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Last night we had an early dinner at the beautiful and delicious Nostrana, then headed out to see the Portland Revels Christmas show. This year it is an "Irish Mummer's Village Celebration." (Unfortunately, I just checked their web site and the show is entirely sold out this year, so I am sorry I didn't mention it to you [Portlanders] before, in case you have not yet been to one of these.) They are a lot of fun (though long — almost three hours!). The show has a different theme every year. I loved this one, because I love Irish music and I LOVE Irish dancing. Last year it was a Scandinavian winter theme, and really cool, too. It's just always cool to have, like, fifty people and kids all singing at once. And then the audience participates in some songs, too, including (my favorite) a ROUND. Don't you love those? They give me the chills (in a good way). I always get choked up in the middle of it and lose my place, then stop singing and just listen. This weekend is ScanFair (a Scandinavian Christmas festival at Portland State University), as well. I am waking up late this morning, but as soon as I find my Icelandic sweater (somewhere in my closet) I am there.

In this morning's snow village news, THANK YOU to everyone who offered such cool links to tiny abodes! Here are some you might like:

From Jennifer, really adorable printable miniature house and shop ideas, and some more really adorable ones

From Becky, dear sweet lovable and talented Anna's printable houses

From Mrs. T., amazing glitter houses for train sets, and there are a bobillion links to fantastic options, including kits, here

From Abbie, how to make the pretty little Martha Stewart houses

From Mary, a charming kit for a cottage with tree and some finished houses and trees from my beautiful friend Charlotte

From Sara, a pink ready-made house that's quite sweet

From Vivi, instructions for houses from Better Homes & Gardens

And just look at the gorgeousness of this snowflake "curtain" from Lupin, via Ohdeedoh. So simple and inexpensive but truly stunning, especially if you don't have snow outside.

There! Thank you, everyone! That should keep us good and busy this weekend, no?

(Oh yeah: Cup info from photo above: I have a set of two of these thrifted mugs, the bottoms of which say "Lancaster County, c. 1975 Japan, Fred Roberts Co." And the placemat is thrifted, too, and says in the corner "CSTUDITEX." For what it's worth, just 'cause I know someone will ask. :-)


Marilyn Podoll says: December 05, 2009 at 11:01 AM

I loved your mini houses. I have all of those big Dept 56 houses and never could fiqure a good way to display them. Now I don't even get them out each year. Does any one have any good ideas for these houses?

I always love your photos, you do a great job!!!!

I love your mug and placemat! Thanks for the info on them, and all the wonderful village house links. Fun! I was inspired this year to do a couple of small Christmas villages myself. Luckily my oldest Daughter is living with us and I was able to have her help me set up her Precious Moments village pieces (mixed with a Dept. 56 church I own). I will take pics soon and put them on my new blog. Thank you Alicia for all of your wonderful inspiring ideas to make our lives so sweet...:) God bless your kind heart!

Glad you had such a good time, it sounds like a blast. I used to do Highland dancing when I was a kid and the sword dance was one of my favourites. I would have loved to seen the Irish dancing, unfortunately not too much like that out here in Wyoming. Beautiful mugs.

Alicia, I don't know if anyone mentioned this website, but when i wanted to repair some of my mother's older putz houses i found this website. It's awesome. http://papatedsplace.com/

That looks so yummy i just want to reach in and grab it and drink it up!

Nice photo! That is without a doubt the most beautiful and inviting cup of chocolatey goodness I have ever seen.

Thanks so much for the tip on the Revels show. I LOVE things like that and will put it on to do list for next year. Maybe we'll try and swing by ScanFair today.

For once I couldn't care less about the cup or the placemat... I'm longing for the deliciousness in it!

I would like to know what is IN the cup, please.....

Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, so delightful and joyous! A real source of inspiration, thank you for your many morsels of goodness.

If you have a moment or two, please amuse yourself with my new creation. I would greatly appreciate the brief moment of adoration and any suggestions.


Thank You.

that mug is a great find.

Just vruising around BlogTown and came across your site. What cute little houses! How interesting to come acroos someone so close by, I just live up I-84 about 100 miles!

I love rounds. I've asked my husband to teach me how to sing harmony, but like you, the singing sometimes opens up something that just overwhelms me.

Oh, I think everyone should sing. xoxo

oh that photo!! do you think you could make it anymore inviting and heart-warming? oohhhh... I don't even know what's in the mug, and I couldn't care less... I just want some please!

Hi! I am the production stage manager for the Puget Sound Revels ( in Tacoma, WA!) and a long time reader of your blog. Thanks for the shout out about Revels. I love the Irish show too. Our theme this year is The Three Fools.

I love that cup in the photo up top. Reminds me of my Norwegian Aunts house.

ohhhhhhh, I love, love, love that mug. Absolutely adorable!

Oh, sounds fun! I love Irish music and dancing too. When my kids were teenagers, they used to beg me to 'do' River Dance, then laugh until they cried at my spazzy jumping around. Maybe I'll surprise them this Christmas with a little River Dance revival ;-)?

I love group singing so much-- it always gives me chills and makes me a little choked up, too.

Seriously cute mug! And now all I can think about hot chocolate with whipped cream. Must...have...hot...chocolate...

I'm just happy someone said Mummer's on the west coast...I miss them.

Tasty photo! And I have one of those mugs listed in my Etsy shop :)

Ha! Every year you make the best looking hot drinks, all covered in delicious, pretty cream and sprinkles. And every year, even though it's summer down here, I want to go straight to the kitchen to make myself one.

goodness, how unexpected and wonderful to be linked here! thanks so much, Alicia! xoC

this is actually my first time commenting but i came across this website:
and it thought it looked too much like your work to be a coincidence.
i don't know how you usually handle these things but thought you might want to know

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