Circles in Squares

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I did almost nothing but work on proofing my embroidery book from mid-December right through the holidays and the new year, and I admit that I am exhausted. Proofing a book sort of shreds your brain into slivers of Mozzarella cheese and then remelts it into the pizza ball. At least it does mine.

It has been nice to have this quiet week to collect myself (the proofs are now in my editor's hands, so I have a few days here before the next round hits) and I have not wanted to have to do anything that requires numbers/accuracy/writing/oh, and thinking for a bit. But I have been fiddling with this little puff-stitch granny square over and over until I get it just exactly how I want it, and I will have a pattern for it available as soon as I can, I promise. But right now it's still just all in my head, and, trust me, it's a jangle of DMC color numbers/yarn/puff stitches/cross-stitch patterns/and blur in here. There. Around here somewhere. I think my brain's around here somewhere.


Oh, I can hardly wait for the deets on the puff-stitch granny square - the colours are gorgeous; so pretty!!

I love it! So, so pretty.

I love it - it's gorgeous! And I see you have a wee puppy helper there :-)

Love how the gray sets off the colors in the middle; and love the puff stitch!

I've been trying out granny squares patterns but none I like as much as yours. Can't wait for your pattern, all the squares I've tried with circle centers end up being really wonky on the edges and more blob then square.

That is sooo lovely! It makes me sad to think how I once poo-poohed the beautiful granny square afghans my grandma once made. How I would love one now! :( Oh the imaturity of youth! :-P

Oh love the puffy granny squares wonderful! I can't wait for your pattern.

Susie Sears Taylor says: January 15, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Love the squares. I, too, never appreciated the granny square as a young person.....too GRANNY and old lady. Now that I am a granny and an old lady I kind of like them. Go figure!

That is just so pretty. And I can't wait for the embroidery book. I've been looking at Aunt Martha hot iron transfers lately--especially the vintage. Love it! Can't wait to see your designs!

Thrilled that a pattern will be forthcoming, as your blankie is nothing short of fabulous.

aaahhh!!! I love this. Again, the gray is utterly beautiful.

Now how will I ever be motivated to finish my hex with thoughts of this swimming in my head? Sigh.

Such a pretty photo - and so exciting to hear of your book progressing

wow! This is absolutely beautiful! Grace

*le sigh* said in my best penelope the cat voice. You make my project list so long. ;)
First I had to Ripple, then I had to Granny, then I was obsessed with the Tiramisu Blanket and made 4 or 5 of those. Now I'm already plotting yarns for a Circle in Squares Blankie.
We won't even talk about the learning to sew, that you've inspired me to do..
Off to look at yarn now. :)

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. :)
Enjoy your break from the book but then hop back in there and get it done. I can't wait to see it!

Absolutely beautiful. I've been wanting to pick up my crotchet hook and crotchet a granny square blanket. I do believe this will be the one. I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern! :)

ooh... I so want to play.

Glad you have a chance to recoup and relax. I love how warm that looks, those colors are great. And there's that cute little puppers again!

That is gorgeous! I may just have to learn how to crochet now.

My latest crochet project has a grey edging on it too, am so in love with it at the moment x

Your colour choice has elevated the granny square to a whole new level.

These are beautiful, they look like a patch of sunflowers and remind me of the promises hidden under all that snow. Wish I new how to use a crochet!

OK. ---> failure. ---> soon after I've seen this picture! Just perfect.

How many different colors are you using as background? I can see grey, taupe, and maybe a 'brown'?
This is just beautiful.

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