A Christmas Story

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I was lounging on my favorite quilt, just thinking my own little corgi thoughts the other night.


My dad was petting me and talking about how awesome I am. Things were going well.


Suddenly, I saw something with my peripherals. Oh no.




No room at the inn. Move along, lady. Somebody bring me some French toast.


What a talented dog you have... did she need to run the post through spell check?

I seriously laughed out loud. I rarely laugh out loud at things i see on the internet. I also rarely comment on blog posts. this made my night! and while im here i might as well thank you for your continual inspiration and just lovely chattiness. you're grand.

I hardly ever comment on your blog (because you get so many), but as there are only 2 comments so far, I'll go ahead. This made me laugh out LOUD. Thank you so much! That third picture is hysterical. I will definitely have to show this post to my children.

Ahhh Pets! What would we do with out them?

I adore your blog!


I love this! My husband laughs at me for giving dogs commentary all the time. You KNOW that's what they're thinking! Your blog is my absolute favorite of them all. OH! and I made your Sour Cream Apple Pie for my Dad for his (66th) birthday. He took his first bite, paused, looked up at me and said "I've never had a pie like this ever. I love it." :o) Thank you for sharing this wealth of yumminess every day.

That dog's eyes can tell some serious tail-waggers! And your kitty pic is hilarious! Thank you for making my late-crafting-night!
P.S. I knew it! I knew every square inch of your house would be lovely! I've just been waiting for a pic like your bottom one to confirm it! Lovely!

L. O. L. !!! How cute was that!?! Oh my gosh, thanks for the laugh!!!!

Love Fairy Tales with happy endings!
I´m in love with your dog, I´ve said it before;)
Kindest regards

Now you can read your dog's mind. Is there anything you CAN'T do? This was adorable!

That shot of him looking sideways is a true gem!
Nice post! Maybe I should get a Corgi because he sure provides plenty of great blog material (and can write a post himself even better).

Love Clover. She is so expressive. I'm sure the kitty is laying in wait. haha

Cute... you made my evening, I thought I was the only strange one that spoke out loud for animals ;)


Good story, Clover!

This is so hilarious! Kitters approacheth...goodness.

Ha ha! So funny! Why do pets never fail to amuse! Wonderfully captured! xxx

God, I love your blog. On the bluest of days, I read something completely uplifting and random (and funny!) and I actually feel better. =D

LOL, your corgi is very articulate. Mine just looks terrified that the big cat might take over his couch spot!

excellent. love the photo with the kitters.

Too adorable!! LOL!!!


she is such a sweet girl...
i love how you caught that sideway glance...

Wow! You got some incredible shots of your furbabies! It's so hard for me to get pics of mine sometimes, they are just too darn quick, these are great action shots!!

I love this post! What a sweet pup!

First ~laugh out loud~ of my morning... thank you very much.
Poor Clover looks like she's seeing a Christmas Cat ghost.

I just stumbled upon your blog and I ADORE IT! Dogs, crafts, cooking...what else is there in life?

Julie G. in Iowa says: December 10, 2009 at 07:08 AM

Can you hear me laughing here in Iowa?! It's THAT funny! What a great start to my day - thanks! :)

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