The Clackamas County Fair

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Oh, how I dearly love the fair!


We love to visit with the animals.


We say hi to the snoozing pigs.


We feel nervously scrutinized by chickens.


We wish we could pet a pile of ducklings.


We contemplate the doves.


We are contemplated by one.


We wonder which egg is best.


We take portraits of bunnies. Here's one I call "Bunny #1."


"Bunny #2."


Aw! "Bunny #3"!


We eat marionberry shortcake (the marionberries and the shortcake are in there somewhere, I think).


We admire the winners.


We appreciate the skills.





We offer a strand of hay to the dairy cows.


We share frozen lemonade.


We feel our stomachs drop while watching.


We giggle (along with their dance teacher) at the dragony dancers.


We buy moccasins from the mountain man in the Pioneer Village.


We peer into his rustic cabin.


We see the ladies' sunlit, quilt-covered tent.


We watch how brooms are made.


We wonder how many calicos there are in the general store.


We think about the people in the Pioneer Village.


They're friendly enough, but it's clear we're just living in their world when we're here.


We do love visiting.


We are always so glad to be a small part of it all.


We are just overgrown 4-H kids at heart.


Who really want to be cowboys.


What lovely pictures, the frozen lemonade looks delish!

Lovely photo essay! Felt part of the experience and brought back dim memories. Thanks!

OOH OOH I want one of those high straw hats!

Man, that post really made me miss Oregon! Especially the marionberry shortcake ...

delightful! you know, as i drove along home and saw the signs for this fair i wondered to myself if you guys would be going to this fair :) more in an email soon but big love to you lovely 4-H cowboy/girls...

Looks like so much fun! I wasn't planning to go to our state fair this year, but your pictures got me rethinking this decision. I go mainly to see those darn cute farm animals!

i love jersey cows.

thanks for the trip to the fair!

That was lovely! I want that cake. Ax

Our family has a tradition of going to the state fair every year. This fair looks like so much fun. I can almost smell it. Wish I was there. Thank you for sharing.

That frozen lemonade has my mouth watering - yum!!!

I love bunny #3!!! I hope he won, he's so cute.

Very cool photo-journalism.

Love Bunny #3 = Albert Einstein bunny.

wonderful pictures and story!

Love the pics!
What a terrific day.

I love, love, love that post! It makes me smile...completely. I have worked @ one of the WA.state fairs for 12 years and this is my first year not to work there. I moved 5 hours away to my own little dream-like rural setting...w/that fair going on right now, I miss it. The Clackamas Co. Fair looks wonderful. ...thx. for sharing

Bunnie #3 is having a bad hair day!
Your photos are great, it looks like a great day out.

The "Other" Alicia :) says: August 24, 2009 at 10:07 AM

Your fair is SO much better than ours! JEALOUS!!!

Thanks for taking us to the fair, I love bunny #3. Looks like a great day out :)

I love love love this fair. We were just there on Saturday. I grew up just blocks from it and parked at my parents' house to walk there this weekend. Isn't it the coolest little country fair? You would be so jealous of the gigantic jar of buttons I bought at that general store for only $30! If anyone needs any buttons, let me know, I'm set for life I think.

Wow, I vote for Bunny #3, what a handful of yummy fur! It's somehow like they tolerate the intrusion because it's necessary for an infusion of capitol every so often. But what fun to see!

What fantastic pictures.....i love the pile of ducklings and the portrait of the mountain moccasin man and his hut are incredible..thanks for showing me all this..xx

oh I just love these pictures! It looks like such a beautiful day. I may like the duckling the best too, although maybe I should talk my husband into getting me a rabbit....I do show him your dog on a regular basis in hopes that i can get a number 2 dog for my office!

What fun! I love the Country Fall Fairs too. :)

Thanks for taking us on the journey with you! I love your photos, as always. I once had a bunny that was cinnamon colored like the one in your photo. Bunny love.

thanks for sharing these happy moments !
yeehaw ; )

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