Sleepy Saturday

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Sleepover morning. Waiting for breakfast. Silverpond's Lemoncello Cinnamon Dream and Silverpond's Dark Country Blizzard (we fancy-named our pretend corgis). Vanilla waffles cooking. Crocheting rabbits and little gray grannies as we talk. Rain and clouds. Tired Clover at our feet. Uncle Andy in a Santa hat. Sufjan Stevens always on. I love our winter sleepovers so much.


I love them.


sharon stanley says: December 19, 2009 at 11:46 AM

sounds like fun! we have 14" of snow and counting!!!! such fun for us as december snow doesn't always happen...lots of baking and hot chocolate...our corgi is NOT impressed...14" of snow and short legs don't mix...

Your table looks so inviting. What could be more cozy than a candlelight breakfast? I couldn't help but notice the beautiful roses on the face of your fireplace. I've never seen one like it...such a soft touch.

Sufjan's christmas album(s) is on all time in our house right now - love him!

wanna adopt me
this sounds heavenly

love these photos - thanks for sharing!

Everything sounds so tasty and cozy. The stockings are adorable! And your home is just as lovely as can be. :)

It all sounds so lovely!

Well I would love them too, they look scrumptiously wonderful!

i miss having a dog. enjoy your weekend !

Never have I seen a more luminescent Mrs. Butterworth. Beautiful! (And the rest of the table looks amazing, too)

Your niece must be really cool - to let you take pictures of her as she is trying to eat. My kids would have thrown a fit.

Your breakfast table looks perfect.
Happy sleepover.

such a perfect room and inviting atmosphere ! these photos warm my heart ! wishing you the best sunday, too :)

Just have to say your photos are always so beautiful. I am always inspired to update some little corner of my home after peeking into your world :)

Wow you're getting some great light for these photos. Over here in NH, I'm finding it a challenge to get any good light on these short winter days.

I'd love a pattern for those little grannies.

It's been snowing here since I woke up at 5:30 this morning! It's been a cookie baking kind of cozy day. Your house looks fantastic!

How do you make those felt ball garlands? So cute!

What a magical morning!

Mrs. Butterworth looks like a heavenly angel in that photo. And she really is, isn't she? But, wait! What? No pics of Uncle Andy in the Santa hat?

You make everything look so lovely. I need to take a photography class. I do love Mrs. Butterworth on the table. My mother-in-law would have a fit because "there is a bottle on the table." Instead she would rather dirty a pitcher, I prefer that voluptuous Mrs. Butterworth. She makes us all look good! :) Merry Christmas!

How lovely. I always inspect every detail of your photos, and I am thrilled (thrilled, I tell you) to see that you have MY plates on your table!!! The ones with the Scandinavian style hearts around the rim. We bought ours at Target with wedding money right after we got married in 1992, and have used them ever since. I don't even think of replacing them, I love them so much. Did you get yours while out thrifting, or have you, too, had them forever?

You also have a little swiss chalet jewelry box that is identical to mine, which I earned selling Christmas cards when I was 11 years old.

Happy Holidays, Alicia. You bring a sense of peace to my days, and I appreciate that.

looks so very inviting

I'd love to stop by for a waffle!


It looks so cozy in there. Can I come over?

Merry Christmas Alicia!

All is calm, all is bright, how lovely.

We are snowed in our little corner of England! hooray, I am chuffed to bits!

I need to check out sufjan Stevens, where have I been?

Such pretty pictures.
I love your tablecloth.
My children and I made pom pom garland last year, it was such a fun, soft project.
We are snowed in here, this morning.
Merry Christmas!

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