Stripey Wristwarmers

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Thank you so very kindly for all of your lovely comments on our forest walk. I love walking it twice like that. These stripey wristwarmers inspired by Lucy's would have been perfect for the walk, but I didn't start them until Sunday. I finished them on Monday and gave them to my mom today — they were too long for me, after all, but just what she wanted, apparently. Awesome! I thought I wanted them long but they weren't really tight enough to stay up. I chained more stitches at the start than Lucy had, 'cause I was thinking I wanted them to go a lot higher (and so needed to be wider), and then I decreased a few times to taper them toward the wrist, but I think overall I compensated too much because they didn't stay up and got too baggy. I am now making a new, shorter pair for myself, and going with 35 stitches, as Lucy did. Why didn't I just listen to Lucy in the first place, right? I know. But now my mama has a nice pair of wristwarmers, too, so it's all good.

Do you know how to make half-double crocheted ribbing? This is a very good video on how to do it! You crochet lots of short rows, then pick up new stitches along the side edge (which is now the top edge of the ribbing). Use a smaller hook than the yarn calls for. In fact, a lot of the yarn I used in these wristwarmers was Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and although I frequently use an F hook with that, I am using a C (2.5mm) hook on this second pair. (First pair I used a D, and I think I want them even denser this time.) I don't know how people are getting good photos of themselves in gloves! I couldn't do it, no matter how I tried. (Granted, I didn't try all that hard — after three tries I was done. But they were totally blurry.)

Did you see that show about apples (and other plants that have made themselves important to us) last night? Wasn't that cool? Our apple-tree plans are on hold until spring, it turns out — since our nursery doesn't even have any dwarf apple trees in stock right now anyway! Ha!


They're gorgeous!!! And I love crocheted ribbing. I only recently tried it out for the first time!

Very pretty wrist warmers! They remind me of your ripple afghan! :D

I saw part of it. I was trying to paint and my husband kept distracting me "check out the potatoes!" I love Pollan. Also love your nifty wristwarmers.

And thanks for reminding me of the witch house and that particular Portland walk. I need to buy that book as opposed to just getting it from the library.

Your wrist warmers turned out great and your mom is so lucky to have them. I am also making wrist warmers to go with my new winter coat.

That show was sooooo good! What an interesting perspective Pollan had. I had definitely never considered taking a plant's point of view before...just when you thought nature couldn't be any more clever.

That walk was the first post I'd ever read on your blog, back when you first did it. It inspired me to buy the book and that was the first walk I did. It was absolutely wonderful, though I have to admit I was a tad disappointed when I discovered the actual purpose of the witch house. :)

oooh! I saw these over on Lucy's blog a couple of weeks ago, love your twist on them x

Love the wrist warmers!

Also, I share your struggle getting photos of your own hands.

I've used a timer, with some success, like in this case:

But I've used a husband with far more success -- like in this one:

(So I recommend just having someone else take the photo whenever possible, I guess...)

love the colors! beautiful.

I watched the video and loved it. I'm that person who has to see something done in order to learn it. Although now, after listening to her calm voice I'm rather sleepy and bed fluffiness is so inviting...

Love the rainbow colours! xo

Love your wrist warmers, I made myself some brown ones a couple of weeks ago and plan to make stripey ones soon as well. Thanks for the link to the ribbing, I'm just learning and can use all the help I can get.

I missed the part about the apples, but caught the latter part of cannabis and potatoes (I need to remember to buy organic potatoes!). I guess I'll have to read the book to see what Pollan says about apples.

Your wristwarmers turned out really pretty! I'll be your mum is thrilled to have them. I just finished a pair of wrist warmers, too. Mine are knitted, though. They sure are cozy, aren't they?

well my photo wasn't good but I did use my mac w/built in camera and photobooth. I have perfected the art of taking almost decent self portraits since the few times I have had others take photos of myself it has come out all too unflattering in my opinion.

I did see that on PBS. Very interesting.

I love your new wristwarmers!

Great lookin' wrist warmers!

These are just beautiful. I can crochet the basic granny square..but short rows??? Whew! I think not.
What has truly amused me (and I am easily amused) is the notes about the F hook, the C hook, the D hook, etc.
I love this..I recently had some serious surgery and lost 15lbs. I am just fine, but when you only have B hook sized breasts, they can melt into
A hooks, or 003 hooks.
Forgive my twisted humor..I need all of the funnies I can get.
Truly, I do not mean to be disrespectful of the beauty that you create....only thankful that I can twist a bit around and laugh at an otherwise painful experience. Hook on!!

Oh! I love these! I totally need to learn how to knit. Maybe that will be my November goal.

Those are so cute! :)

I've never been a wristwarmer person, but those might make me a convert! They are sooo pretty!

These wrist warmers are great! I love the colors you chose. Your mom is very lucky!!
These would make great stocking stuffers too!

Oh goodness! I was trying to figure out if you knitted the ribbing, just sitting there staring at them. What a cool thing! Thanks or the tip!

Love them. They remind me of those Swedish Hannah Andersson little girl hats and things.

Thank you for the beautiful wrist warmers. I just love them and yes, the length is just what I need to keep warm at Saturday Market. Perfect. I'm a lucky mom!

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