack while watching a favorite series. The scarf is just lovely, especially the color.

this is beautiful and, yes, it looks good enough to eat!

SO pretty and such a nice color! I'm going to have to check out those yarns...

Beautiful scarf and what a scrummy colour, absolutely delightful!

I love how it turned out, perfect for keeping the chill at bay.

So - I can see you've been very busy in the lead up to Xmas. Makes me feel a bit ashamed now, seen as I had such good intentions too, but didn't realise half of them...pfff!
Anyway, just to say that I like the raspberry colour better, but with the other one's fringes.
In any caes, super cute!!

It's so pretty! But I think your "boring" is my "meditative" when it comes to repetitive patterns. I hate having to think too hard when knitting!

Really delicate and I love the colour :)

I just keep being amazed while hitting the favorites button!

Beautiful, per the usual!

This is so lovely, I wish that I could knit. Great colour too.

I love how you name your scarves - Raspberry Meringue, Silverey Daisy Chain - much nicer than pink scarf/grey scarf.

And your knitting and crochet is so perfectly neat!

Best Wishes
Primrose Beresford

Well, I like this scarf too! Funny, last year I bought 2 balls of a similar yarn (same color) to make a scarf for my MIL, too. But never did. Now the 2 balls of yarn sit and glare at me, inducing guilt every time they catch my eye. I usually try not to make eye contact with them when I'm in that room. Maybe I should make that scarf. And watch Hallmark Channel movies. Could make it a Valentine's gift....we'll see.

Really lovely scarves, I especially like the Claudia scarf. Very simple yet beautifully done.
Thanks Alicia...your inspiring!

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