Pumpkin Pancakes

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Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice (i.e.: cinnamon whipped cream), all on a plate for an early-morning Halloween breakfast. These pancakes are from the always-inspiring Joy the Baker, and they were absolutely delicious. And very filling. I could not finish them. Possibly only the second thing in my life I haven't finished. If you're having an easygoing Saturday morning like we are (the fire's lit, I've got crochet on the hook, the dog has been walked, and Andy is . . . dyeing a t-shirt in a pot on the stove), I highly recommend these. They even have whole-wheat flour in them. Good.


sharon stanley says: October 31, 2009 at 11:12 AM

Yummy! No pancakes this morning but annual halloween chilli supper tonight! We are far off the road on the farm so we have to ship our trick or treaters in! Have a happy happy halloween!

It's a good thing I don't know where you live, Alicia, because I'd be over every day for at least one meal~~heck, I might just move in :~)

That looks very delicious! Going to attempt to make it for Sunday brekkie tomorrow :) Thanks!

They look delicious! Too bad I didn't see this post before I made meatballs for dinner but ended up loading up on them for breakfast, instead!

Oh, that looks scrumptious. It's ages since I made American pancakes (we usually make French ones ... I say "usually"; it's not a common occurrence!), but I really like them. I made some delicious wholewheat banana ones a while ago. Pumpkin and cinnamon sounds yum!

oh! Joy the Baker Rrrrrocks!!!! Is Andy's pot on the stove more like a cauldron??!!! Have a lovely day!

Ooh those would make a fantastic dinner tomorrow night!

That version looks heavy, like they'd sink to the bottom of your gut. I usually just fudge & make the Bisquick version of pumpkin pancakes...still smell yummy and very tasty.

Oh my, those look delicious!

I think I will try these! They look absolutely delicious!

they sounds heavenly. I bet they would be amazing with maple butter. well anything is delicious with maple butter probably even a steak.

Looks very yummy! My husband made his famous sausage and cheese hashbrowns with toast and coffee for us this morning. Then we watched a movie we rented, "Lost in Austen" an interesting take on the movie (Pride and Prejudice). :)

Those look extremely fabulous.

Looks sooo good ! especially with fresh whipped cream !

Those look delicious! I'll have to try making them. I have a crafting day today and the hubby is cookin' up some of his famous chili for dinner:D

I had pumpkin in mind for breakfast too. I made the pumpkin waffles in October's issue of "Country Living". They were really good too. Maybe a day next week I will give these a try.

What a great way to wake up!

Alicia, I just wish I could be one of your kids...I know a very impractical request since I think we are somewhat the same age. But I would love to spend time in your home having a wonderful Mother make me delicious things to eat, beautiful things to wear, and be the envy of all that know her!

ooooo yum.....with butterscotch chips!!! My Andy made us breakfast and lunch today...remember how you said "Marry a hottie if you can swing it"? I say "Marry a hottie that's a goodie, if you can swing it"!! ;o)

Sounds wonderful, just like the morning itself. I wish we had a fireplace to cozy up to.

Love, love your new header. Looking forward to seeing the results of Andy's dying escapade.

I just wanted to pop in and say, Happy Halloween!!! Love your new header!

Wow those look amazing !

andy and alicia - i woke up thinking of you both today, and for my halloween meal i'm making myself some butternut/acorn squash soup. yum. my question is this: remember andy's pumpkin pasta recipe? can you guys post it again? xxooo

Your Saturday sounds very chilled, unlike the Halloween madness we have experienced today x

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