Summer Rain

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The Block Party

Thank you for all the Ollalielove! I can't wait to see what your quilts look like, so please make sure to add your photos to the Flickr group. And since I'm on the subject, a majorly big thank you for all of the enthusiasm for all of the patterns I've put together this summer. I really appreciate that, and I am always so thrilled and inspired when people enjoy making these things. It's such a good feeling. I picked up a few pieces of fabric to make a Blueberry Buckle quilt for myself yesterday, and I'm going to make one for my niece, as well. I sent her a letter (she lives across town) and asked her to tell me her favorite color for the main color (hot pink) and her three second-favorite colors (sky blue, lime green, and bright purple) and her favorite types of prints (large flowers and stripes). Her least favorite? Small flowers. Hrrrmmmm. Prepare yourselves for a very un-Posie-ish quilt! Lime green!!! Have I ever purposely used lime green? If I throw some gray in it, do you think she'll notice? I do love a challenge.

It's drizzling here in Portland this morning. The sky is thick and low, yellowy-gray with dark veins of charcoal running through, like a piece of marble. I like this weather, though it feels like fall, and makes me slightly anxious, as if something's winding down. I have two trees in my yard — both plums — that get their leaves early and lose their leaves early, and by mid-August our yard will be blanketed in these wine-red emissaries of autumn. I try to keep my head down and work, going as usual about the business of summer: movies in the park, kickball tournaments, block parties. Incredibly schizophrenic weather lately. As I write, I'm eating hot Irish oatmeal and wearing a long-sleeved shirt, and I'm still cold.


Seems like a swift change from those hot days, when you started your quilt. Autumn... I can scarcely imagine and yet the signs are noted, the days drift by. I look forward to seeing your blueberry quilt and the challenging lime green-hot pink one too. I think enjoying your blog is an emissary of happy reflections... whatever the weather.

Oh weather, will you ever cease to suprise us?? Colorado is finally getting our blue-skies-for-miles-not-and-sunny summer weather... but who knows what's around the corner?! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the atypical quilt!

there are a whole lot of bottles on that table!

Am so looking forward to seeing this quilt.
Be careful, that mix on your table could spell a huge headache!

I am really excited for this blue quilt and to see how Posie works with non-posie fabrics/colors. :-) I am sure we will still find you in the quilt.

Yes, work your quilting magic in the new quilt--even without small flowers! Heralding autumn, I'm with you, not ready yet for the quickening of the steps. Give us some more lazy days of summer, please. Love all the bottles on the table, begin the festivities!

I'm over here in Vancouver~no rain here this morning, just cool and grey, nice for a change.
Embrace the lime green!! I have a new love affair with green, it's so friendly and reminds me of nature~new growth and lushness~~Sorry getting carried away with green, but do try it, you might like it! (Sam I am)

So glad that it won't feel fallish until at least mid-September here in ATL. I'm in denial even though school has already started. I do enjoy earlier bed-times for the kiddies, though.
Can't wait to see how you work the neon quilt. I'm working on one right now that I went beyond overboard in the big print department. Oh well.

Grey here in Seattle, too, but no rain - alas. Fall's my favorite season and with all this crazy weather lately, I feel like we've been getting nothing but EXTREMES: heat, snow, etc. Not the middling stuff that I love so much about this town. My fog-quota has not been met recently.

So I'm waiting and hoping for a dark day. I have a plan. It involves baking bread, reading, and making hot chocolate or baking apples or pears - and if I'm really lucky, a friend to share the cozy quiet.

Can't wait to see this quilt - and Arden's! (wow that'll be a lot of colour!)

I'm looking forward to seeeing your niece's un-Posie-ish quilt--this should be really fun! :)

Now you made me think of autumn again and we haven't even had a decent summer here in the UK!
Can't wait to see more quilting action.

That is a stunning photo! I just love it!

Hello, I love your site. and I am having fun with your book. Do you happpen to have a pattern for luggage tags and passport covers? Thankyou.

We had strange weather yesterday in our neck of the woods. Some call it earthquake weather....
I love autumn best of all, so the tiny little hints of fall that I've been noticing lately are very welcome!

The weather here in PA is very weird! Rather chilly.
Today I bought a rotary cutter and mat! I'm all set to make some patchwork.
Anxious to see this green pink purple quilt.

HA!! I cannot WAIT to see that quilt! it sounds like my tastes are somewhere in between yours & the niece's. mmm, green.

I wish I could send you some of our heat. It feels like an oven outside!

Can't wait to see what you do with the quilt. That's quite a combination!

I loved your Ollalieberry quilt! Could totally see berries smashed in ice cream.

Hope the weather on your weekend is just lovely.

I am so ready to have me some of that North West weather. I fly across the country next week from hot, sticky, stinky NYC. Hello Canon Beach!

Oh, I am totally with you when you said the weather makes you feel "slightly anxious, as if something's winding down." SO true. And "keep(ing) my head down... going as usual about the business of summer." Sorry to quote your own blog to you, but you nailed it, and I was feeling just the same way down here in Corvallis today. Looks like the sun and 80's are forecast again for next week. And we did have a nice firepit this evening.

SooDarwin says: August 08, 2009 at 06:06 AM

The Block party sounds great - wow all those bottles with corks - hardly ever seen much anymore in Australia - it's the screw-top revolution down here.
The quilt will be wonderful - very seventies - look forward to seeing it. x

I made a quilt for each of my kids, and let them pick out the fabric. Those ended up being 4 of the coolest quilts I have made. So "not me" and yet I love them! Taught me a lesson in that sometimes when you don't try so hard to control things, good things happen!! Mmmm, maybe a little life lesson there for me!

A flannel shirt/oatmeal morning sounds divine to me. Good grief, I'm turning into an old poop - I used to love summer and the heat and this year it's driving me around the bend. Cranky-itis has set in. snoorfle snoorfle grumble.

Looking forward to your Blueberry Buckle and the supreme Challenger and Tester of One's Mettle Quilt for your niece. Lime green is indeed a toughie.

The older I get the less I like heat.
Give me May and October! Bring on the flaming maple trees, and pumpkin bread.

I am inspired by your quilt. I am going to make one using reproduction hankies I bought at Bolt when I was visiting your lovely city last month. I am glad the heat is gone. It was too hot to knit on my sweater or sew, as I have no air conditioning. It will be perfect for in between my cotton blankie and my down duvet. Thanks!

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